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Katara stood at the dock alone with her four suit cases as she waited for the fire nation ship to arrive. She had a few tear drops on her face as she let them freely run down her cheeks. She didn't plan on letting anyone see them of course. She would wipe them away once she caught sight of the fire nation ship. She could already smell the fumes that the ship was giving off. She grimaced at the thought of them polluting the air with useless trash.

"Katara!" She heard the familiar voice of her brother behind her. She looked back and saw him and Aang running to her.

"What are you guy's doing here?" Katara asked as they reached her. "Your not allowed."

"When has that ever stopped us before?" Aang asked, a goofy grin on his face.

"I guess your right." She said, looking down. "But you have to leave when the fire nation gets here, or you'll get in trouble."

"So?" Sokka said. "It's not like they can do anything to me, in not part of the fire nation."

"Ya, but Katara is." Aang said. Sokka looked down apologetically

Then he turned to her. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box that fit in the palm of his hand. It was light blue with a neon orange ribbon tied around it.

Warm tears started to fall down her face again. It was then that she felt a hand on her shoulder. She jumped and turned around, preparing to attack whoever it was. She came face to face with the prince of the fire nation.

His look was cold and his gold eyes were filled with hatred. Katara was wondering how some one whom she had never before met could hate her so much. She returned his glare, starting a staring competition. Zuko was the first to speak.

"Come on." He said. "Were leaving."

Katara, however, didn't want to leave. She turned around and began to thank Aang for the present.

"I said we're leaving." He repeated. Katara, again, ignored him, growing slightly angry. "Lessen to me when I speak to you, woman!"

Katara turned her hands into fists. Zuko smirked at this. He grabbed her shoulder again and tried to turn her around. But he was unprepared for her to swing around and slap him smartly across the face, causing him to stumble and hit the ground. He looked at her with unbelieving eye's.

"No, you listen to me! My name is not woman, its Katara. I will listen when I choose to listen. And I am about to leave my home I may never be able to come back, so I am going to say good by to my brother and my boyfriend properly. If you have any problems with that, talk to me when I'm not likely to drown you!"

She then turned around and gave Sokka a hug and Aang a kiss on the cheek. She then grabbed all of her suit cases and hauled them onto the ship. There she had two men offer to help her carry them to her room. She accepted and they took them from her. They were surprised at the weight and wondered how one girl could carry all of them herself with no problem's.

Zuko however was still slightly stunned at the girls bravery. Never had he been slapped by anyone before. Expecally(my spell check can't figure out how to spell this word right) not by a girl he'd never met. After he gathered his thoughts he stood up and brushed himself off.

"Good luck, pal." Sokka said, grinning. "Do I feel bad for you."

"Ya." Aang added. "Once Katara decides she doesn't like you, your doomed."

"You shouldn't judge my nephew so harshly." Said a voice behind Katara. "He is not as he appears at first glance."

She turned around to see the old, wise, Iroh behind her,

"You mean he's not hotheaded, stubborn, impatient, short-tempered and bossy?" She asked, counting them off on her fingers as she named them.

"Wow, your good." He said, giving a full hearted laugh. Katara couldn't help but smile. But she whipped it away quickly once she realized. "But really, he is quite brave an honorable."

"I figured that much out already." She replied. "I just don't really care."

"Take her off!" Called the voice of the first mate to the crew.

Katara ran off the the front of the ship(no idea what the name is) as soon as the boat started moving. She stood, leaning over the edge, waving good bye. She continued doing this until they were out of sight. Then she ran off to her room for the rest of the night. There were no other girls on the ship, she she was not worried about being bothered.

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