Greetings readers,

First and foremost, The Wheel of time Series and all characters therein is the property of Robert Jordan, this is for fun not profit. This Fic contains lord knows how many spoilers up to book 11, Knife of Dreams, you've been warned.

Still with me? Good.

It's been a deathly long time since I've written a new fic, let alone post one, with my decision to re-write my older NGE fic, it has been pushed back further again, but I felt I needed to do something different to make sure my brain didn't implode.

This little fic will be the first in the series of fics which were Bourne of me sitting with a few friends asking the question, "Wouldn't it be funny if..." in the Wheel of Time world; and so is born these tales. This particular Story was conceived when I remembered Perrins' threat to send Faile to Mistress Luhhan for lessons on how to behave as a good wife should. This is where he carries out this threat, along with Rand and Mat too.

This is a side story in a semi-alternate-reality, because there's no real time for this to happen without causing the current plot to spontaneously combust, so take it as it is.

I ask you to be kind in your reviews, and all constructive criticism is welcome.

To quote the immortal words of Rick James:

Enjoy yourself.

It's a Celebration Bitches.