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Open Your Eyes, the World is Calling


Seven years later…

"Rebecca," I winced at the use of my full name, "We need you waiting. The poles are all taken up and Kat didn't show up and isn't answering her phone. Think you can do it?"

"Yeah, I'm not stupid," I growled back at my boss. He was tall and scrawny with wiry, grey hair and a terrible attempt at a moustache. He always smelled like cigars and grass.

I went to waiting, eager to get away from the gross stench that encompassed my boss, Earl. I glanced around, vaguely recognizing a couple of guys, who were talking and not watching the girls. I walked over to Mike, big, beefy guy, and a regular and took his order. I hated him because he was a pervert but he was also a good tipper so I tolerated it.

I walked behind the guys that were talking. Who comes to a strip club to talk? The one who looked older looked over at me. I smiled, and dipped to pick something up so they could look down my shirt. Working here still made me feel dirty though. I hated it, but it brought in the money. Then I recognized the guy and nearly fell over. Dallas Winston and it took all of me not to scream out his name and start kissing him.

I looked up at the mirror. I had changed in seven years. At the age of 24 I looked sexy, not the scared little girl I used to be. My boobs were even bigger and I was skinny. I hadn't dyed my hair like I'd planned to; I hadn't had the balls but I did have those creepy contacts that make you look like a cat.

I went over to another table, trying my best to avoid Dallas Winston. I had barely looked at the other guy and it hadn't occurred to me it could be another one of the gang or someone else from my past. Was it Tim Shepard? Or Two-Bit? Or even Ponyboy?

I was watching them out of the corner of my eye the entire night when suddenly they called me over so they could order. Someone else had joined them. Dallas, Ponyboy, and Steve were all sitting there. Ponyboy looked scared to be in this place, Steve was enjoying the ladies, and Dallas looked determined, as if he was trying to find something or someone.

Then it hit me; they were looking for me.

I had to go over there though because I'd get in shit or fired if I didn't. I walked over with my biggest, plastered smile on my face and Dallas glowered at me the entire time. It kind of hurt, actually. I took their order, three beers.

When Dallas pulled me into his lap I almost stiffened. Tons of guys had, of course, pulled me into their lap that night but when Dally pulled me into his I was sure he realized who I was. I was so scared I almost started to shake but I had much more control over myself than I used to. I did, however, have to bite my lip. I saw my best friend who was dancing in front of us give me a questioning look but I just slightly shook my head.

"Hello," Dallas started, "Do you know anyone by the name Rebecca Brown?" I grimaced, wanted to tell him.

"I've heard of her. I think she dances here. But I don't really know who she is," I replied. It is very hard to sit on the lap of Dallas Winston and not kiss him but I restrained myself.

"Are you sure," Dallas asked, "That you don't know her?"

I let myself slip into the way I was at the moment and mentally cursed myself when I cried, "Did I stutter?"I was kicking myself in my head. That could get me recognized.

Dally squinted harder at me and then a look of realization veiled his face. I tried to run away but he grasped me back. "Rebecca," he whispered, "Becca."

"My shift is almost done, okay? Only five more minutes, then we'll talk," I growled.

After my shift, which was only five more minutes, I walked past the guys shoving a fake fingernail towards the window. I was pissed. They shoulda known better than to come and find me. I didn't want to go back. I had a job, a crappy one but still a job, I had friends, I had a house. I couldn't go back now.

At least Two-Bit had stayed true to his word and not come to look for me but I was just pissed at everyone at that moment. I pulled my leather jacket off when we got to my apartment. I was really mad and hadn't said anything yet.

"What," I nearly screamed as I stomped up the stairs to my door, "Are you guys fucking doing here?"

"We were looking for you. Obviously," Steve replied and I rolled my eyes and silently started praying to God for a huge meteor to come and hit this part of the Earth right then.

I growled menacingly as we reached my door. "Lookit," I said, "I'm tired and I'm going to bed. Grab the couch, the chair, or the floor. Don't let Ponyboy sleep on the floor since he is the only one today who hasn't said anything in particular to piss me off, alright?"

I headed to my bedroom and I knew Dallas was behind me. When I stopped to open my door he grabbed me around the waist. I nearly melted or broke down or something. It had been really hard for me to let go of them, especially Dallas, and here they come, waltzing back in? They couldn't do this to me.

Dallas was whispering softly in my ear, telling me how much he'd missed me, and how he wanted to make love to me that night, then trailed kisses down my neck. Just this once, I told myself. I turned around, knowing that I couldn't resist him and fell into his arms, kissing him passionately.

I opened my door, still kissing the blonde. We landed softly in my bed, him on top of me and we did what I'd been wanting to do with Dallas Winston for a very long time.

I didn't sleep at all that night. I turned around to face Dally in my bed and slowly ran my hands through his blonde hair. I kissed him softly on his cheek and smiled.

"Dallas Winston," I whispered, knowing he couldn't here me, "I-I think I love you. I've loved a lot of people in my life but never like I love you. Because the beaches may wash away, the oceans may dry, and the sun may dim but on that day I'll still love you." (A/N-FOR YOU GENA!)

I slowly got out of bed, pulling on some clothes. I stepped out into the hallway, careful not to wake Dally, closing the door. I walked into my kitchen, my favourite room of the house. I smiled at Ponyboy, sitting there, reading the paper.

"Mornin'," he said and I nodded, pouring myself a cup of coffee.

"How have ya been, Pony? I've missed you," I replied, surprising even myself. I thought back to who I used to be. I used to be so kind…What am I now? I turned on the radio as if were an automatic action. Every morning I turn on the radio, just like my mother.

"I've been…fine. A friend of mine, well I haven't seen him for years, just died. Shot by the police. He was goin' to kill his old best friend who turned him in to the police in the first place. He stopped a couplea guys in this truck and was gonna kill 'em," he said, as if this was nothing.

"Oh," I whispered, "How're your brothers? And the rest of the gang?"

"Sodapop and Steve…They went to Vietnam. Soda didn't come back. Steve hasn't been the same since, you know. I think Soda was one of the few things he actually had. We been becoming friends, me and him. He says I remind him of Soda. Two-Bit's doin' real good. He quit drinking and is gonna get married soon. She's a brunette. Darry's doin' good too. He owns the roofin' business now and his first baby's on the way. He wanted to invite you to the wedding but you know, we couldn't find you. Johnny's living with this sweet little girl and her daughter."

"I-I'm sorry about Sodapop. I wish I'd known. He was a good man, you know. I'm glad Two-Bit, Johnny, and Darry are doin' good. Maybe I'll try to talk to Steve," I exclaimed, "What—what about Dallas?"

"He hasn't been with anyone since you left. He really misseda you. Swear if it wasn't for Johnny he woulda killed himself. It was really hard when you left."

"You changed Ponyboy. In a good way, of course. So who was it? Who was your first time?"

"What?" The tips of his ears turned pink and I grinned.

"Who did you lose your virginity to!"

"Um, her name was Cathy," he mumbled and I started laughing. I ruffled his hair. Was I becoming my old self again? I couldn't tell. Then Dallas showed up in the doorway wearing only a pair of jeans, his blonde hair still messed up.

"You know," he growled, "You didn't have to say I love you so cheesily." I grinned at him and he smiled at me, pushing his lips onto mine. I couldn't stop smiling. I got exactly what I wanted.

"I've been waiting to give this to you," Dallas said, pulling out a tiny green box. An engagement ring.

We were married two weeks later, in only a tiny wedding. We called the rest of the gang up and they came. I brought my best girl friend from the club. We moved back to Tulsa after that.

I've never been happier.


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