Title: Different

Author: Mooncat

Summary: She's different. Why is she different? And she drives Logan crazy. Why? ROGAN

Warnings: K

Disclaimer: I do not own Gilmore Girls or their wonderful characters.

Copyright: Sarah Diaz 2005

Author's Note: I love the idea of Rory and Logan. In my opinion, they're perfect for each other. However, what I always missed was more of Logan's side and emotions during their encounters. So here is my version of said side.

Thanks: A big, big thank you for Emma, who's crazy enough to tackle this jumbo story to beta it! You rock!


Chapter 1: Blazing Blue Eyes

(Written in the Stars)

Logan was amused. Sure, that in itself wasn't something unusual. The reason for his amusement, though, made it different from other times.

It was a girl. Not a girl that swooned at his feet like they usually do, oh no, a girl who actually had the nerve to tear him down with a fury. And for what did he get this honor? Apparently for being an elitist snob, who had talked down a friend of hers, and worse, apparently right in front of this girl. A fact he had trouble believing. Not the being a snob part, but that he could have forgotten this girl. Sure, she was spitting mad at him and obviously didn't like him...but God, she was beautiful with her blazing blue eyes and the slightly colored cheeks, caused by her rage.

If he was one thing, he was an admirer of beautiful girls and he just couldn't fathom that he'd ever forget this girl. Okay, so he had been pretty much hangover during their first encounter, of course after a Life and Death Brigade weekend, but still…

Well, one thing was for sure... he certainly wouldn't forget this girl any time soon. Actually, he was fairly certain that the very desirable image of this cute brunette with her blazing eyes, shining so strongly and clearly out of her delicate face, the pure annoyance with him easily readable not only in her eyes and on her face, but also in the stance of her body, would be branded forever in his mind. And what a body it was.

Before he knew it, he was arguing back, just to see how much more he could rile her up. She didn't disappoint. Angry definitely suited this little spit of fire. Amazingly though, he found himself even more intrigued by her comebacks. She almost never hesitated in barking back and he had to admit, that she came up with very good arguments. To compare him to Judy Dench for example… well, certainly no one had ever done that before. So he went a step further, throwing in an argument he was almost certain would render her speechless. But then, the 'we live in a free country' argument always worked well to get the last word in. And he was right, she faltered for a moment, a moment he used to confuse her. Giving her time to find another argument.

And then she surprised him. She narrowed her eyes at him for a moment.

"I just don't like it when someone hurts my friends," she quietly said, very simply.

It floored him. There was no argument he could say to that. It sure was as good as the free country one. And yet, he couldn't let her win so easily. So he told her that she was easily goaded. Oh yeah, that riled her up again. Feeling a sense of victory, he added that she obviously liked to argue.

Unfortunately, before he could do or say more, Finn interrupted them. Damn! They had searched for his elusive redhead of the moment the whole day, well, at least ever since Finn woke up, and he had to find her right at this moment. Inwardly he sighed and looked back at the girl. It was a pity. The magic of the moment was broken. Well then, he would just have to make sure that there would be other moments. He was, after all, Logan Huntzberger, and so far no girl he pursued had resisted him and this one, though still feisty right now, would be no exception.

And as he saw it, there was no time like the present. He had a hunch that she wasn't used to sexual innuendos. Besides, it would be the perfect first step for him to show his interest. So he did just that, leaning into her personal space, breathing in her scent. He couldn't place it, not for now, and he pushed that mystery away to ponder for later.

"Tell Marty I said hi. And I promise to remember you instantly next time," he promised and gave her the same promise with his eyes.

She showed no reaction, which did not affect Logan much. Instead, he leaned in a bit more and cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Now tell me that wasn't fun," he said in a low, sexy voice, flashing her his patented killer smile.

Oh yeah, his hunch had definitely been right. She had no words, but she did blush furiously, making her look even cuter. Reluctantly, he turned away to follow Finn, but not without glancing back. The sight of the stunned girl had him smirking. He bet she wasn't too used to not having the last word.

Well, she would have to get used to it. He was the master of getting the last word in.

A thought popped up in his mind and grinning, he addressed the girl once again.

"Master and Commander," he told her.

Confused, she wrinkled up her nose to look suspiciously at him. "The movie?" she asked.

Hmm, so her brain still worked. Refreshing. Logan sent her his full smile. "No, that's what I want you to call me from now on," he told her smugly, pleased when he saw the annoyance returning to her, just before he made his exit up the stairs.

While he searched for Finn and Colin, he thought back to the encounter, once more remembering those breathtaking blue eyes of hers. Something… he wasn't sure what, but something was different about that girl.


He quietly whispered her name, letting it roll over his tongue. He liked the sound of it. And he liked the name. It wasn't a common name, but then, he had been born into the world of money and society and unusual names were quite common among the rich. Yet, Rory didn't sound like one of the hightailing names only given to a poor child to impress the world. Hmm, he wondered what her last name was.

But then, he knew where she lived. With that information it shouldn't be hard to find out. Plus, there was bartender Marty. He could always press him for information. Not that Logan had any intention to do that. He remembered now well enough just why Colin had thought it fun to bump into Marty and embarrass him a little… because they had seen how he obviously had tried to impress the girl. Rory. So any information from Marty would probably be highly doubtful.

"There you are! What took you so long?" Colin's annoyed voice interrupted Logan's thoughts.

He looked up and found himself standing in front of his two best friends just when the dorm door Finn was standing at got slammed into his face. Logan sighed. "Not the right one after all I presume?"

Colin laughed. "Oh no, she's the one. Couldn't you tell by the glare she sent Finn's way?"

As he hadn't seen the redhead, Logan actually couldn't. But Colin's mention of a glare brought promptly the memory of two very angry blue eyes glaring at him. Logan couldn't help but smile.

"Why are you smiling? Here, your best friend in the world is standing, looking at the pieces that once was his heart, and you smile?" Finn asked him. "Thanks mate, I'm touched by your concern," he mocked and laid a hand on his chest.

Logan pushed the memory of Rory out of his mind and slung an arm around Finn. "Finn, it's her loss. Come, we'll get you back to your room; take a few shots and change to go out to the pub. I'm sure the next redhead is already waiting for you there."

At the mention of booze and redheads, Finn's face cheered up. "Right you are Huntzberger! Let's go party!" To emphasize his words, he let out a loud whoop before hurrying away.

Laughing, Logan and Colin followed their friend.