This isn't a new chapter as you can see, coz take note, the title's "Take 5," so...

Anyway, I just want to let my readers know that yes, indeed the hiatus is over, but classes here in the Philippines start at June 13,


sad to say, this month marks the end of summer.

But I intend to keep my promise of updating and posting new stories, and especially dedicating this to my favorite authors,

reviewers, and readers.

Updating soon:

Make the Fireflies Dance (chapters 2 and 3) - an AU story about our favorite Titans going to a school Halloween Party. RaeRob,

obviously, and just to recall, Rae went as a gypsy, Rob as Zorro/Robin, Star is "tickled pink," BB's a werewolf, Cy's a robot, and

Speedy as Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde...

Catch a Falling Star (chapter 2) - find out what happens after Richard says Raven's name while making his vows when he was

supposed to be marrying Kory...

Haunted by Desire (chapter 4 and 5) - sexual tension arises betweeen the two birds while they're getting closer to solving the

mystery of the Halloween murders, one of the ghosts make an appearance...

And some new fics too:

Night's Plutonian Shore - Prince Richard is on his way to the land of Tamaran to marry Princess Koriander to stop a war between

Azarath and Star's kingdom. A band of thieves, misfits, and outcasts led by Raven become his bodyguards...

Gemini's Dreaming - A sort of AU version of the season four arc. After his girlfriend's mysterious "suicide" Richard is forced to live

with a young woman calling herself Raven, who is apparently linked somehow to the prophecy, Richard's being the "chosen one,"

and Kory's death.

(Untitled) - also known as "Why RaeRob Has a Chance," it's a collection of one-shots that can give reasons, and also justice, to

the coupling of Raven and Robin.

Well, I'll try my best to not eat my words, but I assure you, I have all the intentions of fulfilling what I mentioned above.

And since "Take 5" was the first chaptered story I ever finished, this would serve as my motivation when I'm writing stories dedicated

to the following:





Mind Shadow


Cherry Jade


Queen Rae

a Raven's last song






...and others who have been supportive of me all the way...

I apologize in advance if the updates will be late, I don't have internet access at home, so I try my best to visit an Internet Cafe once

in a while, if I have the time and money...

Anyway, thanks so much for reading...

More power to RaeRob!

God Bless,