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Saiya-jin Princess Chichi

Chichi had woken up early, leaving Kakarot to sleep in as she wandered off to see her father. She wanted his permission to leave to visit her house, not only because she felt she needed his approval, but so that he would be aware she was gone, if something did gone wrong, kami forbid, he would know.

She was going to visit her step father today, as upset as she had been with him, he deserved to know the truth from her, she owed that much to him. After all, he had raised her the best he could, and she knew she wasn't an easy child to handle. Maybe he hadn't understood her, but he had tried for her mother's sake. More importantly she had break off this horrid engagement that he had set up for her. As much as would have been happy disappearing from Yamcha's life forever without so much as a word, her step father needed to understand.

Peeking her head into the Council room she looked around for her father, she didn't want to interrupt any important meetings if she could help it. She may have been a daddy's girl, but interfering in royal business wasn't something she wanted to do. Her father sat at the head of table, his arms crossed over his chest as he and Bardock talked, seeing no one else in the room, she took it as a cue to enter.

Bardock looked up from the documents spread in front of him and to the young woman, his eyebrows furrowed as she approached the table brazenly. Wasn't this the little human female who had been stirring up trouble with her son a few nights ago? He went to open his mouth to address her, the King raised his hand, silencing him before the words could form on his tongue.

"My little Princess, is everything alright?" He stood from his place at the head of the table, resting his hands on the cold marble of the tabletop.

Bardock blinked in confusion, he had heard The King correctly, but felt he must have missed something, The Princess had been gone for 14 years now. His eyes followed her face as she approached her father, stopping to stand beside his much larger and taller figure.

"Da…" It felt strange, but the word didn't roll out of her mouth as easily as she would have liked it to.
"Daddy? I have a request to make." She fiddled with the edge of her tank top nervously.

"Yes princess? Anything you need."

"I, I need to go visit my stepfather. I have to break my engagement. And gather my things." Chichi looked down at the floor, unsure if he would acquiesce to her request.

"We could just send someone in your place if you would like." He reached up to stroke her hair, he couldn't help but feel that she was afraid to ask him for this, he never wanted his daughter to fear him, now that she was home, he would give her whatever she wanted.

"No, I need to go myself. I may not like the man, but I do owe that much to him. Besides, there are some sentimental things I have stashed in that house, it's something only I can do." She smiled up at him warmly, she knew he wanted to protect her, but she never liked letting people fight her battles for her. This was her responsibility.

"I'm sending Bardock's girls to accompany you, you're not going alone, that I will not allow." His voice became stern and his jaw tightened, he wasn't comfortable with her going back out there. It wasn't like she would be in any real danger, but he wasn't going to risk her safety after just reuniting with her.

"Father, please, stop. I'll take Kakarot with me. There won't be any problems! I promise! I've lived here my whole life, I'm not in any danger. Besides you know Kakarot can protect me if need be."

"Fine, but if you aren't back before dark, I will send the girls out after you." The King responded gruffly, he fought to keep the scowl off his face, he wasn't thrilled about this, but it was what she wanted.

Bardock listened as his children were assigned to protect this young girl, although from the sound of the conversation he had put all the pieces together, he was just missing the fine-tuned details of the story unfolding before him.

"Thank you so much! I promise I'll be back on time and in one piece!" Chichi giggled and threw her arms around her father's neck, catching him off guard, her hugged her in return and patted her back lightly. She turned and ran back out the door, leaving her Father standing there watching his only daughter bound off in excitement.

The King sat back into his chair, his elbow propped up on the arm of the chair. He rubbed his forehead for a moment, shaking his head at his conversation.

"Sir?" Bardock looked at him over the table, leaning back in his seat as he tried to read his expression.

"I suppose I should explain. The princess has returned. Her mother took her to this planet when she was a child, apparently she didn't want our daughter being a warrior. Akiko passed away only a few years back and wanted our daughter to return to us."

"I suppose I should inform Turlis, their bonding can move forward."

The King put his hand up again, stopping the rest of that thought. "No, that's not necessary. Your son obviously neglected to tell you. She has chosen Kakarot as her mate, I was given no say in the matter. It was the only condition she had for returning to the family."

