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Chapter 1: Piece of Cake

"Love is like chocolate!

You just can't get enough of it!"

"We've got another one!"

The deep bass of the oldest Titan rung throughout the main room of the team's tower, eager to assert the coming of the most recent addition of the array of cakes, pastries, and baked delicacies sent by the city, and not to mention, the fans of the teen heroes.

"What is it this time?" The resident glower child found herself mouthing the words her mind brewed up; the questions racing around in her head conjured since the arrival of the fourteenth cake three hours ago.

"A chocolate cake…And oh, wait, this one's got a card," Cyborg replied perkily, as if the devotion to the Teen Titans weren't symbolized by the rottenness of teeth…All the while walking to the breakfast counter, "From the Boy Wonder Fan Club…We love you, and you're like, totally hot…To Robin."

"You rang?" Instinctively enough, a voice surfaced from the end of the large semi-circle couch, just behind where Raven was. And to Cyborg, it was just plain amusing that Robin's head peered from where the dark girl was, as if his leader was there all along, reading from the sorceress' book with her.

Though the dark-skinned male was startled by Robin's little act of 'appearing out of thin air,' he wasn't all that surprised that Raven didn't even move a muscle…and she was the one the masked boy was trying to scare.

"Nah…your girlfriends sent another present…" Cyborg voiced, still fixing his eyes on the birds. Funny enough, they seem to be the ones who understand each other the most, yet they can seem aloof to each other sometimes.


"What are they trying to do? Fatten him up until he can't fit inside their oven?" Raven droned, never even bothering to look up from her latest novel being held by one hand, while the other was folded across the inside of her cloak – the book looked rather large and thick, but untitled…And the cybernetic teen guessed it was a classic from an antique store.

"Puh-leeze. I'm too hot for them to handle." Robin countered, walking his way towards the front of the couch, where Raven was, then pushed her book down so they could meet vis-à-vis.

"I stand corrected. Your head's too big to even fit in their oven."

"Jealous much?"

"Yes….green with envy that I don't get to be obese eating all the cakes and muffins ditzy bimbos sent just for me."

"Keep wishing, as if you're gonna eat all the food some perverted stalkers sent you."

And with that, Cyborg decided to just step out of the room, not like he would even live to see the victor of the supposed battle of wits. Those two are just too damn smart for their own good.

Of course, this did not go unnoticed, as the part-robot left trails of mutters apparently annoyed at their childish play, which caused both birds to go about their ways.

The Boy Wonder walked over to the breakfast nook, eager to count the cakes just sent for him. Hey, he needed something to tease Raven with, and the exact number of his thoughtful fan girls was enough to rub it in her face.

A jealous Raven was just as much of a turn-on than a Raven playing hard-to-get.

And he grinned, thinking of another idea.

A better idea.

The violet-haired vixen's fondness of chocolate would eventually bring her to her knees and the thought of a chocoholic plus the craving of a piece of cake from her supposed 'rivals' equals pure unadulterated taming of the one they call feisty.

Raven peered from the top of the yellow-paged book, expecting a full-force attack from Robin. He's been there long enough, standing his back towards her, and she was almost sure that he was practically cackling to himself while concocting another one of his Get-back-at-Raven pranks.

The enchantress was so deep in thought she almost jumped in her seat as weight plopped down on the couch beside her, only to find that it was the Boy Wonder himself.

"What are you smiling at?" She narrowed her eyes into slits, setting down the book on the arm rest, and then turned to face him, folding her arms across her chest.

"Oh nothing," the caped crusader chuckled lightly, holding up the box just high enough for her to see the half-eaten cake inside, "Just enjoying all the almonds, the fudge, and the chocolate."

He said the last word with so much emphasis that her eyes drifted down to the direction of the fork held by a green gauntlet. The frosted richness of brown sliding across crumbles of soft baked dough, brittle enough to fall into towers of delightful caramel lining the edges was mouthwatering enough for her lips to lick themselves to her own accord.

The masked boy leaned back casually, crossing his legs. "Hmmm…You know, for 'ditzy bimbos' they sure could bake pretty well." He stressed with his mouth full.

