Title: Deltora's Sins

Summary: The seven tribes of Deltora, all brought down by a sin. Set of seven drabbles.

Disclaimer: I don't own Deltora, nor those who walk its lands, fly its skies, or swim in its seas and river.

Notes: as you guessed there will be seven chapters, each a drabble.

Chapter: green are the wilds

Words: 103

Even as a child Thaegan had wanted things she could not have. Her mother led a simple life but Thaegan wanted power.

She found a way to power by use of dark arts, yet there were some things she could never have.

She could not have Ethena's happiness, so she cursed her with tears.

She could not have the D'Ors beauty, so she turned them to monsters and worms, and their town to a land of waist.

She could not have the Ralads gift of tongues, so she cursed them to silence.

Thus the land of the ruby fell to the sorceress's envy.

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