Heart of the Benders

Summery: Four friends get stuck in the Avatar world, each with a different character. Armed with a few of their favorite things these girls set out to bring a group of troubled teens together. Will they succeed in their mission or will they watch them sink into the heart of the war?

A/N: Listen to your heart belongs to...someone not me. Um mostly grammer in this chapter, a few added/changed words and someone pointed out that I had messed up the heights of the horses (god I can't believe I did that) so I changed that around.


"I know there's something in the wake of you smile. I get a notion from the look…."

The voice didn't get any farther as 18 year old Reya rolled over and hit the off button on her stereo. Flame red hair hit black pillow as she lay back down, wanting to catch another half-hour of sleep but knew it wasn't possible. She had to get up and excise the horses. As the owner of Black Shadows Racing Stables there was never a dull moment between the barn, the track, school, and whatever else was going on.

Slowly the 5'5'' teen climbed out from under the black comforter and threw on a pair of jeans, a tee-shirt and a jacket. Catching a glance at the clock Reya notice it was quarter to five.

"Shit I'm late." She cried and dashed down the stairs and out the door.

Five minutes later she was panting for breath in front of the training barn.

"Looks like someone overslept." A man in his late 50's joked.

"Oh and I suppose you were up at four Jake." Reya teased good naturally.

Jake laughed. He was the head trainer at the farm and helped Reya with the business end of things.

"So who am I taking to the track?" she asked, lacing up the boots she had grabbed on her way out the door.

"Dual, Star and ,of course, your monster of a horse, Demon. Ken and Jade have Dual and Star ready and if you'll get Demon I'll grab your truck and hook it to the trailer for you." The old man said.

"Alright. Here are the keys and I'll go get Dem ready. Oh, have Kiada and Ange showed up yet?"

Jake shook his head. Taking the keys he went to go get the truck.

"Hey girl. How was your night hum? Guess what were going to your favorite place girl. The track." The teen crooned to the horse as she got her ready to travel.
At 15.5 hh, the 3-year-old coal black mare wasn't the tallest horse but she had the speed, and temper, to make up for it. Only problem was she was a one person horse, allowing only Reya near her. Fifteen minutes later the 'red' head stood up from putting on the last leg wrap.

"Alright let's go. And if the others ain't here we'll leave without 'em." Reya told Demon as she lead her out of the stall and down the aisle.

Stepping out in the early morning sun, or what was up of it, the made there way to the trailer.

"Alright sweets up you go." Reya said leading the mare up into the trailer.

After tying her up Reya check over Dual and Star.

Dual belonged to Reya's friend Ange, short for Angelina. Standing to 15.2 hh the 3-year-old mare was energetic and very sweet tempered. She was dark brown with a splash of white on her shoulder, which was unusual for thoroughbreds. When around the bran she had a great temper, letting even the loudest kid near her. When it came to the track, however, she turned into one the the spookiest horses around, letting only Ange near her.

Going over to were Star was tied she glance over the gray mare. At 16hh the 5 year old was both the tallest and oldest of the three mares. Kiada had bought her at the yearling auction at. Not having a name and shy around whips it had taken three hours for Kiada, Ange, and Rey to get her into the trailer. Smiling Kia had said her name was going to be Summer of Stars but never explained why.

Shaking her head at the memory Rey exited the trailer.

"Took you long enough." The teen turned around and came face to face with two of her best friends.

"Well it's not like you two were on time." Rey answered Ange.

"Well I blame Ange. She's never on time and we took her car."

Ange hit Kia upside the head.

"What was dat fo'?" she asked

"Fo' being an idiot." Ange answered.

Rey laughed at her friends.

"Alright let's hit the road. We have two hours of driving ahead of us and I want to get going." Rey said while climbing into the driver's side of her pickup.

Grumbling, the other two climbed in on the opposite side.

"See you later Jake." Reya said before starting up the truck and heading down the driveway.

"So Kiada I love what you did to your hair. It's awesome."
Her hair was pulled into cornrows and died like the American flag.

"Really? You don't think it's weird?

"Not for you it isn't."


It was true. Kiada was very different. At 5'3'' tall she had stormy blue eyes, tan skin, and when her hair wasn't dyed it was brown. In addition to that she always wore something that stuck out.

"Yeah I agree. Besides you can pull off any look." Ange told her.

The smartest of the threesome, Ange was always looking to have fun, though she was easily scared. Purple eyes, courtesy of contacts, were always full of happiness. Her strait black hair had two streaks of turquoise that hung on either side of her eyes.

A cell phone rang, interrupting the girls conversation.

"That's not mine." Kiada said from the front seat.

"It's not mine. Must be yours Ange." Rey said from the driver's seat.

"It's Talia." Ange said when she looked at her cell.

"Awesome. Hey pass the phone up."

Ange obliged. Taking the phone Rey stuck it in her holder and hit the talk button.

"Hola Talia. What's new in your life?"

"Hey Reya. Nothing much. Wait I thought this was Ange's cell?"

The three girls laughed.

"It is mine. We're on our way to the track 'member?"

"Oh yeah. Now I do."

"What a blonde."

"I heard that Kia. Anyway Ange I just wanted to let you know that my cousin from Germany is coming in a couple of weeks."

"Awesome." Was Ange's answer.

"Hey wait. You weren't going to tell me and Rey this?"

"Ah shush Kia. Just so happens I was going to call you next but I guess I've killed two birds with one stone."

"You've killed birds. That's so mean." Ange said, her blonde side kicking in.

"Oh god Angelina it's an expression. We'll talk to you later Talia." Reya said.

"Alright bye guys."

"Bye." The girls said to their friend.

Rey hit the end button.

"Well that was interesting."

"I think we should call you point-out-the-oviousolot Kia." Rey said.


"Hey Ange. In my duffel bad you'll find my Ipod. Pass it up please?"

"Sure Rey."

Leaning over to get to get the bag from behind the driver's seat Ange gasped.

"Reya Scorpio Conlon. What is this?"

"What's what?" Kia asked, turning in her seat to look at Ange.

Straitening the teen showed her friend what she was holding. Shocked Kia took it.

"Rey, how could you?" she asked showing the teen the soccer ball she was holding.

"So I like the Celtics. Sue me. Just pass the Ipod Ange."

"Whatever." Ange said leaning over her and Kiada's bags to reach Reya's.

"What the Fuck." Rey said as she swerved to avoid a speeding car.

A thump from the trailer could be heard as one of the horse stamped a hoof in protest.

"Rey can you stop that." Ange asked as Rey swerved to avoid another car.

"You should be asking that to the assholes who are speeding." Rey said swerving yet again.

Only this time she couldn't get back on track.

"Rey what's going on?"

"I don't know Kia. Something's stuck " Rey said trying to turn the steering wheel.

"Well think of something." Ange cried, panic evident in her voice.

But it was too late. Truck and trailer came off the road crashing through the trees. Kia gripped the soccer ball tighter while Ange crouched farther over the bags. All Rey could do was try and turn the wheel while putting all her weight on the brake. But it was all in vein as the wheel remained struck and they were going down hill.

"Oh my god!" Kia shouted when she saw the tree coming up ahead of them.

Unbuckling their seatbelts Kia and Rey climbed into the back seats and clung to the seats the had previously occupied, hopping that they would be safer in the back. In an instant the front of the truck hit the tree causing the girls to be shoved forward. Terrified Ange managed to catch a glimpse of her friends, passed out from hitting the door and seat, before she too passed out.

It's still a little rushed but it is an introduction. Anyway I don't know much about cars so bear with me on the accident but I believe what happened is due to the fact that the steering column was stuck.

Peace out