And his companion was too distracted to even retort with a witty remark.

He has right where he wants her, and he took this opportunity for another monologue.

"Never knew chocolate could taste so good…

"I feel sorry for anybody who didn't have the chance to eat this cake that I have all to myself…

"There's this saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach…"

Raven was back to her senses hearing the last line. She turned her eyes away from the temptation of creamy chocolate goodness, all the while replying nonchalantly "Yeah? You're not a man…"

"Why? Wanna see how much of a man I am?"

"I don't think I won't be seeing that much…"

"Other girls would kill to..."

"Playboy much?"

Robin leaned in closer…making sure to maintain eye contact with those amethyst orbs. "All is fair in love and war…"

Needless to say the thought of him actually giving in to the idea that girls more or less her age were throwing themselves at his feet, worshipping the ground he walks on was pushing her buttons.

And she kept on seeing to it that the excuse was that Robin was considering taking on the rock star sham of hitting on sluttish groupies, and not the fact that she didn't want to share…

"Share what?" Raven muttered the thought a little bit too loud for her friend to hear.

"Excuse me?"

"Why are you so intent finding love all of a sudden?"

"Why are you so intent on finding out?"


Deciding to change the subject to put the dark girl again in her place of craving the cursed cake from the Boy Wonder Fan Club, he pulled out a plate from his side of the couch, which he brought along with him as part of the plan.

"Because, my dear sweet Raven…" He murmured softly, audible enough for her to hear, gazing into her eyes.

"Love is like chocolate! You just can't get enough of it!"

She almost squealed when she deliberately shouted at her face like a madman, shoving in front of her half of the remaining piece on the plate. Raven considered skinning him alive, yet her features softened at the double meaning behind his words.

She smiled warmly, nodding a small "Thank You," while gently poking the cake with her fork.

"Hey…That's my piece! I must have given it to you by mistake!"

"You mean the bigger, chunkier, and creamier one?" She broke in short laughter, then standing up, she took a bite.

"No fair!"

"You're right…It wouldn't be fair for me to deprive myself of my slice. I don't think I should share…"

Her smirk was short-lived as a lump in the carpet caused her to trip. The half-demon's reflexes saved her from an embarrassing fall, but not the cake.

Robin's snickers filled her ears as she looked upon the remains of the cake surrounded by dust bunnies. She watched him walk towards her, bobbing his head in a cocky manner, wearing a bigger and cheesier grin than usual.

Then he decided to tease her by licking his fork, letting his tongue gather as much chocolate as he can, while making those noises enough to drive her insane with jealousy.

What he didn't see coming was her hand throwing off his plate, and now, he too was soon looking at the mess on the carpet…and at the smirk on her face.

Refusing to admit defeat, he reached onto the floor, grabbed a chunk of the fallen chocolate, and threw it at her face.

Immediately he burst in fits of laughter, too distracted to see a black tendril push his face down towards the mess.

And after a few hurls here and there, Raven's powers eventually reached over to the counter, where dozens of pastries sat innocently, and threw a barrage of pies over to her leader.

Having been hit, he ran over behind the nook and used it as a shield and fired his grappling hook towards her, the rope tying itself around the girl.

And he threw all what he can at her, and on his twelfth hit a dome covered itself around her, returning the food towards him.

As a spontaneous effect, Robin lunged towards her, tackling the enchantress to the ground. Raven, on the other hand, teasingly licked the side of his face in an attempt to divert his attention so she could flip him on his back.

He groaned, pleasure brought about by her tongue on his cheek, more so when he leaned lower enough for her to lick accidentally his earlobe. And the next thing he knew she was straddling his hips.

The violet-haired vixen looked around the room, at him, and then at herself. Now noticing the mess they made, she let go of his wrists, all the while brushing off icing and splotches of fruitcake on her cloak.

Raven looked down on Batman's former sidekick, wiping the glazing of cakes, pastries, and pudding with her now clean sleeve. "Still can't get enough of chocolate?" She managed to rasp out, and the lump in her throat suggested a sultry tone instead of her intended exhausted one.

"Just love…" Robin purred before pulling her down, pressing his lips hard against hers.


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