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The small figure was thrown through the tall heavy doors of the Council chamber as they opened in front of her. She caught her balance, her feet spread apart slightly as her knees pressed together, she swayed with uncertainty attempting to catch her balance. Her head down away from his view refusing to meet his intense gaze. The heavy chain linked to the cuff binding her delicate wrists together tugged her arms to the side.

"Lord Kakarot, I caught her trying to escape!" he tugged on the chain roughly causing her lose her composure for only a second.

"I was not..." She growled out under her breath.

"Silence Girl, you are not to speak unless spoken to," He lashed to chain once again knocking her balance off, she struggled to regain it against his strength.

"Let her speak." Lord Kakarot's voice rose above the guards,

"Go ahead." He cleared his throat and waited for her to speak up.

"I… I was on the way here to serve you, as is my duty, some of the guards attacked me and tried to force themselves on me, I was just defending myself like any self-respecting woman would! He found me running through the hallway and dragged me here…." She yanked the chain from her captor's hands, and whipped it into her own grasp in a fluid motion, leaving her captor standing behind her stunned.

Kakarot was impressed by her aggressiveness, she handled herself well for a woman of her status, he had to admit that he was intrigued by her attitude. The guard grabbed her by the back of her tattered dress, lifting her off of her feet. Kakarot was surprised she kept her composure despite the obvious displeasure on her face, he mentally noted that she didn't seem fazed by the pressure being put on her neck.

"You think you're a smooth talker and can convince Lord Kakarot with your deceit! I should beat you right here right now just to teach you a lesson, that would teach you not to lie to your masters." She kept her head down, her eyes fixated on the floor, never once looking up at Kakarot for pity or assistance.

"Tomayano put her down NOW! Put the slave girl down, take the cuffs off her wrists and escort her back to her quarters." He snarled the orders at the guard, his finger pointing out the doors of the chamber from which he had barged through.

"Oh, and if any harm should befall her, you will be responsible...I tell you this in no uncertain terms. There will be repercussions." Tomayano stood there shocked, a grimace on his face as the orders were barked at him.

"But sir she is just a slave girl!"

Kakarot cleared his throat, "That's just it she is only a slave girl not a sex slave so leave her be, she knows her orders, NOW YOU DO AS I TOLD YOU!" Tomayano unlocked the cuffs begrudgingly and walked out of the Council room with the young girl silently in tow behind him.

Calpernea walked into the room, passing the guard and the young woman. She looked the young woman up and down as she skirted past her quiet as a mouse.

"So little brother finally interested in women or did you take pity on her like you do with everyone?" Cal sat in front of him waiting for a response.

"I took pity on her, I believed her story. The guards tend to try to rough up the female servants, didn't seem impossible." He snickered and shrugged his shoulders.

His pride would have been crushed if he admitted to his sister that a woman he had never met had caught his attention so intensely with only a moment shared between them. There was something about her he couldn't put his finger on, her attitude, her scent was strong and intoxicating, but there was something sexy about her, maybe it was the confidence she managed to have despite her situation. No, he was way more than interested in her, he needed to see her again, he could make her his own; that wasn't completely unreasonable was it?

The small female ran into her room and slammed the door to the tiny living quarters in the guard's face. She was seething, enraged, how did these men think that they could treat anyone the way they did? But she was grateful none the less, someone had taken the time to see her, to stand up for her, it was something that happened rarely if ever for the women in her role. She flipped the light on and searched through the chest at the bottom of her bed for a pen and paper, she wanted to be able to show that gratitude, how well it would be received was a whole other issue that she would worry about later.

Lord Kakarot,

Thank you for the mercy you have shown me. I am forever in your debt and will do my best to repay you for your kindness. Thank you again.

ChiChi Mau, your slave

She was definitely ashamed to be calling herself his slave girl, but she knew that this was her reality now, she had only been there for a day or so, but it was becoming apparent that if she followed the rules she would survive much longer. They owned her now, those damn Saiya-jins, it wasn't exactly a thrill to her, but somehow it seemed better than death. She folded the paper delicately and began to straighten herself up, she needed to be ready to serve him his dinner. She figured she could just slip her little letter to him then, this was going to be the only ideal time to do so. She sighed and closed the door to her chambers, heading into the hallways she made her way toward the palace kitchen...saying that this was going to be a long week, was an understatement of the century.

