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This one is about Mireille wondering about her role in Althenas little "game". Why did she choose three plants instead of two, when only two ones can be the true Noir?

Just before Mireille arrives at the manor, while she's driving her car.

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Why was I one of the chosen ones?

I've always believed in myself. Me, Mireille Bouquet. But who am I really? I don't know. I knew it once. But this is long ago.

I guess I forgot myself after my parents died.

It was a deep depression. Shocking. I've been ten years old… yet so small, still believing in god and heaven.

And now?

I do not believe in anything. Just maybe in… destiny. But I'm not sure. Not really.


I know you feel guilty. But I forgave you. Yes. But what am I going to do? Save you, or kill you…? I wish I knew.

Somehow, I came to like you. I tried to hide it, yes. Because I didn't know, and I am still not sure, if this is right. I had to keep a distance between us. Yet, my sense told me to do so. I want to apologize to you. For everything I have and haven't done. I know I – we – made lots of mistakes. I know I shouldn't have sent you away just because I felt misunderstood and sad, this was wrong, it wasn't your fault, everything that happened wasn't your fault.

Of course I've been hurt when Chloé told me it was you who killed my family. But I shouldn't have sent you away.

I want you to be with me. I miss you, Kirika. I miss you so much… Please, come back to me, no matter what prize I have to pay, no matter if I am hurt, come back. I want you to live on, to live happily, no matter what else might happen.

I don't care for the past, I only care for now, and right now, I wish you were here.

I remember the letter you wrote me. You said that you might never be able to see me again. That you wanted to thank me. I really wonder for what. The only thing I did was ignoring you and your pain, only caring for myself, hurting you, making you sad… do you really want to thank me?

I do not deserve it.

But still… I hope you'll chose me instead of Chloé.

Either you choose me or you kill me. There's no other selution I want to have. If you don't choose me, then please kill me. I don't want to live without you, not anymore.

You came into my live when I didn't expect it and didn't want it. But now that you're here, I don't want to lose you.


I don't know this woman, but I want her to feel my wrath. She is the cause of all of this. I want her to go through hell and feel the pain we feel.

But I don't want to think about Althena.

I should make my decision. Kill you or save you, Kirika…

Maybe I should have killed you at the graveyard. Maybe. But I couldn't. I didn't want to. I don't want to kill you. I know I promised it, but I can't. I'm sorry I cannot fullfill our promise, but… I could never do this.

I have to hurry.

It's going to be morning. Hope I'm not too late…

The letter.

You wrote me a letter… about how you feel. I cried when I read it. Yes, I cried. Because I miss you. I wondered why you had left me… And then I got to know that it was my own fault. Wasn't it me who sent you away? I felt sorry, I did not want this. Now, I hate myself for that. Now I have to get you out of the hellfire, out of darkness, back to me.

Why did Althena choose me to become the true Noir?

She had got Chloé and you, why did I have to be blessed also? I don't understand. My parents would still be alive. I wouldn't have suffered. I would not be here right now, on the way to that damned manor.

I'll be there soon.

Please Kirika, choose me.

I don't know why there are three candidates, but I beg you, choose me.