Title: Deltora's Sins

Summary: See first chapter.

Disclaimer: Same as the summary.

Notes: Finis

Words: 106

Adin knew that the Shadow Lord had been defeated not destroyed. That to his anger and envy a thousand years is like the blink of an eye.

When the Ak-Baba tore apart the Belt of Deltora, and the king Endon fled, the Grey Guards spread though the land. Destroying and tormenting as they went.

When they came to the territory of the diamond, the Jasil fought tooth and nail for their land. The Shadow Lords anger towards them was so great that he did not spare a single one. If they were not killed they were enslaved.

Thus the Jalis fell to the Shadow Lord's wrath

I hope you enjoyed this, I can't say all of it has been a pleasure to write, but I am glad to see it finished.