Chichi entered the dining hall, bowing respectfully to Kakarot and his sister Calpernea. She laid the plates out on the table before them, placing the platters of food down along with the drinks accompanying dinner. He stared at her, his eyes following her about the room as she moved about completing her duties, he was oblivious to the fact that her letter now peeked out from under his plate. She stood by the door waiting for the command to leave, ensuring that she had fulfilled their needs, before bowing and excusing herself from the room once again, leaving Kakarot and his sister laughing boisterously as they discussed the happenings of the palace and their day.

Chichi hurried down the corridors, the small cloth shoes padding against the floor with every step she took. She wanted to get back to her Quarters, to be among her friends, she needed to talk to someone about her day. She couldn't stand that they were only here to serve the nobility. 'Slaves' that's what they were called by the guards and soldiers, she couldn't help but think of how horrible it was to be considered possessions! All creatures were living beings, they deserved respect, they were not lowly animals to be put on leashes! Although off the top of her head she could think of a few of the guards she wouldn't mind tying up and leaving outside during the winter.

Kakarot picked at the food on his plate, for the most part pushing it around while his sister chatted with him. She finished eating and excused herself to go tend to some of the matters that she had neglected to complete before her afternoon training. She didn't tell him what, but simply pushed her chair back into its place and briskly left him staring at her retreating back. She was such a strange one sometime, not that he was complaining, she was his older sister, she kept him entertained growing up, and still did now as adults. Calpernea was good company during council meetings and spent much of her free sparring with him.

Kakarot grunted and pushed his plate away, the bottom of the plate dragging across the stone table top creating an ungodly squeaking sound. He winced at the noise and downed the last of the wine in his cup before he finally noticed the little piece of paper that remained stuck under his plate. His eyebrow raised curiously as he reached his hand out for it, swiftly tugging it from under the plate. He flipped it over, examining the outside of the folded paper, there was no name on the outside, no identifiable markings, nothing. He wasn't even sure where the hell it had come from. He unfolded it and slowly read over it, the elegant obviously female writing scrawled across the parchment.

Kakarot smiled at the short but sweet scribbling of gratitude, and thought about the face of the tiny female who had written it. This wasn't necessary, she could have just thanked him when she had brought his meal this evening. That would have easily sufficed for him.

"GUARDS!" He bellowed out into the hallway. The two men bolted through the doors in a state of panic, obviously over reacting to being summoned by him.

"Lord Kakarot is everything all right?"

He just rolled his eyes at them, they acted as if he couldn't defend himself, which of course he could. He was a Saiya-jin warrior, an elite, they were simply there to placate the King and Queen's desire for security around the palace. They felt it was safer to have guards present when colonizing a foreign planet, it wouldn't have been necessary if they had just come eradicate the population and take the planet.

"Fetch me the small slave girl with the black hair. She is among the new grouping that came in this week. She was the one that Tomayano brought to me this afternoon in the Council room." They saluted him and turned to leave, they would find the raven haired slave girl Kakarot wanted without question.

He could hear the commotion from down the hallway, long before they had reached the door. She didn't sound pleased, and from the sound of it, they hadn't provided her with the option of walking along with them either.

"PUT ME DOWN!" He heard her scream at the top of her lungs, just outside the door.

The guards entered the room with their arms linked tightly with hers as she dangled between them, her feet kicking out desperately in an attempt to reach the floor inches beneath her.

"I said... put me down." She huffed out in frustration, her tone a bit more calm this time.

Both guards released their hold on her simultaneously, dropping her unceremoniously onto her butt with a *THUD* She grabbed the guards by their ankles, yanking their feet from underneath them in one swift move, they landed on the floor of the room harder than she had. She remained on the cold hard floor with her legs sprawled out in front of her, looking akin to a three year old throwing a temper tantrum. Kakarot couldn't contain it any longer and let out a loud laugh at her child like antics and feisty temper.

"Oww my….. oh Lord Kakarot!" she bowed her head down, her eyes quickly looking to the floor avoiding his gaze.

"Guards you may leave, I think I will be fine alone with the little she devil." He looked directly at her, with a smirk on his face.

"Girl I want you to stay here with me."