King Vegeta could feel the mounting headache, he reached out grabbing the cup before him and downed the wine that filled it. Having a daughter came with a different set of worries, ones that he never had with his sons.

"Sir, am I the last person to know anything around here?"

"No, that would be her brother." He smiled at his second in command, chuckling lightly. His son was really the only one who was clueless, he wondered when Vegeta would realize that she looked like his mother.

Chichi made her way back to the chamber she had shared with Bulma upon their arrival, she still had a backpack stuffed with clothing from when they were taken. She stretched her back, feeling strangely uncomfortable today, her pants felt like they were too tight, constricting her in all the wrong places. Brushing off the sensation she proceeded.

Chichi slipped into the dark windowless room, fumbling her fingers across the wall searching for the light switch. It clicked under her fingers as the light flashed on flooding the dim room. She scrunched her nose up at the stale smell of the room, thank Kami she didn't have to sleep in here anymore.

She snatched her backpack out of the chest sitting at the foot of her bed and dumped its contents out. There was a pair of baggy kik wear pants, she continued to riffle through the pile and pulled another pair out, she knew there was guy's pants in here! It was one of her favorite pairs, they were way too large on her, but they were perfect for relaxing around the house, so what if she had to wear a belt to get them to stay on her.

"Damn it all where is my favorite shirt?" She rummaged through the balled up t-shirts until she found what she was looking for. It was a tight black V-neck shirt that showed her form off perfectly. She snatched it all up, shoving the clothing into her backpack, not bothering to take the time to fold it. Glancing over the gloomy room she flipped the light back off and headed toward Kakarot's.

Chichi pushed the door open to his quarters, glancing around the living room briefly, there was silence. This was strange, maybe he had left to go train. She walked in to the bedroom and dropped her bag onto the carpet with a soft thud, Kakarot sat up from his spot on the bed, still clad only in his boxers. Surprising her momentarily.

"Dad gave me permission to go by my old house, and he's fine with it as long as you come with me, is that ok?"

"Did you really think I was going to let you make this trip alone?"

"Well no, I guess not. Here Ka-chan change into these." She tossed the large pair of pants and a black t-shirt onto the bed beside him

She laid her clothing out on the bed as well before taking off the training pants and tank top she had been running around in all morning. She dropped the weighted pants to the floor along with her t-shirt, suddenly feeling less restricted and more comfortable than she had so far today. She ran her hands down her lower back over her sore muscles, her hands paused at her panty line, meeting in the center of her back. Her hand paused on something fuzzy, something that hadn't been there previously. She cautiously turned and looked over her shoulder before letting out a shriek.

"Ahhh! What the hell!? I've got tail!"

Kakarot chuckled at her surprise, "Yes Chi, all Saiya-jins have them!" She shot him a look at his sarcastic remark that told him to shut up fast.

"I know that baka, but Mom removed mine when I was younger...She told me there were only a few ways that one's tail could ever grow back." She let out a laugh of defeat, now was not the time for her to be trying to figure that out, there was always later for that.

"Ka-chan, do you have scissors?" He paused at her question, thinking for a moment before shaking his head no.

"I have a knife, if that'll do." He said nonchalantly.

Chichi shrugged her shoulders and nodded her head at him, it would have to do for now. She carefully shoved the small blade through the fabric cutting a hole in the back of her pants where her tail would fit comfortably out. It was like she was already accustomed to it.

"When I was a girl I had to do this to all my training suits for my tail." She slipped her jeans up around her waist, her tail snaking out of the makeshift hole, she buttoned them and wiggled about in them, the sensation of the fabric against the fur of her tail annoying her.

Kakarot pulled his jeans up, finding that they fell just above where his tail stuck out of the standard hole in his boxers. He scowled and reached behind him, tearing a spot for his tail out of the fabric with his fingers, that was much better. Kakarot picked up the shirt she had given him to wear, inspecting it for a moment and pulled it over his head.

Chichi watched him muscles rippling under his skin as he reached his arms over his head to get dressed, she nipped at her lip, smiling at his perfectly well toned body. She finally pulled her tight black shirt over her head before she reached behind her and let her hair down from the ponytail she had neatly tied back.

"Here goes nothing I guess, let's get this over with."

