Hey got inspired during Am. Studies from what? I DON'T KNOW! Guess it was boring anyway… enjoy by the way I'm just gonna try to write this in story format instead of a script thing

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"Well we're off to Akito's!" Flamery said happily "yippee" Haku said sarcastically "flame put your helmet on so we can go" he felt like he would rather be in a cage with a raging bull rather then be in the same room as Akito. Well they put their helmets on and went on the road to Akito's on Haku's motorbike (hes cool isn't he?)

Meanwhile back at Shigure's house Tohru woke up (finally) "what a buetful morning" she said yawning "now what should I make for breakfast?" she wondered out loud as she walked out of her room and accentdentally bumped into Shigure making him poof into a dog "oh sorry Shigure I didn't mean to bump into you Shigure" she said "oh that's alright Tohru you I know you didn't mean to now you'd better go before I cha…" POOF he transformed into a person again "oh no where are my clothes?" he wondered as he started looking for them "here Th the they are shi shi Shigure" she stuttered as she held up his kimono "thank you Tohru" he said trying to get his kimono on.

"Akitooooooooooo onii-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan" flamery called through the house "Akito… opp he's not here lets go!" Haku said as he starts to put on his helmet on "I'm right here stop yelling" Akito stated as he walked in the room "Akito onii-chan!" Flamery screamed as she tried to give him a hug, but finally gave up " nice to see you again Akito onii-chan" Haku said trying to be nice "don't call me that you will call me Sohma-san" Akito said meanly "AKITO ONII-CHAN STOP BEING MEAN TO KOHAKU" Flamery screamed "WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO FIGHT!" "easy because I don't like him being with you" Akito said harshly "oh your just jealous because I can actually find a girl" "I'm not jealous I just don't like you or the thought of you being my brother-in-law" "jealous" "got to hell" "you" "no you"...

To be continued

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