Tyson goes to Costco.

Thanxs! i'm glad you like it animegirl329! I got this idea when I was in the tub (one of my best thinking places) and thought what would happen if Tyson went to Costco. I was writing this when I was on the plane and caused a big scene when I started laughing out loud. Anyway on with the fic.

"Hey Jordan? Are there any Canadian delicacies?" Tyson asks. Jordan looked thoughtful.

"Alberta beef, prairie oysters (cow testicles), escargot maybe and some others that I can't think of right now." She answers. Jordan begins to walk away but turns around. "We have the best super store."

"What do you mean?" Ray asks.

"Well I think that Costco is the greatest store in the world other than the hobby shop." Jordan answers.

"Costco?" Tyson asks.

"A store! It's so cool! It sells everything clothes, food, electronics all that stuff!" Max says.

(AN I don't know if there's a Costco in Japan but I'll pretend there isn't.)

"Not to mention free food samples!" Jordan adds.

"They give you food?" Tyson shrieks excited at the word food samples.

"What did I just say?" Jordan says sarcastically

"A store that gives you food! I can't wait until we get to the Canadian part of the tournament!" Tyson was about ready to hyperventilate.

"There's costcos in the US too!" Max points out.

"How come I haven't seen any?" Tyson asks.

"Cause there's a god of food named Costco and he hid the store from you. Oh and before you get all excited Tyson you have to get past crazy peoples that ask you questions before you get free food." Jordan answers sarcastically.

Later on…

"Where's Jordan?" Ray asks, all of them are on the plane to Canada.

"She caught an earlier flight. She's waiting for us." Mr. Dickenson answers.

"Can we pleeeaassee go to Costco!" Tyson moans.

"Later." Tyson and Max cheer.

When they get to Canada…

"Boy its cold." Tyson comments. They are all wearing jackets except for Kai. Russia is colder than Canada.

"It's -10." Kenny informs.

"There is another day until the tournament starts so we'll save ourselves a great deal of stress which I'm sure Kai has felt, we'll go to Costco." Mr. Dickenson says.

They walk into the store when…

"Costco card?" a lady employee asks.

"What card? Oh no we're gonna get kicked out! We are all gonna choke on cheese and DIE!" Tyson starts running and screaming until Kai grabs the back of his jacket.

"Grow up and shut up. I have had it with your childish behaviour." Kai states.

"Sometimes I'm ashamed to know him." Ray whispers to Kenny and Max.

"Here." Mr. Dickenson says as he and Max hold out cards. The lady lets them through. They look at all the electronics.

"This is kinda like a mall." Ray comments.

"Yeah…" Kenny agrees. They leave the electronics.

"Oh boy a food stand!" Tyson shouts as he runs over and eats all the food. "Hey nobody's here."

"Don't worry she's coming back soon." Says a lady from the food stand across from them. She was serving sausage. Tyson was about to take some when… "Do you have any allergies? Where are your parents?" the lady asks.

"AHH! Evil question asking peoples that won't let you have food!" Tyson yells.

"J-CHAN! Hurry up!" the lady yells.

"Ok!" a voice from above answers.

"Get your ass over here! I have a bone to pick with you!"

"Ok Baileigh coming…" a girl jumps off one of the shelves and lands behind her stand. Kenny, Max, Tyson and Baileigh almost have heart attacks.

"Will you stop doing that? Anyway were you spreading that joke around again?" Baileigh gasps.

"To answer your questions in order…No and yes. Oh hi guys."


"You work at Costco?" Max asks with slight disbelief.

"Are you really Jordan and not a piece of cheese?" Tyson asks. (I was watching wallus and gromit when I was writing this part so that is why Tyson is crackers about cheese.) Tyson eats one of the sausages.

"Oh my god you aren't allergic to anything are you?" Baileigh asks.

"No he isn't. They're with me." Jordan answers. "Baileigh what time is it?"

Baileigh looks at her watch. "5:00"

"Good my shift is over so how 'bout I give you a tour of the store." Jordan offers. They begin to look around. Tyson and Max are shoving everything they can get their hands on in the cart.

"Why are you throwing things like this in the cart?" Ray asks holding up a package of pads.

"Hey those are mine!" Jordan says taking the package. She's as red as a tomato.

"So why are you throwing food in the cart when we can just get take out?" Kenny asks.

"Cuz I don't want to get the mic-shits! It's always at mc donalds." Max answers.

"And this is any better?" Kai asks pointing at a chocolate cake.

"Meh." Kenny says. "Hey doughnuts!" Kenny puts doughnuts in the cart. Ray looks around then picks up a box of Jones soda and a box of flavoured water in the cart. Jordan puts in a whole bunch of electronics.

When they get to the till…

"Video camera, doughnuts, candy, burritos, 3 big tins of coffee, candy, sausage, candy, cake, bananas, digital camera, laptop, candy, cheese, noodles, pop, water, pizza pops, rolls, pads, chips, soap, 3 bottles of shampoo and 3 of conditioner, candy, cheese, cookies, toothpaste, books, DVDS, apples, face paint, gummies, Tylenol, Advil, cheese and candy. That all comes to 1024.05." says the cashier.

"1024.05! that's way too much for all that! I'm protesting!" Tyson yells as he goes outside and just about to yell but he gets jumped by a lot of girls. Kai picks up a can of tag body spray.

"Now we know why he didn't smell so bad these past few days." Kai says.

"I have to get some of that!" Kenny says enviously at Tyson.

"Here." Mr. Dickenson pays. After rescuing Tyson…which we all know he didn't want to be, they were sitting on the shuttle bus.

"That was kinda fun." Ray says.

"I'll say." Max agrees.

"Well we have to get ready for the tournament tomorrow." Jordan adds.

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