Kakarot flew behind Chichi, following her closely as they headed toward her mother's home in the woods. Her mother had chosen it when she was a child, she had loved it, the tiny place tucked amongst the trees, far enough from the city, yet still close enough if a trip was needed. Chichi loved it too, it was a cozy place filled with years of memories for she and her mother. She was sad that she would be leaving that behind, but she was ready to move forward with her life. A new chapter had started.

They landed in front of the house, their feet padding softly into the grass of the yard. Chichi turned to Kakarot and let out a nervous breath.

"Just keep cool about this. I can handle it." She told him, more so reassuring herself rather than him.

She turned and walked to the front door, unlocking it with the spare key hidden above the doorway, she entered the house slowly. Two people turned to meet her... the one person she wanted to avoid more than anything, and her stepfather. They sat at the table together watching her carefully.

"Chichi, we were just working on the wedding plans for next week." Chichi smiled weakly at her stepfather.

"Yamcha, Ox-King, I came to speak to you, it's an important matter." She stepped forward confidently, Kakarot following her closely, his drive to protect her kicking in.

"Father I am not marrying Yamcha." She calmly stated looking him in the eyes. There, she had said it!

"What! What did they do to you, brainwash you!?" His deep voiced boomed through the small house, making her wince.

"Don't be so rude in front of the man I love!" She snapped back at him, her voice escalating with her anger.

Kakarot moved to stand beside her, she looked up at him finding comfort in his eyes, she raised her hand and gently rubbed his cheek, clearing any doubt away from Yamcha's mind in regards to whom she spoke of.

Her tail waved fluidly behind her back, lashing back and forth automatically. It finally drew the attention of her stepfather, his eyes followed the furred appendage as it moved.

"Chichi! What is that?!" He looked her over, a repulsed look obvious on his face.

Chichi sighed in frustration, "Don't you remember me having my tail as a child. I am a Saiya-jin just as my mother was, and so is Kakarot!"

"I'm sorry Yamcha-kun I can't be with you, it was never meant to happen." Ox-Kings face turned bright red as she dashed his plans to bits.

"I'm mated with him, that can't be broken." She smiled a genuine smile, a small laugh escaping from her lips.

"Your mother wouldn't like this one bit!" He was just fuming at the fact that she never listened to a word he said, not when she was a child, not after her mother died, and clearly not now.

She knew that he was wrong, she knew had nothing to prove to him. She had followed her mother's orders and then some. Her mother wouldn't be mad at her for choosing love over family responsibility, he wasn't her family, he had tried to be, but he simply wasn't.

"Mother still loved my father, up until the day she died, she regretted leaving home! I'm not saying she didn't love you, she did. But she loved him with all her heart until she took her last breath." She resisted the urge to stick her tongue out at him like a spoiled three year old brat.

Chichi slipped her tail around Kakarot's tail squeezing hard,

"Chi stop it...please." He whispered softly in her ear trying to avoid her father hearing his comment.

"Sorry, I just couldn't resist." She whispered back but it was just loud enough for her stepfather to hear, causing him to grimace in disappointment.

Yamcha sat there with a look of disbelief, after all the effort he had put into her he had just been rejected by Chichi.

"You turned me down for a monkey?" Yamcha half yelled incredulously.

She turned her head to him slowly, a low growling noise escaped her throat, her top lip quivering as it raised showing her sharp canines. Her face flushed in anger, her fists balling tightly at her sides.

"Watch it weakling, don't insult my mate and my people. I won't spare your life if you keep pushing."

Her tail fluffed up before wrapping around her own waist instinctually, her body preparing to fight. The tip of her tail flickered back and forth in agitation from its position around her waist. Kakarot's tail followed hers, slipping around protectively, she needed to calm herself down, no one here was a threat, a nuisance yes, a threat no.

"I think we should be leaving, Kakarot and I will gather my things and I'm going back to the palace... for good, Yamcha you disgust me, just stay away from us, and there won't be any problems for you." Chichi abruptly stormed through the room past the two shocked and enraged men sitting at the table, running up the stairs with Kakarot to her bedroom.

