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Chapter 3: Only memories left in the Heart

At about 12 noon, Sakura had placed all her presents in front of her friends' houses. Glad that she did it all before her lunch hour, she quickly rush back home and jumped into her bed.

The medic-nin still hasn't seen the parcel yet.

Then, she went downstairs to cook her lunch. There were a few calls that came in, like from Ino.


Sakura was startled by the loud voice in the phone.


"You baka! You didn't tell me you went holidays in the hills last weekend! Those hybrid flowers you got for me were so rare! It can worth thousands!"

"Gomen ne…"

"Anywaiz…I gotta go slap Shikamaru for not giving me a Christmas present…chao!"

"Hey erm wait…"

But Ino had already put down the phone.

After eating her lunch, she went back to bed…

And finally she did see the PARCEL.

Sakura…being curious…opens the parcel.

Something dropped out of the parcel and a silver heart-shaped necklace dropped out.

Inside the parcel was a letter.

Sakura…cried after reading the letter.

She quickly ran out of the house in search of Sasuke.

Sasuke was gone. Tears were in her eyes.

The letter read:

I would not laugh nor even drop a tear

I will endure the pain and utmost fear

I rely on my eyes as my gear

To revenge on someone who is dear

To someone who is always near

My side forever

You may wonder why I wrote this

On a bright full moon above a Christmas tree

My life will end no matter how hard it'll be

I'll try to succeed for my family

I want the peace for you and me

To bring us together as harmony

I've always said that I hate that pink haired girl

Who is so annoying but as precious as a pearl

Naruto and Rock Lee saved her/protected this girl every now and then

I'm just a lonely stone lying beside a pent

No matter how many fans I get

No matter how many rivals I had

I'll love you till the very end/beginning

Till someday…you forget about me

P.S. If I don't come back the day after Christmas…I'm sorry that I have lost the fight to Itachi. Will always love you.

Sakura. Is now anger with revenge. She must now pay back for her beloved Sasuke. She clutched the necklace in her fist.

I will take revenge for you…Sasuke-kun…


The end.

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