Chappy 2

"I wont do it." Zuko said as he crumpled up the letter he received from his journeying father.

"Your honor depends on it" his sister, Azula, taunted him.

"Then why don't you go?"

"Im not marrying a girl."

"I was talking about her brother."

"Im a vital member of the were taken off of the force."

"I was only taken off of the force because-never mind!" He stopped himself.

Zuko turned around and stormed to his room. Azula watched in amusement.

"You don't have a prayer, do you? Afraid you'll fall in love. You're afraid you'll fall in love and wont be able to keep your secret. Aren't you? But I don't mind, I enjoy watching you squirm."

She grinned wickedly and walked out the opposite way.

Zuko sat down on the cold, hard wooden floor and attempted to breath calmly. But his concentration was disturbed when his Uncle Iroh stepped in.

"Zuko. Dinner is ready, would you like to come down and eat?"

"UNCLE!" Zukocaused the flames to grown an extra three feet for a moment."I'm trying to meditate!"

"Upset about the arranged marriage?"

"How could you tell?" Zuko asked irritably.

"You're sister told me."

"The genius proves himself yet again."

"Zuko. This is importantthat we want to win the war. The leader of the Southern Water Tribe is willing to give her granddaughter for this. We can create an alliance and win."

"I don't care weather we win or not!"

"Would it change your mind if I told you your father commanded you to executed if you said 'no'?"

It took a moment for was he said to sink in. A few mixed feelings flashed through his eyes. But when it did,he lost control and nearly set his room on fire.

"Fine!" he growled. The shadow of the flames on the candles he lit were much less now. "I'll do it. But don't expect me to be nice to her."

"That's a good boy." A cocky voice from beside them said. They both looked over.

Azula was standing in the door way, leaning against the wood.

"Be a good boy and do what your told. Be scared and run from death, yet again. I expected nothing less from you."

"What are you doing here." Zuko walked up to her "Get out. Get out now." He kept his voice steady and calm.

"Now, nowbig brother. We wouldn't want to do some thing bad now would we?"

"I said get out."

"OK. But don't forget your duty's" She smiled innocently as she walked out, althow her eye's held a wicked smile.



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