Staying Alive

Summary: Rachel the red ranger lives to protect the helpless. Rachel the assassin kills to stay alive. Two different worlds, same person. When the hero gone missing, the killer was summoned to her world by accident. What will she do? Why was she here? What joke was fate playing on her this time?

Chapter 2 – Gone

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Kendra gasped and covered her ears. Even as the roaring sound disappeared, the echo still lingered. A war cry from far away made her look up, and she felt tears in her eyes. Rae...

Suddenly, everything fell silent. And a blinding flash made her cover her eyes. Next came a thunderous roar that made her cover her ears tight again. It drowned out everything else and for a moment, she even forgot where she was.

And then there was silence.

"Rachel!" Was the first voice she heard. Slowly, she opened her eyes and gasped.

The army of foot soldiers were now piles of ashes, completely incinerated by the blast. She glanced around. The square was completely silent and empty except for them. It felt... hollow, somehow.

"Rachel! Rachel!" It took her a moment to realize why the voice sounded so strange. She watched, detached and distant, as Silver scrambled to where the Gate had been, kicking away fallen rocks and searching desperately. He called her by name...

Kendra felt faint. She was trembling.

Somewhere to her left, Erika fell on all fours with a thud. As if waking from a dream, Kendra rushed over to her. "Erika!" Her voice dry and shaky, "Ar-are you okay?"

Luc came from the other side, supporting the now demorphed Erika. She was panting and she looked pale. Kendra suddenly knew why they were not affected by the blast.

"Did you shield us just now?" Luc asked before she could, both of them helping her stand. The other girl nodded numbly, her eyes far away.

Kendra helped her brush away a stray strand of dark blond hair, her tears silently falling. She knew what the other girl must knew too – Erika, a sorceress, must have known, or at least have an idea of, the magnitude of that blast. It was part of the reason why she knew how to shield them and that took that much out of her. And her, the telepath, knew because she couldn't feel Rachel with her mind anymore. Not even the faint, muted presence she felt when she was sleeping or unconscious.

"Where is she?" Erika asked weakly, her eyes scanning the area.

Kendra followed her eyes, yet she only saw the now demorphed Ian and Silver fumbling through the detritus of their victory, looking for someone who she knew would never be the same again.

It had started raining. Not the loud, annoying kind of rain but a soothing, silent drizzle. Rachel loved this kind of rain. She couldn't help but smile even though she was getting soaked. She adjusted her cap and held out her palm, enjoying the gentle touch.

"I know you'd say I'm crazy again." she said, smiling fondly at the headstone. "Or being melodramatic." The graveyard was painfully silent, and suddenly she felt choked. "I..."

She took a deep breath and allowed a tear to drop. "I wish you knew how to enjoy life a little. The little things, ya know? The rain, the rainbow and – of course, the chocolates. That, I know you don't have a problem with."

She hesitated – she felt like sitting down, but her butt would get soaked that way. Then she remembered her bike up on the hill – it wasn't covered, so her butt would get wet anyway. With a shrug and a chuckle, she sat down and leaned sideways against the headstone, feeling as if it were five years ago, albeit the comforting presence was much harder and more squarish.

She didn't know how much time had passed, but the rain did stop when she was back to the present. With one last sigh, she stood up and dusted her bottom, grimacing at the dampness. She glared automatically at the headstone, as if it had been laughing at her.

"I'm blaming you for this, you know." she told the headstone and turned around to leave. But found out she wasn't ready to. She sighed, knowing she couldn't hide anything from her – even now that she's been dead for five years.

"Keith said I'm getting soft." she said, still with her back to the headstone. "But I know I'm not. Doing it doesn't bother me anymore, not that it ever did – you taught me the art of it. Did I ever tell you that?

"I just – remember, you know?" She finally turned back and faced the gentle and inviting friend, hugging herself in the cool air. "You know the way people can't sleep and count sheep at night? Yeah, yeah. I used to do that. Don't laugh." she waited, and thought she heard a stifled giggle. "But now... I don't know when it started but – I count them. Every single one of them."

She let out a hollow laugh. "Are you surprised I have a photographic memory now?"

The engravings were silent and understanding. Her face soften.

"Good bye, beautiful."

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