She stood up from her spot on the floor and brushed herself off, straightening her clothing in an attempt to make herself presentable in his presence. 'Oh god what is he going to do with me? I don't want to die. PLEASE NO!' Her breathing became staggered, she felt like crying 'I have to be strong, I can't show weakness.' She gulped audibly, despite his prior kindness, she had been told horror stories of the abuse many endured at the hands of his family members. What if he truly was no different?

"A bit nervous? Come here, take a seat with me, I'm welcoming you to join me." At his urging she walked up slowly and sat in Calpernea's usual seat at the table.

She looked down at her lap afraid of what might happen if she looked up at him, she wasn't sure exactly what he considered to be respectful. She certainly didn't want to be disrespectful, not while alone with him.

"Girl do me a favor, look at me when we talk. Don't be afraid." He sighed, "What did my brothers break you too?" he sighed once again out of exasperation.

"Pretend I'm not Lord Kakarot, I really just want a chance to talk with you. You can talk freely to me and be honest, there will be no punishment for anything you share with me, I'm not anything like my brothers Turlis or Raditz." He shoved the table away from them with one hand and pulled her chair to face him, moving her closer. He reached his hand out gently lifting her chin and bringing her eyes to meet his.

"Woman, what's your name?" His eyes scanned over her face, he could see the discomfort in her eyes.

'Gods, now that I have had a good look at her she is beautiful... She is gorgeous!'

Kakarot continued to look into her eyes, despite her attempts to avoid his intense gaze.

"Chichi." She seemed so shy but her voice didn't waver at all.

"Tell me are you taken or are you not?" ' I hope not' He asked her softly, his inner thoughts taunting him along.

He was cursing himself inside what was wrong with him? What had come over him since he met her? Was he really fawning after a weak human girl. She looked up at him, finally meeting his eyes, she was a bit confused by his line of questioning.

After hesitating for a moment she finally answered him, "No, I am a single woman."

Her head cocked to the side in thought as they stared at each other. Chichi leaned forward in her seat as he pulled his hand away from her face, leaving her wanting just another touch from him.

"Tell me about your parents, I'd love to know." He looked at her inquisitively and noticed that the sparkle that had been there just seconds before faded, there was a long uncomfortable pause before she spoke again.

"My mother died when I was younger and my father is Ox-King, I guess that's why people still call me Princess Chichi." She lightly laughed at that thought, a slight shrug from her shoulders. It wasn't a complete lie.

"Why are you here then Princess?" His tone was sarcastic and playful, of course he knew the general gist of how this was going to go, it was always the same with the scavenging parties that visited the cities, it had been that way since the Saiya-jins had colonized the planet years prior.

"I really don't know, me and two of my friends were snatched from the city by some of your soldiers. My father was on a business trip and I was with the girls for the week…. now here we are." She smiled sadly during her statement, he knew that her father was probably looking for her, but he wasn't going to tell her that now.

"I'm truly sorry about that, but may I say that I'm real glad that you're here ... God you're beautiful." He wanted to kick himself as he let that slip by accident, his inner thoughts decided that they needed to be shared with her. Her cheeks blushed a bright shade of pink as she looked away from him. She was almost relieved to hear his sister clearing her throat in an attempt to draw Kakarot's attention from the poor girl. Calpernea and Tanira his younger sister stood in the doorway with smug looks plastered on their faces, they had just attained enough to tease him for the rest of the week, Tanira just giggled and covered her mouth with her hand.

"So has the high mighty and spoiled Lord Kakarot got a mate?" Tanira mocked as she sauntered into the room, leaning her hands on the table to stare across at her embarrassed brother.

She was silenced from saying anything else by Calpernea jabbing her elbow in her ribs.

"Hello sisters, Tanira this is Chichi." He pursed his lips and gave his younger sister a death glare for her obvious teasing of him.

Chichi stood from her chair quickly and bowed to the girls, who returned the bow to her.

"Aren't you that new slave girl that works in my room and Kakarot's room?" Calpernea inquired as she moved to perch herself on the edge of the stone table top facing her brother and his guest.

Chichi nodded shly, and was about to speak before Cal spoke up again.

"Oh we came to warn you about our brothers..."

Cal was cut off mid-sentence when the door slammed open. Turlis and Raditz stumbling into the room obviously intoxicated, Turlis was almost worse than Raditz, if that was at all possible. Cal scrunched her nose up, she could smell the alcohol on them before they had even approached her, they had been out drinking, and that was something that she knew never ended well.

