A Very Tonberry Christmas

By: Final Fanticizer

Disclaimer: I do not own Yuna, Rikku, Paine, or anyting dealing with FFX-2, because if I did Square Enix would surely fall into an endless pit of doom. Plus having YRP at my diposal...Hmm...

A/N: Ok...It's been a while since I wrote anything and I'm kind of drawing a blank as it is. But in my deaprate attempt to not disappoint you, the fans, I continue to provide the most satisfying story I can possibly provide at this moment! Please let me know if you find anything unsatisfying; I will work to correct it ASAP! R&R! Also let me know if my Al Bhed is incorrect; I'm kind of new to the FFX-2 universe...

"Deck the halls with boughs(sp?) of holly!" Rikku's voice rang out across the hall connecting the elevator and the cabin on the Celcius. "But since we don't accually have holly, these Mimett greens'll have ta do!" She carefully hung them on the wall and admired her work. "Banvalt!" Just then, her ears perked at the sound of teh elevator opening and boots clickign the floor. Knowing immediately it was Paine, she whirled around and grined from ear to ear.

"Wadda ya think?" She modeled her make-shif t garland as though it were a priceless diamond.

"What are you doing?' Paine arched an eyebrow.

"Oh c'mon, Painey! Christmas is in three days! We have to get into the spirt!"

"Uh-huh..." Paine continued on her way; she slid through the doors and on up the stairs. Rikku continued with her decorating and trimming, humming gently to herself.

"RIKKU!" Paine's voice, cleary teedering the line between amazement and fury, shot out through the ship. Rikku pranced through the cabin and up the stairs, obviously not caring about Paine's plight. "What the heck is this!" Paine cried again, indicating to the red, green, and white sheets with a patch reindeer sewn to the top. The peppy Al Bhed tossed her braids across her shoulder and smiled weakly.

"Anything for the spirit, right?"

Paine sighed.