BY: BrokenAngel1753

DISCLAMERS: I only own a few things:

1. The plot

2. Nerissa Wilson

3. Henderson's first name (because I don't even know if he has one!) Jacob or Jake.

SUMMARY: The beginning of my character's story. Basically before The Mummy and during… well mostly the movie. Just please read it is AU!

Prologue: A Quick Introduction

It was just normal for me to visit another country. My mother was half British and half American, as for my father he was American. My mother was visiting her friends in England often. Out of all her friends my favorites were the Carnahan's. They had two children close to my age Jonathan and Evelyn. Evy was always reading about Egypt and Jonathan was always getting into trouble. Between the two of us we caused the most trouble. Once me and Jon had believe it or not broke the staircase's banister…I swear I didn't mean to it just happened. Our mothers were furious but our fathers found it hysterical that we managed to do that. You see we were sliding down them when Jon hopped on behind me resulting in too much weight. Don't get me wrong it was fun even funny cause we didn't get hurt but since then I was never allowed near banisters! Anyway here is my story. Not the point of view you always hear about but it's still worth the time to listen to. I swear to you or my name is not Nerissa Antoinette Wilson.

Well what did you think? This was my FIRST Mummy fanfic! I hope you'll be kind and review! I am working on Chapter two, right now. Here is a sample:

"Why are you in the French Foreign Legion? You kill a guy?" Nerissa laughed before answering. "Nah…just looking for a little excitement. And figured why not try something new? What about you two?"