Have you ever loved someone,
Knowing he couldn't love you.
Have you ever felt like crying,
And ask "What good would it do?"

When you look into his eye,
Do you say a little prayer?
Ever looked into his heart,
And wish you could be there?

When you see him dancing,
With all the lights down low,
Do you ever say, "God I love him,
But how can I let him know?"

Don't fall in love my friend,
You'll find it never pays,
And although it causes broken hearts,
It happens every day.

When it starts to happen,
You'll worry every night.

You'll wonder were he is,
And wonder if he's true.
One moment you'll be happy,
The next you'll be blue.

You see my friend,
Love hurts so much,
It never works out right.

The price you pay is high,
If I had to choose,
Life or death,
I think I'd rather die.

Don't fall in love my friend,
You'll hurt through and through.
Believe me friend,
I'm one to know.

A/N: Based on the original poem The Risk by Jennifer Walsh