"Hello ladies, Kakarot and ..why hello there, Kakarot if you aren't using her tonight can I *hic* borrow her?" Turlis stumbled up to Chichi, moving to stroke her hair. Before he was able to touch her, Calpernea and Tanira leapt over the table and grabbed him abruptly throwing him back away from the quiet young woman.

"Stay away from her, both of you! She belongs to Kakarot, go impregnate your own god damned slaves you pig." Tanira finished her threat and bared her teeth showing her razor sharp canines. She was fed up with them always taking what didn't belong to them, bullying anyone to get what they wanted.

Kakarot stood from his seat grabbing Chichi's wrist he guided her to stand behind him "Oh lighten up Karot-chan!" Raditz shouted before falling over his own feet, only gaining his balance by leaning his large frame against the wall.

Kakarot's tail unwrapped from his waist and delicately slipped around her waist, encompassing her protectively. Chichi looked down at his tail a bit surprised by the action, but clung to his arm as she peeked out from behind him 'Turlis is an exact duplicate of Lord Kakarot but there is something different about them, For one he's an ass'

"Stay away from her!" He growled through clenched teeth.

"Here's a deal kiss her right now and I'll leave her alone ... for tonight" Turlis smugly challenged, he knew his brother was never interested in women, there would be nothing different with this one.

Kakarot turned to her, fiercely pulling her against him, his eyes met hers for a moment, he could see her hesitance there, but he leaned down kissing her deeply as she melted against his chest. He pulled back, looking down at her yet again, her cheeks were flushed, she didn't look angry with him, which pleased him greatly.

"Happy?" Kakarot walked Chichi over and handed her directly to his sisters.

"Take her with you, Cal and Tani I trust you to take care of her."

The three girls darted out of the room as fast as they could, Cal and Tani grumbling about their asshole older brothers as they exited the room with their brother's newfound companion wedged protectively between them.

"Hey, hey, relax! Kakarot she's only a *hic*slave girl."

Kakarot stepped forward to Turlis, "Get out, leave Earth and don't return unless you are invited here. Your presence isn't required here." He backed up and fell into his chair, sighing in exasperation as his brothers exited the room, complaining to one another about him not wanting to share with them.

He called one of his guards, and clenched his hands together, he knew what he needed to do next, not that it was something that he wanted to do.

"Send a message to Ox-King tell him his daughter Chichi is here on a visit, she is unharmed, just a guest among us. She will be waiting for him, oh and tell him to come and get her next week when her visit will concluded." The guard nodded in respect to Kakarot, baffled by the request, but he turned to leave and to send the message to the girl's father as requested.

"Oh wait." The guard looked back over his shoulder "Also go to my sisters, and tell them to send the young woman back to see me." The guard saluted and left, shutting the door behind him.

Later that night a quiet knock rang through the council room, he was sprawled out on the couch, and had long since abandoned his documents on the table and given up for the evening. Kakarot was half asleep, his arm draped over his face, but was too determined to wait for her to return.

"Come in." He stood from the couch and approached her.

Chichi's small figure entered the dim room, shutting the heavy door behind her, a soft click echoing through the room.

"You needed me my lord?" She bowed and looked up at his handsome face, 'He's so handsome, but he's the man who took over earth, the new ruler! I must be going totally insane.' Her eyes locked on his as she waited for him to inform her why she had been called for this late in the evening.

"I had a message sent to your father he will be coming to get you from the palace next week. You and your friends will be free to return home." His face remained stoic, even though seeing the happiness dawn on her face made him want to smile in turn. Chichi smiled graciously up at him, she wanted to throw her arms around him and thank him for doing this, but she restrained herself from looking like a fool.

"Thank you! Thank you so much! I can't tell you just how much this means to me, but to my friends as well. You've been wonderful to me." She reached her hand up and touched his cheek gently.

"Goodnight, come see me as soon as you wake up don't worry about serving anyone just come straight here." He needed her to leave, as much as he wanted her in his presence, she was going to be leaving and returning to her home. He realized how unlikely it was that she would come back to see him once she was gone.

"Goodnight Lord Kakarot" She bowed quickly, looking over her shoulder at him as she left the room just as silently as she had arrived.

