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Lost Potter

Chapter Twenty

Grim Place


-HP Universe-

It was a dark and stormy night, (AN1) when the glowing gateway erupted in the sky above Stonehenge, with three figures riding what looked to be broomsticks and another sitting in a chair encased in a bubble that the rain was sheeting off of.

"Headmaster we can't make it to Headquarters by broom in this storm. We have to go to Hogwarts." Snape bellowed to be heard above the thunder, which was starting to revive Buffy even with the persistent effects of the vapors Dumbledore had cast into her prison.

"Moody keep her chair airborne but drop the sphere. I'll use slide along Apparition to take her to Headquarters." As soon as the rain started hitting Buffy she had snapped to almost full consciousness from the blast of rain and storm force winds.

Huh? What the hell is going on? Buffy hadn't looked down until this moment. "Holy shit! Get me down from here!" Buffy screamed after drunkenly looking over the chairs arm. At that moment Dumbledore took Buffy along with him as he Apparated to Headquarters. The stomach turning sensation was too much when combined with everything else and Buffy had passed out again.

-Inside #12 Grimmauld Place-

This will require finesse. Any sort of brute force approach such as using Imperio won't work over the prolonged time I will need her compliant. I can't take to much time either she's incredibly strong willed with all the problems that entails. I had better cast my diagnostic and covering spells quickly before she awakens. Dumbledore started casting he didn't have much time left at all.

-Ministry of Magic-
The aid approached the door and knocked respectfully. "Minister may I enter?"

"Come in Percy, do you have the report from our agent in Dumbledores little order?" Fudge was almost invisible buried behind all the parchments on his desk.

"We only have preliminary information; it will need to be confirmed by other sources before we can think of acting on it. Somehow Dumbledore claims to have located a Lost Potter relative. He went dimension traveling to secure Melody Potter's daughter, a Ms. Summers by report."

Fudge threw up his hands got up from the piles of parchment work on his desk and started pacing around. "What in Merlin's name is going through that senile fools mind, pulling somebody from another reality into this war? He's constantly thwarted every attempt I've made to gain control of the boy."

Percy saw that the Minister was in fine form tonight. This would probably take awhile.

-Buffy verse-

Dawn and Xander come crashing the doors leading into the emergency room, and run towards the admittance desk. "Rupert Giles was brought in with a heart attack, where is he?"

The admitting nurse had met the one eyed man a couple times when he brought some of his friends in for injuries. But she had never seen him look so frantic. I need to calm them down, or they will just get in the way. "Please calm down and take a deep breath. I won't be able to help you if you can't calm down. Just take a deep breath and hold it. That's right now exhale and take another deep breath hold it now exhale. See I bet your feeling calmer already. Now your friend came in with a heart attack right?"

Xander tried to project calm while inside he was a nervous wreck. "We think so. Things got kind of exciting at the meeting and he collapsed."

Well Margaret looks like you still got the touch. "Ok let me take a look. You said it was a Rupert Giles correct?" at their nods she had dismissed two other heart attacks that had come in earlier in the day, she put up a hand to forestall any outbursts. "It looks like I don't have much to go on, but in a way that's very good news. It means the doctors are busy taking care of him instead of passing on updates. I know that it seems bad from your perspective but it just means that they are busy and will get me the information as soon as they can."

Willow had heard Xanders voice and came around the corner from the waiting room ,trying to keep from breaking out in tears as she enveloped her childhood friend in a hug. "It's not good they had him in a room and moved him to emergency surgery. The nurse asked me to go back to the waiting room until they could tell us more. Nurse Ratchet said that I needed to fill out some paperwork." Willow turned her head to face Margaret.

"I have a few questions I need to ask before I can do much of anything. Are any of you related to Mr. Giles?"

Xander saw how much trouble Willow had holding on so he answered for the group. "Giles has no living relatives, Willow and I have paperwork filed here at the hospital; and can give consent for Giles as well as each other."

"It's hard waiting. But the doctors here are very good. The only Doctors I've ever seen that were any better stopped practicing many years ago when they got to old to hold a scalpel. He's in the best of care."

-Potter verse-
-#12 Grimmauld Place-

Dumbledore was feeling pleased with himself, as he mused over his newest acquisition quietly. "Those spells should reduce any complications that she will provide. She is a remarkable subject, with strength and reflexes presumably caused by the mystical energy pulsing through her body."

"Oh what hit me, my head feels almost as bad as when I found out about Giles and mom." Buffy moaned before she opened her eyes, and raised her hand to the side of her head, and looked around. "Man is this place morbid."

Dumbledore started speaking as he moved into Buffy's line of sight. "Greetings my dear, you have had a rough time of it crossing the dimensional boundaries but you should soon be as good as new. I do appreciate your agreeing to help with the situation regarding Harry" Dumbledores eyes twinkled like mad as he tried to induce the compulsion he had laid on the recalcitrant girl as she slept. He couldn't risk Legilimens until the spells he had cast had had a chance to settle into place. Otherwise he could undo all his work.

"Oh it's no problem, I'm happy to do it. I can't believe that I agreed to come here after... Buffy's thoughts trailed off. Hold on there, I didn't agree to help this old bastard. He's trying to trick me! Why did I even... I bet he's laid some sort of spell on me probably to get me to agree to what he wants without any complaining. I better play along until I get the lay of the land or Willow comes to get me. At which point I'm going to shove that wand of his so far up his ass that he'll be able to use it as a toothpick. "Everything is such a blur, dimensional travel and Buffy are non mixy things."

Dumbledore twinkled as he held out some candy. "What an interesting turn of phrase would you like a Lemon drop?"

Buffy pulled a face "Eew, no I haven't been able to look a lemon in the face since the lemonade went kerflewy when that little troll Snyder made me mix it for parent teachers night."

Dumbledore fumed on the inside. She should have taken a drop, it was one of the suggestions I gave her. Drat it must have been her innate dislike of lemons from some sort of silly muggle ritual that is complicating things. The minor charms on these drops would help make her more pliable. The charm making her feel protective of the boy had best hold or I will be most cross. If it comes down to it I will have to use the Imperius curse on her. "Very well, would you like to meet Harry now?"

Buffy thought quickly. I really don't won't to do anything this guys wants. But the kid is probably innocent; I better answer the old coot. "I guess so if you think it's would be a good idea. So when do I meet the little rug rat?"

"He's down stairs in the kitchen with some of my associates, if you would like to clean up first?"

Buffy started panicking. "My hair what does my hair look like? Where's my purse. I need a comb."

"I'm afraid during the transit you lost your purse. The lavatory there has some toiletries that we keep for an occasional guest. You should find what you'll need until we can procure more permanent arrangements."

Buffy huffed. "If you say so, but there better be a good brush that I can use. It'll just be a few minutes." Buffy called over her shoulder as she moved towards the indicated.

Dumbledore was pleased over all with the way things are working. Now that she is under control my plans will move ahead smoothly.

A scream that could be heard throughout the house erupted from the closed door.

"My HAIR!"

AN1: I simply had to use this, it's a classic and should be required in all fanfics. ;)

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