Hey, guys, me again. Um, this is written for a LJ community, 50rings... and it's rather cute, so I thought I'd post it up. Short little drabble, 'tis all.

I own nothing.

When will Yuri learn that all woman do not find his rough hands up their skirts nearly as "romantic" as he did. Thoughts angrily rushed through Alice's head as her black boots stomped towards the forest. Brown mud and dirt had dried on the young woman's once very shiney, clean boots.

Soon, she led herself to a small clearing. There was only bits of sunlight shining through the trees as the sun was beginning to set. The reddish-orange colour of the sun, tinted all things within the forest, espeically Alice's shiney silver hair. With a small huff, she plopped onto the ground. The white lace and frills of her petticoat dirtying slightly on the forest floor. Bringing her trusty bible close to her chest, she began to mumble aloud. When nobody was around, it seemed less crazy to talk to herself.

"Who does he think he is...?" Her normally soft and sweet English accent was broken into an angry, hardly coherant mumble. Her mouth then snapped shut and she remained her thoughts within her head.

He was always so foul. Always touching, grabbing, and making crude comments. His language alone made her stomache turn. The cursing, the made up words, the mispronunication of actual words! His hands were never to himself. His mind always in the gutter. It truely was times like these where she had to wonder why she loved hi-...

Wait a minute... Love? Did she just think love? Love Yuri? Her silvery head shook a little. No, there was no way she could love him.

Yuri was like a puppy. Always rolling in a dirt, nevering thinking, hates bathes, always barking... Yes! Yuri was a puppy! A dirty, loud, scruffy, adorable little puppy. Wait-... adorable? Ugh, she felt sick again.

Okay, so Yuri would be a good looking guy, if he would bathe. In a way, he could be charming, if he'd keep his comments to himself. He had beautiful eyes, she truely had to admit. The crimson shine of them was a little frightening at first. But, once you looked past the demonic glow, you could see the young boy he once was. The boy who just needed to be loved and-..

What was she saying? This was Yuri The man who saved her life, then groped at her! He was not to be looked at in a good light... Yet, she couldn't help it. There was an odd something attracted her to him and there was no stopping it.

"This is different..." She said quietly through baby pink, parted lips. "But, it's to be expected..." A tiny giggled escaped her lips. "Who doesn't love puppies?"