Kakarot knew this was going to mean losing her, letting her go so soon after he had met her. But it meant seeing her happy, away from the lecherous soldiers that inhabited the Saiya-jin palace. He approached the door and decided that for peace of mind, he would follow her back to her quarters, he wasn't sure what the nagging feeling to protect her was, but he was going to indulge it. He lingered far enough behind remaining in the shadows of the hallways. He watched her enter her room, as he was readying himself to leave, confident that she was safe for the evening, he heard her scrambling through her room, a panicked tone in her voice.

"BULMA, BULMA WHERE ARE YOU?" Her voice was desperate and full of fear.

Chichi rushed out of her room running through the hallways looking for her friend. Bulma had been in their room when she had left for the evening, something wasn't right, and the fear boiled in the pit of her stomach, making her feel sick. Chichi checked room after room, each time yelling her name, she ran down the stairs into the lower level, the isolation cells they kept them in the first night lining the dark corridor.

"BULMA!" Chichi heard a faint squeak coming from the corner cell.

"Chic." Was all she heard before she hurried to get to the cell, kneeling down on the ground outside the door, she began to pull the bobby pin out of her hair to pick the lock. She had drawn attention to herself with her yelling, and one of the guards approached her.

"You're not allowed down here come with me." He grabbed her by her arm yanking her to her feet and away from the door. He hadn't noticed the figure now looming behind him that was about to strike him.

"Leave her alone." Kakarot's voice growled from the shadows before the guard was tossed aside like a rag doll, falling unconscious to the floor as he landed.

"Kakarot!" she gasped his name, her hand flying to cover her mouth.

He was the last person she expected to see behind her at this moment, but she was glad that it was him. Chichi came back to reality and rushed over to the dark cell, she turned the bobby pin again and heard the door click open. Her blue haired friend laid curled up in a ball stripped naked on the floor, cowering into the corner to protect herself.

"What happened to you!?" She picked Bulma up with one arm under her neck and the other one under her knees. "One of the guards raped me." Her sobs wracked her small body "It hurt so bad I wanted to die, I screamed for Vegeta to help me… But he didn't come." Chichi pulled her tighter against her body as another sob shook her exposed body.

"Kakarot who is Vegeta?" Her voice was low as she repositioned her friend in her arms.

"Prince Vegeta, The Saiya-jin Prince and ruler of this planet." He tightened his jaw, hoping that this woman wasn't just another one of Vegeta's playthings.

"We need to go speak with him….. now." All of the lighthearted cheer he had seen earlier was gone from her eyes, she was on a war path and rightfully so.

"He won't ..." He was quickly cut off

"I may not hold any sway with him, but if he will talk to me if he has half a heart." Kakarot started down the hall with Chichi and her friend behind him to the Prince's room. He was certain that this would end poorly for all involved.

Kakarot knocked before barging into Vegeta's chambers, Chichi pushing ahead of him and collapsing to her knees with Bulma grasped in her arms.

"Excuse me, My Prince. You know my friend correct?" She took a moment to gently push Bulma's hair out of her bruised face.

"Yes, I do know her. Well?" His eyes wandered away from the women and over to Kakarot, his jaw and fists clenched, angered by the sudden invasion of his privacy.

"WELL, I'm assuming you're involved with each other?" Chichi's eyes narrowed at the prince, she was struggling to keep her tone respectful, but it was hard as she felt her friend unconscious in her arms.

"Kakarot where does your slave girl get off knowing my personal business?"

Kakarot was about to speak only to be cut off by her again.

"I made it my business when one of your guards raped my best friend, she screamed for you! You of all people! How could you let something like this happen!" Vegeta's hand flew across her face, his anger rising at the indignant tone in her voice.

"You have no heart do you?" she said it in a barely audible whisper.

"Kakarot take her to your Quarters, I'll be there soon to help you take care of her ... I hope." Chichi placed Bulma in his arms and kissed him on the lips before placing a light kiss on Bulma's forehead.

"Hang in there sweetie we'll get you through this." Kakarot pursed his lips together, his discomfort at leaving her with Vegeta evident on his face, but he left none the less, taking her friend to be cared for.

"Now wench what is your name, race and why are you so god damn concerned for that woman?" He snarked at her, his eyebrows furrowed as he stood awaiting her response.

Chichi approached him slowly showing no signs of respect, she was willing to take the risk and stood face to face with the irate Saiya-jin prince.

