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This Writer's Choice prompt was suggested by Amy, but the idea of writing something about Glinda and Elphaba just before Elphaba is killed was given by Taylor. Thanks to both of you!

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100. Scared
by Fiyero Oberon

Her heart thumps – just beyond that wall, just behind that door, the entire plan has been planned, designed, calculated, presented.

Will it work?

She sends up a silent prayer that it will.

She looks at Glinda – reaching out a green hand, she gently pulls one of the flaxen curls and watches it boing back into place. A crystal tear slips down Glinda the Good's cheek and she lets out a dry sob before flinging herself toward Elphaba, wrapping her arms around her shoulders.

"Don't go," she whispers.

"Goodbye," is Elphaba's only reply.

Glinda steps back and watches as Elphaba straightens her hat, sets her jaw, bites her lip. There is a crease between her eyes, a line of concentration, a wrinkle of doubt. Her eyes are wide with anxiety.

Smoothly and swiftly, Elphaba sweeps out of the room, slamming the big oak door behind her. Glinda falls to the floor in hysteria, weeping for what she knows is the loss of a beautiful, beautiful woman.