The Night Before Christmas

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Pairings: SasuSaku, a little bit of NejTen and NarHin

Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor

Rating: T

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Hours Before Christmas

Konohagakure. The most renowned village of all. The citizens are having a good time under the snow. So enjoying. So wonderful. Who could not have forgotten Christmas Day?

Everybody didn't forget, including the most miserable people in the village. People like…Haruno Sakura. If you ask any of Sakura's friends whether she was always moody and quiet, they'll say, "It's the opposite. She's ALWAYS cheerful, laughing, screaming, teasing like any kid will do."

Yap, what they say was true. But deep down under this medic-nin's heart, is a miserable love. Uchiha Sasuke. She loved him since childhood time. She hated him so much for leaving her but she still loved him from the bottom of her heart. If she hear someone said his name, she just feel normal but she always thought of the times when she and Sasuke were together.

As the snow began to fall down on this cherry blossom's house, Sakura was sitting on the sofa, wearing a bathroom robe near the fire place. She had a coffee on her hand and wore her bunny slippers. Her house was always cozy and warm making everyone feeling comfortable when they are in her house. She decorated the house really nicely with silver streamers and Christmas stockings and bells…

Suddenly, there was a loud knock on the door. Sakura didn't realize it until she heard shoutings and loud bangs from the door like an earthquake. Sakura finally got up and quickly opened the door.

"SAKURA-CHAN!" a voice yelled. A guy with spiky yellow hair shot in front of her as he hugged her. Then came in a girl with blonde hair and then a guy with a green jumpsuit until Sakura fell to the ground. And then came in with another girl with two hair buns and a woman who happened to be the 5th Hokage. Luckily Sakura wasn't hurt because she had a 'Welcome' mat under her. The blondie girl then pushed the two guys in front of her aside. Then she grabbed the pink kunoichi's shoulders.

"GAH! SAKURA! I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH A SLOW REACTION!" Ino shook Sakura's shoulders back and forth. Then the 5th Hokage pushed Ino aside and pulled Sakura closed to her and hug her.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS, MY DEAR STUDENT!" The drunken woman shouted as she hug Sakura tightly and swinging her here and there. Wow, her boobs are surely that big, Sakura thought.

"HEY PEOPLE! LET'S CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS!" Tenten shouted as she opened up a champagne bottle. Neji and Hinata joined in and everybody started to create a mess around the place. Then everyone except Sakura started to dance around throwing streamers around. Sakura, who is always the tidy kind of person, couldn't tolerate this mess.

"OI! YOU JERKS(including Tsunade o.O)! YOU CAME INTO MY HOUSE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION AND CREATE A MESS HERE! HAVE SOME MANNERS YOU ALL!" Sakura shouted as the house shook. The people stopped partying around and quickly cleared up the mess.


The pink kunoichi sighed. Her friends and the Hokage came in just like that without even telling her they'll be coming to visit her. Especially when Sakura is in her pink bathroom robe. She took a zip of her own coffee. Then…


Sakura kinda got freaked out. She dropped her coffee but managed not to spill any. Then, she glared at Naruto. After a few minutes, she sighed. Naruto looked at her. He was confused with Sakura's actions.

"Sakura-chan, you seem depressed. What's bothering you?" Naruto asked as he sit on the sofa right beside her. Sakura looked at Naruto.

"Ne, it's nothing…" Sakura faked a smile. Naruto was kinda clever indeed and knew Sakura was lying to him.

"Come on, Sakura-chan. I'm your friend! So tell me what's wrong with you?" Naruto said anxiously. Tears began streaming down her cheeks.

"It's Sa(sob) suke…" the medic-nin said between sobs. Naruto frowned.

"That bastard again. Why him? Forget about him, Sakura," Naruto said in an annoyed tone. Sakura began to cry even more.

"I'm (sob) trying (sob) to forget (sob) about him but (sob) I still love him…(sob),"Sakura cried. Naruto tried to comfort her but was actually making her sobbing worse.

"Well, urm…Sakura…you can cry on my shoulder…" Naruto said if that was the last thing he could do. Sakura obeyed what he say and cried so much onto Naruto's right shoulder until her sobs were soaked down his skin. After a few minutes later, Sakura stopped sobbing and sat back on her original position.

"Erm…sorry," Sakura said. Naruto put his arms behind his head.

"It's alright! I'm your friend, ne!"

"By the way…"


"Where's Kakashi-sensei?"

"…er…he was with us while we came to visit you…" Naruto said. Where's Kakashi-pervert anyway? He was following us just now… Naruto thought.


If you want to know what happen to Kakashi-sensei, it's very simple. He did followed the group but the rest had rushed towards Sakura's house while Kakashi was walking slowly and reading his 'Come Come Paradise' book as he took his time.

While he was reading, he sensed a presence somewhere around him. The shadow was gliding in the woods. Kakashi put his book away and aimed at the shadow but the shadow was too quick.

Then, the figure landed in front of him. The moonlight shone onto the person. Kakashi just looked at him. Black uneven spiky raven hair.

"Long time no see, my friend. So…" Kakashi came forward.

"I didn't expect to see you," the person said coldly. Kakashi stopped.

"Then why are you here…Uchiha Sasuke," Kakashi said in a serious tone. Sasuke didn't say anything.

"I'm looking for someone."


"None of your business," Sasuke said. He turned around and walked away.

"Hey, do you know that you're walking towards Sakura's house?" Kakashi shouted. Sasuke stopped for a moment. Then he kept on walking. Kakashi smiled under his mask. He suddenly appeared in front of Sasuke.

"Stop interfering me. After my work's finished, I'm going back," Sasuke said as he was really annoyed.

"Ah…let me show you how to give a surprise for Sakura," Kakashi said. Sasuke pushed him away.

"I don't want your so-called nonsense Come Come Paradise way," Sasuke said. The one-eyed man grabbed Sasuke's hand.

"Hey, let go!" Sasuke yelled.


"Hey, have you all got your surprise Christmas presents for Sakura?" Ino whispered to the people behind her. Everyone nodded and showed their presents.

"Good. Now while Naruto's still talking to Sakura, we all put the Christmas presents under her own Christmas tree, okay?" Ino said as she pointed towards the tree which was 5 meters away from her.

"Okay, I go first," Ino continued. She slowly tiptoed to the tree and put her present. The people behind her began to follow. As Hinata put her present for Sakura under the tree, she tripped over Neji's leg. Sakura turned back to see what was happening. Ino and a few more people tried to block Sakura's view from seeing the presents.

"Is Hinata okay?" Sakura asked worriedly. Hinata nodded.

"I'm okay. I just got a l-l-little cl-clumsy…" Hinata stuttered. Suddenly, Naruto said loudly.

"Well, we would like to go home now, Sakura. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!" Naruto said.

"YEAH! HAVE A NICE CHRISTMAS!" the others chanted in unison. The others followed Naruto home as they closed the door behind them hoping Sakura didn't spot the presents. And Sakura didn't. She was too sleepy to see the presents under the Christmas tree. Then, she walked upstairs to her own bedroom for a goodnight's sleep.

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