"I am Chichi Mau, daughter of Ox-King I was kidnapped and sold to Lord Kakarot's sisters, my race is none of your concern and I'm worried about that wench because she is my best friend. What happened to her is my concern, and I want to know what you're going to do about this? If she was looking for your protection, then you owe that to her don't you. I'm going to return to take care of her now if you'll excuse me."

Vegeta waved his hand dismissing her and giving himself time to think. He didn't have a response for her, and he certainly didn't feel that he owed any wench an answer. She shook her head in exasperation and took off running out of his room, there were more important things to worry about right now, aside from him being an insensitive ass.

Chichi ran to the council room where she usually met with Kakarot only to find it empty, the frustration rising in her chest, she didn't know her way around this damn place! 'Damn it where are his chambers?!' A nearby guard was looking her over suspiciously, was she supposed to be wandering down this wing, he knew he should escort her, but maybe he could get something out of this.

"Where is Lord Kakarot's room? I have something to talk to him about." She ignored his roaming eyes.

"How about you talk to me first? I'm sure we can have some fun?" He started advancing towards her, a smirk on his face.

"Just answer the damn question, I don't have time for your antics right now."

"Five doors down on the right, I should report you for disrespecting me I'm sure Lord Kakarot wouldn't approve of your attitude." She chuckled in her throat and smirked at him.

"Go ahead I couldn't care less." Chichi shoved past him down the hallway, ignoring the threats he was slinging her way as she turned her back to him.

Chichi had cleaned all of Bulma's wounds, gently padding them with the antiseptic soaked cotton ball, she wrapping them as necessary. And finished the process by applying a balm to help the bruising heal. Kakarot had given her access to his medical supplies, she could use whatever we needed, there were plenty more available whenever he needed them. He sat patiently by, his hands interlocked as she worked on patching her friend up, his gaze locked on her as she lovingly cared for her friend. Chichi finished up, covered Bulma with a blanket and began cleaning up the supplies scattered about the floor, she wanted to let her rest for a bit.

Kakarot hadn't moved from his spot by the door, his eyes followed Chichi throughout the room as she paced around not speaking a word to him about this incident. She was angry, If they hadn't been taken into the palace, they wouldn't have been in this spot. A twinge of guilt pulled at his insides, he couldn't help but feel a tiny bit responsible for the events of the day, he had after all helped to conquer the planet in the first place.

"Is there anything else you need?" She didn't have a chance to respond to the initial question.

The door to Kakarot's room swung open and Prince Vegeta strode him, his arms crossed across his chest, the same scowl fixed on his face as he looked over the situation in the room. He approached Bulma and crouched beside her as Chichi backed away from them.

"Woman are you hurt? I want to know who did this. No one touches what's mine." Bulma sat up and hugged Vegeta tightly, a slight smile dawning on her face.

"Come woman you just tell me who did this to you." He ordered her roughly.

He placed on arm under her and scooped her up, holding her against him. He would find the traitor who had hurt her, that wasn't a question in his mind, their insolence needed to be handled. No one was going to touch the woman he intended to be mated to, that was his property and no one else's. He was going to make that known to everyone.

The next morning Chichi awoke stretching her arms over her head, slowly blinking the sleep from her eyes. Bulma sat down on the best beside her and shook her lightly in an attempt to rouse her from the blankets.

"I'm up, I'm up!" She yawned sitting up in her cot, resting her hand on Bulma's leg. Part of her wanted to ask how she was holding up, but she didn't want to bring it up if she didn't want to talk about it. She would mention things to Chichi when she was good and ready to.

"So Chi what's with you and Kakarot?" Bulma had quite a few scratches but seemed to be alright overall, she just wanted to focus her attention on anything besides herself for today. She just hoped that her best friend allowed that for her.

"Bulma to him I'm just a slave girl, I'm just there to fuck and leave to rot like all these men. They're all the same, I don't have any feelings for him." She had lied through her teeth, she really did have emotions for him, she knew it, but she also knew that loving him would only hurt her in the end. That's how it worked right?

"Oh OK." Bulma's smile faded away she had hoped that her friend would find someone special, she had such a hard time connecting with people.

"But either way I'll have to marry Yamcha, my step father is dead set on that." That slipped out of her mouth without even realizing it, her head dropped into her hands. She had almost blocked that out of her mind completely within the past few days.

"You don't love him, beside he'll end up cheating on you anyway." Bulma sighed and ran her hand through Chichi's tangled hair.

