Supporting Rumors - Part 90 – I did it my way –

For everyone who stayed the distance, thank you, for the feedback, the encouragement, the constructiveness you've given me, you are truly an amazing bunch of people.

For Flatkatsi, who 'made' it go the distance – yes it honestly and truly was supposed to be a vignette – there are never enough thanks and without whom this would not have been accomplished.

Dedicated to Mu, Diane and Jay Ellen – a special thank you and huge Jack hugs to you all.


Jessica sighed and sipped at her coffee gratefully. Since General O'Neill had gotten his third pip and yet another office assistant for her, you would have thought the work would have eased up slightly, but no - things were busier than ever. She knew the other secretaries were a little jealous of her extended duties and the generous salary that went with it, but she earned every last dime. A little over three years ago, she would have never dreamt she would put this much of herself into her job, but she loved it.

A busy but interesting job, and a boss who could not only charm the birds out of the trees, when he wanted to that was, but could curl toes at a hundred paces of even the most stalwart of brass that dared to brave his wrath on a bad day. Jessica adored her boss. She'd gotten over the 'lust at first sight' with him ... well, almost, and settled down to a 'walk over hot coals' and 'crawl on broken glass' for him on daily basis.

The other year when she thought he'd been retiring forever ... she shuddered slightly and clasped the mug tighter, drawing warmth from the china.

The outer office door opened and she heard the murmur of voices, before the brief tap on her own door followed. No-one got to see General O'Neill without going through her, and she had earned the reputation of a pit bull if it concerned protecting him.

However this was one visitor she knew the General would be delighted to see and she rose to meet the woman who entered, a ready smile on her lips.

"Afternoon Jessica, how's the bear been this morning?"

Jessica laughed. She loved it when Sam, as she insisted she was to be called, interrupted her husband's working day. "He's been rather tied up in the office all morning. The phone has been red hot."

Sam shook her head and pulled a face, obviously imagining what it was doing to her husband's patience.

Jessica saw the light go out on her switchboard, indicating General O'Neill had just finished a call. ".. You can surprise him now if you would like to. I can hold any further calls." The man practically walked on air when his wife was around and after a good lunch, he positively whistled through the rest of the long day, so it was an absolute pleasure to see his wife come visiting.

Sam's smile faltered slightly, her hand fluttering and smoothing the front of the dress she wore. Jessica gave her a puzzled look, wondering why on Earth she looked ... well, hesitant...

"Thank you, Jessica, I will."


Sam took a deep breath and gave a brisk tap on her husband's office door, opening it more or less straight away, before she could change her mind. Now that the moment had finally arrived...

Jack O'Neill looked up with a frown that dispersed the instant he saw who it was.

"Hey." He rose up from his chair with more than a little effort, obviously stiff from sitting for too long. His gait was still a bit awkward as he moved around the large desk, leaning on it for support.

"Where's your cane?" chastised Sam lightly, coming over to hug him.

Jack frowned. "It's here ... somewhere ... haven't needed it yet since coming in, haven't been out of the damn place. Have you come to spring me?" His handsome face lit with expectant hope.

Sam shook her head and sighed. She took a tiny step back and grasped his hands in hers. "I just wanted ..."

"What?" interrupted Jack, obviously puzzled by her demeanor, a worried frown appearing. "Are you sick? Are you okay? Sam?"

Sam smiled. "No Jack, at least not yet, though I am told that morning sickness could strike at any time between six weeks and up to four months."


Jessica heard the yells and pushed the door open quickly, wondering what on Earth was going on...

It was the talk of the Pentagon for days ... how Lieutenant General O'Neill had swung his wife around and around and how ecstatic he was on being told ... they were expecting a baby.

The End