Lost Potter

Warning: Spoilers for Half Blood Prince and OTP.

Most HBP spoilers are later in the story. The Big OTP spoiler is right in the beginning.

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Character Bashing: Nothing really for the BTVS characters. Dumbeldore may seem OOC. But it's my impression of him from the books. You don't get as powerful as he is without being a lot more than a kindly old school master. If you don't relish the idea of my exploring his more ruthless side, this fic is not for you. All flames regarding him will be cheerfully ignored. (Because I did warn you up front.)

Timeline: Timeline: After Spike and Angel go looking for Buffy and find her with the Immortal. The HP stuff is set right at the end of OTP and picks up from there, and quickly goes fairly AU. (But what X over doesn't?)

Story Setting: The BTVS and HP universes are separate. So Giles or others will not be ex Hogwarts students. Popular fiction does not exist for each universe so the BTVS group wouldn't know who Harry was. And vice versa.

Story Opens: The Dursley's are enroute to pick Harry up from the train station as he completed his fifth year. (OTP)

Lost Potter



"I can't believe we have to pick that God forsaken boy up from the train station yet again. It's bad enough that he will live with us. But this just adds insult to injury, having to go get him. Those blasted people can pick him up all the time. But we have to go get him." Vernon complained as he was driving his sensible and only semi pretentious car to pick up Harry.

Petunia nodded her head in agreement as she sat in the front seat with her husband.. "This is the end of his fifth year. We will only have to pick him up one more time, as he completes his sixth year. Once we get him out of the house for his seventh year he'll never come back. We'll be free of his freakish friends and their even more freakish ways."

Duddley was bouncing up and down in the back seat. (Which pleased Petunia to no end. It was the most exercise he'd gotten in weeks.) "Maybe if we're really lucky those freaks that want to kill him will take care of the little freak for us."

Vernon mumbled to himself. "We can only hope to get that lucky."

Petunia sounded outraged. "Duddley Dursley! What a thing to say about your own cousin. I may not like having him in our house. But there's no excuse for saying anything like that. You've been brought up to be a perfect gentleman and regardless of how you feel you should never say anything of the sort."

Duddley felt that his mothers objections were entirely for proprieties sake, since he couldn't even see his mother caring for the little orphan at all. Anyway he'd heard his father mumble something, and was sure he agreed with his statement, even though he wouldn't say it to his mothers face.

Vernon wanted to distract Petunia before she could work up and good head of steam. She was a devil about the proprieties regardless of how she felt. She might even send Duddykins to bed without desert, which might mean he wouldn't get some either. "Blasted traffic. It's getting so a nice respectable family can't get through to were your going anymore. It's taking forever to get to the station. If we have to go get the boy. I'd just as soon not have to deal with all of these bloody idiot drivers, and numbskull traffic coordinators. We've been caught by every traffic light since we left the house to get that blasted boy." Vernon fumed, almost forgetting that he'd started in on the traffic as a distraction in the first place.

Duddley shouted out. "That lights about to change on us to!" Duddley was trying to get his drivers license and had become an excellent backseat driver in his own opinion.

Normally Vernon wouldn't pay any attention to Duddleys suggestions. But he'd gotten so frustrated with Harry coming back. The god awful traffic conditions that he went against his better judgment and floored the accelerator. "Oh no it won't." Vernon said with a grimace on his face. He didn't even get to the intersection before the light finished changing as he raced through the red light.

Vernon didn't see the double decker bus until it was to late.


AN1: Generally I don't like retreads of yet another BTVS lost relative. Most of the time they aren't written very well or even ignore their own premise when set in particular universes. But after reading a fairly decent lost relative story, I decided to pick away at this since I wanted the kind of Lost Potter relative story that wouldn't be (hopefully) yet another retread of a tired premise.

AN2: Don't expect much work on the Lost Potter until I have Countdown to Judgment Day finished. But I do have a few chapters done (along with an outline for the rest) since it was a pair of plot bunnies that started multiplying, until I took 'care' of them.

AN3: Eventually besides the Lost Potter, (No hints as to who it is.) There will be at least one other Scooby involved heavily. According to the outline it will be at least a wait of until chapter 15 until the non Lost Potter gets heavily involved. So there's time to make suggestions/votes on the extra character.