Chichi hadn't even realized Bulma had been speaking to her, nodding in response instinctively. Both girls swung their legs over the edge of the bed and began getting themselves ready for the day. She pulled her shirt over her head, and tied her long flowing skirt in the front. Bulma watched her go through the motions and couldn't help but wish that there was another way out for her friend. The Briefs would never force their daughter into anything, she was allowed to make all her own choices in her life and she was grateful for that.

"I have to go serve Lord kakarot." She quickly turned and left Bulma alone to ponder what ever her little twisted mind was thinking, she had to figure something out, if Kakarot and Chichi didn't have feelings for each other than what was that little display of affection last night? She had felt Chichi lean over her the night before, she knew they had shared a kiss. That was something she knew her friend wouldn't do if she didn't feel something. It was time for her to plot, she was a genius after all, she could figure something out.

Chichi entered the kitchen to get Kakarot's tray for breakfast. All the women shook their heads at her explaining that it had already been delivered to him this morning by one of the other females. It struck her that he had told her not to do anything that morning, somehow that had slipped her mind. She meekly entered the dining room and stood inside the doorway, she watched him shovel down his food, particles and crumbs flying all over, landing on the floor. Chichi waited patiently assuming that he had a different set of orders for her this morning, Upon finishing his meal, he dropped the crumpled fabric napkin onto the table and pointed to the chair across from him, beckoning her to sit and keep him company.

"Chichi what do you honestly think of my race, and myself?" His eyes met hers, the normal playful nature seemed to be missing this morning.

She was shocked at the question, why would her opinion matter to him at all? She tried not to choke on her words as she considered how to answer that question without being too rude. Unfortunately she found herself at a loss, it seemed to be the only way to give him an honest answer.

"Ummm…I... You're a cold hearted killer, so are they, your race just came to earth, ravaged our cities, killed our people, and took over, enslaving us. Now we're being tormented and sold into slavery because your people see us fit for that." She closed her eyes expecting to be hit for her rude and blatantly honest response. When silence fell upon the room, she cracked one eye open, peeking at him to gauge his response.

"Come here." He motioned to her with two fingers, summoning her from her seat at the table.

Chichi got up and carefully approached him, she stood up pin straight in front of him. Expecting to be dismissed or some sort of berating response. But none came. He reached out wrapping one arm around her waist and quickly pulled her into his lap.

Kakarot repositioned her in his lap, cradling her much like the way she had held the other human woman last night. Except this was different, he wasn't being protective, he was going to take something he wanted. Brought his lips down to hers, lingering just above before licking his own lips hungrily. Her eyes locked on his face unsure of what was going on, before she knew it his lips locked with hers as he held her tightly against him, his tongue parted her soft lips and slipped into her mouth. Chichi was almost too shocked to kiss back, almost. The yearning feeling in her stomach grew as she became more adventurous returning his kiss and his exploring touch. Her tongue met with his inside her mouth, his hands moving to tangle themselves in her silky black tresses pressing them closer, and deepening the passionate kiss. Neither of them wanted this moment to end quickly, they wanted it to last forever. Chichi's hands ran from his neck, and weaved into his wild black hair, once again he pulled her tighter against his strong body.

The door creaked open as Ox-King, Bardock, King Vegeta, Cal and Tani walked in. The girls just stood there with huge grins spread across their faces barely containing their giggles. Kind Vegeta and Bardock stifled their chuckles, as they saw the dissatisfied look on the young girl's father's face. The couple hadn't even noticed they had company.

"Chichi! What are you doing young lady!?" She pulled back slightly from Kakarot's face at the familiar booming voice 'Holy shit!' her hands remained entangled in his hair

"Daddy ... you're here early." She answered in a cautious nervous voice. King Vegeta and Prince Vegeta stood there with Cal and Tani smirking at the two in the front of the room for once The Prince was enjoying not being the center of attention.

Bardock stepped forward with his arms crossed over his chest. "Son, I hope she's not a slave girl or a human?"

Chichi's mind was racing 'Should I tell the truth?'

"Ox-King I would like to ask if Chichi could please stay for the rest of the week as planned?" Both King-Vegeta and Prince Vegeta's faces changed to one's full of confusion when Kakarot had said her name, they cringed as if they knew something that everyone else was missing.

Kakarot wanted her to stay more than anything, he would gladly blast her father and the King to high hell if it would buy him more time with her.