Chichi was glad that Bulma had taught her how to capsulize things. She packed everything neatly together before compacting them and placing them inside the carry case that she had been given as a birthday gift. She checked through the drawers and the closet, ensuring that she had everything could possibly need from her room, clothing, shoes, and other necessities. There was only a few final things that she had no intention of leaving behind. She reached under the bed, pulling out a wood chest, flipping open the latch her eyes fell upon two of the most important things in the house. Inside sat a thick photo album, bursting at the seams, photos wedged in where there was no room left, a picture of she and her mother adhered to the front. The other item was strange to Kakarot as she picked it up, rolling it around in her hand, the light shined through the small orange ball, 4 stars floating in its center. It brought a smile to her face, she wasn't leaving this behind when she knew where the other 6 were located already.

Chichi leaned over kissing Kakarot on the lips, this was it, this was all she needed in order to start over fresh, there was only one thing left in this house for her, but she would need to retrieve that from her stepfather much to her dismay. They stood from her floor together and headed toward the stairs, her freedom only minutes away now.

"I want my mother's necklace, it's rightfully mine."

Ox-King hesitated for a minute thinking, keeping this from her was the only he could think of that would keep her from leaving forever, he glanced at Kakarot and answered promptly when he saw the look he was giving him.

"No, she was my wife, I won't give it to you." He stared her straight in the eyes as he refused her request.

Chichi could feel her temper boiling in her stomach, the only thing you didn't stand between, was she and her mothers memory, this wasn't his to keep from her. Kakarot hooked his fingers into the back of her pants tugging slightly to warn her not to go at him. The look of anger slowly seeped off her face as she regained her control.

"There's a picture of my father inside that locket, do you really want to spend the rest of your life looking at his face? Knowing that she bared his children and shared his bed?" She sneered at him, a look of disbelief on her face. Who would want that reminder every day.

Ox-King relented and fetched it from its place in the drawer on the china cabinet, she was right, he didn't want to see his face. He had already had a daily reminder that she laid with another before him. Chichi served as that reminder every day of his life with Akiko. He dropped the bulky locket into her hand, the crest of the Vegeta family landing face up as she looked down at the shining silver of the necklace.

Chichi secured her purse around her body, making sure that the album and dragonball were safely zipped into the interior pockets, she tucked the locket into a smaller zipped pocket, making sure that it would arrive safely back at home with her.

"It didn't have to go this way, I would have stayed in your life if you weren't forcing me into marriage, but you thought you knew what was best for me, you didn't. I'm sorry for this." Chichi shook her head at her stepfather, she didn't hate him, but he wasn't someone she needed in her life.

She spun on heel and headed out the door letting Kakarot slam it shut behind them. She smiled at him over her shoulder as she bounced away from the house, it shrank away from their sights as she moved toward the road. 'God she is gorgeous, too bad those jeans hide her figure.' He couldn't help but think as his eyes followed her backside.

They flew home, the mood much lighter than it had been on the trip there, they playfully shoved one another, staying high above the towns below. The couple landed outside the palace and approached the gate, Kakarot ringing the bell, signaling the guard that someone was there.

"What's your business here?" The guard shouted out to them as he approached the wrought iron gate.

"It's Lord Kakarot, I had to run an errand to a chikyu-jin village." The guard opened gate as the couple stepped in. Chichi had never really seen the palace from the outside and she had to admit it was site to behold. It was a tall stone building with ivy growing up the sides, of course that was only a small part of it and there weren't even words on how to describe the palace. They had obviously taken over one of the palaces when they came to earth, having their architects modify and build extra as they needed. 'And to think I live here!' She smiled inwardly as they passed the guard tower into the security of the high walls surrounding the place.

"Lord Kakarot, who have you got with you, a chikyu-jin slut?" The guard laughed heartily.

It was fair guess for him to make. During his watch he always saw the Saiya-jin men returning with women as their new pleasure slaves, taking them in either to keep, or to use for the night before sending them on their way.

"No she is a Saiya-jin, she is my mate." Kakarot stopped and slipped an arm around Chichi's waist, his other hand going up behind his head as he laughed when the guard asked him the next question.

"What about Releela?"

"She isn't a problem for me anymore, that whole mating things was solved so to speak." Kakarot couldn't help but smile about it, he didn't have to deal with her anymore, and he ended up getting the woman he wanted, this had all worked out nicely.