"Fine but then she comes straight home." His voice boomed across the room disapprovingly.

"Thank you Thank you so much daddy!" Chichi jumped up from Kakarot's lap and ran to hug her father's hulking frame, pleased that he was letting her stay a bit longer.

"But Chichi don't forget, next weekend you are marrying Yamcha." His statement wiped the smile clear off of her face.

"Father….." Her voice was no more than a whisper, her breath audibly hitching in her throat.

Ox-King bid his farewells to the royal family, completely ignoring his daughter before he turned and left the room leaving the others standing in their places. Chichi moved to hug Kakarot again, her grip on him tightening as she buried her face in his chest, tears beginning to trickle down her cheeks.

"No, no, no, no, no!" Her tears quickly turned into sobbing, she lifted her face to look at Kakarot, hoping to find some support from him. She found none.

"I refuse to marry him! I don't love him! I hate him, I hate him!" She pounded her fists on his chest once and continued her cry.

Chichi caught her breath and swallowed hard "Kakarot please let me stay here as a slave, I'm willing to work, I don't want to go, that's the life I don't want, one where I won't be happy."

Her eyes were glazed over with tears, there was a long pause before anyone spoke again.

"You can stay here it doesn't matter what brother thinks... I would hate to be in your position." Calpernea hugged her to show her she would support her, she barely knew the girl, but who forced their daughter to marry someone she didn't want to be with?

"You can stay but you said you weren't taken, why did you lie to me?" Chichi wiped the tears away from her face with the back of her hand, "I didn't lie, I actually hoped that this, being here, would get me away from him because I don't love him and in a way it seems like it's all just a bad dream, not reality, and I'll just wake up from it." She fell to her knees, her strength failing her in the moment, a single tear rolled down her cheek. Tani reached down and helped her off the ground, putting her arm around her waist to support her.

"Chichi it's all right, this isn't your fault. It's not what you want, it's what your father wants." Chichi nodded solemnly, she was still a little ashamed that she had forgotten to mention this to Kakarot, this was something he asked about outright, and she just chose not to mention him.

Bardock stepped forward away from the group of teenagers. "Son we would like to speak to you alone without the women." The girls turned and left as did Prince Vegeta with them. He always stuck to the teenage group of elite warriors and their friends or his life would no doubt be dull dealing with royal responsibilities, surrounded by adults all day.

Bulma headed down the hall in search of Vegeta, she had been freed of any and all responsibilities, so her day wasn't very exciting. She almost ran face first into the group of elites as she looked down at the floor.

"Vegeta... what happened to Chichi." Bulma's voice was tinged with anger and concern, this girl wasn't allowed to be hurt or sad, they always looked after one another. She needed her to be ok.

Cal, Tani nor Vegeta answered they just kept walking, trying to get as far from their parents as possible. Tanira tightened her grip on Chichi, finally hoisting her up into her arms tossing her up slightly and catching her to get her comfortable.

"Who is this Yamcha guy?" Tani glanced back at Bulma inquisitively, figuring if anyone knew the answer, it would be her.

Bulma looked confused as she hurried to keep up with their pace. "What's wrong Chi? You're not still marrying him are you? Please tell me that you're not!"

Tanira answered for her "No she is not marrying him, I won't allow it, and what happened is Kakarot, the idiot is mad at her for being betrothed. Like this is somehow her fault…. Baka"

Kakarot had plopped back down into his seat at the head of the table in the dining room, he was in for a lecture that at the moment he didn't care much to hear. King Vegeta stood alongside the table with Kakarot's father behind him, both with their arms crossed across their chests as the watched him brood in his seat.

"Kakarot your father and I just wanted to remind you that mating with a slave girl, a human nonetheless, is against Saiya-jin law." King Vegeta was concerned he didn't want someone ruling earth that was mated with an inferior species.

"Yes, my King. With all due respect may I please be left alone?" Kakarot's jaw clenched, his words escaping from between his teeth as his fists tightened in his lap.

The older men nodded in understand and King Vegeta turned to leave, Bardock following in tow as they headed off to handle council meetings for the afternoon.

Kakarot sank down in his seat, his head finally resting in his hand. He growled and slammed his other hand onto the marble table top causing the table to jump from the force. He really had to think about what had just happened this afternoon, he had to find it in him to forgive her.