Chichi lovingly cuddled her head to his shoulder, she found it adorable when he claimed his possession of her.

"Pretty thing she is, I wouldn't mind having her." Chichi gave a look at the guard for that comment, her lips curling in disgust, she didn't consider it a compliment, these men were all just hormone driven animals.

"Don't even think about it." She shot back, a snotty tone laced into her sweet voice. Their tails wrapped around each other protectively. The couple turned and walked toward the palace, Chichi taking her time to stroll through the extensively beautiful gardens that adorned the grounds.

Chichi was pushed through the door and into Kakarot's quarters. He stalked toward her as she stumbled backward through the living room and into his bedroom, she giggled knowing he was holding back on her. Kakarot shut the doors behind them, lunging forward at her, he roughly pulled her against his body, leaning Chichi back on to the bed, her body trapped underneath his weight, one arm propping him up as to not hurt her. He nuzzled his face into her hair playfully, his free hand winding it's way into her dark tresses, forcing her lips onto his. He overtook her mouth, his tongue forcing it's way past her lips to move against hers. He let her out of the kiss and hovered over her body. Chichi picked her head up off the bed and pressed her forehead against Kakarot's, she smiled at him slightly, her lips parted as her tongue darted out, licking his saliva off her lips.

"Ka-chan there's just something about you, you do things to me, make me feel ways no one has ever before."

He rubbed their noses together as they laid there quietly, his body pressed firmly between her shapely legs.

"You just want me for my body." He said jokingly,

"Since that's the case what do you think of Turlis?" he grinned down at her, knowing her distaste for his nearly identical brother.

"There is something about him that I don't like, He is so different than you. You may look the same. But just by looking at you, I know who is who." He lowered his face and buried himself against her neck inhaling her sweet scent, his scent was mixed in with hers, it had changed since he marked her, it was different, heavier, she was clearly his.

"Oh is that all?" He whispered in her ear. Chichi smiled as she felt his warm breath against her earlobe.

"No, the way that you are so gentle when you need to be, you're the image of perfection, built like a wall, but oh so much better to hug." She said coyly, She took a moment to bury her hands in his course hair.

"It's the way that you touch me, and your scent..." Chichi moaned and took in a deep breath as his tongue pulled her earlobe between his teeth

"It's just intoxicating." She licked her lips, gasping lightly as he teased her.

He moved to face her again before leaning in and kissing her again, with her hands grasping his arms as his hands squeezed her hips pulling them closer to his. They scooted farther onto the bed and laid there in each other's arms just enjoying the warmth flowing between their heated bodies. She loved the way he teased, the little moments driving her insane throughout the day as he built her up.

Chichi sighed contentedly, comfortable being pressed between his body and the plush bed, his weight feeling just right on top of her. It wasn't a feeling of being trapped, it was complete safety with him. A knock echoed through the bedroom, the fist pounding against the door disturbing their moment of peace.

Kakarot grumbled and rolled off her, now sitting beside her he adjusted himself in his pants, their alone time was going to have to wait.

"What?" He snapped out as the door swung open.

Nappa stood in the doorway, his massive shoulders almost filling it, blocking their view into the other room beyond him.

"Lord Kakarot, King Vegeta wishes to see you and your woman."

It seemed almost as if Chichi's father had eyes everywhere, people watching them, they felt like they were being babysat. Every time she and Kakarot would get comfortable or intimate, someone would barge in, urgently needing their attention. It was definitely beginning to feel deliberate. Either he was getting paranoid, or he just needed some time alone to have his way with her and the universe was conspiring to stop that.

"Tell him we will be right with him." Nappa left them to get ready, and make themselves presentable.

"You know Daddy doesn't like the idea of us being together. You know that Ka-chan, don't you?" She dug through his drawers for something casual to slip on, she pulled out a sweatshirt. Slipping it over her head, she made sure that she covered the shirt that she was wearing. Chichi knew that her father wouldn't approve, it was tight and showed too much cleavage it would be 'inappropriate for a PROPER LADY her age.' Any father would feel the same.

Chichi grabbed his hand, interlocking their fingers together. Hand in hand they headed out the door and down the hallway to the King's throne room, wondering what news or demand he had for the young new lovers.