Frithian Dreams


A/N: The idea from this story came while I was reading Changing Planes by Ursula K. Le Guin (the Chapter entitled "Social Dreaming of the Frin"). It's a good should all read it.

"Damn," Katie jumped out of bed and ran over to Angelina, "Get up, it's happened again!"

Angelina jumped off the couch in the Gryffindor common room, waking up Alicia in the process.

"What's going on?" The groggy-eyed brunette asked.

"Katie had one of those Frithian dreams again." Angelina whispered, just in case someone was up at this God forsaken hour.

Alicia awoke instantaneously and grinned, "Whose dream was it this time?"

The younger girl rolled her eyes at her friend's ignorant remark, "I've told you countless times, it doesn't work like that. I just experience the dreams. I don't see who dreams them."

"Why don't you just ask people then?" Alicia inquired, her brain obviously not as awake as the rest of her body.

"Because," Angelina replied in a way suggesting Alicia was being an idiot, "She can't really go around telling people she's part," She paused for a moment and lowered her voice, "Frin. People don't really like having their dreams invaded!"

Alicia hated it when Angelina used her 'I'm superior to thou' tone of voice. It always made her feel stupid. She didn't want to give her the satisfaction of knowing that though, so she decided to just change the subject just incase her comrade was conscious enough to catch on. "Okay Katie, what was the dream about this time?"

Katie blushed, even though she knew it would be asked eventually. She was sort of hoping that her friends would forget that part and just go back to sleep. But that never happened. Before this dream she didn't really care, but this dream was different. How could she explain that to her friends? They always liked figuring out the dream together. Which wasn't exactly hard with Katie's only ancestor from the Frithian plane was her great-grandfather, so she could only pick up strong dream waves from nearby.

A 'strong dream' is what the chasers labeled the night visions that caused people to break out into cold sweats (which was okay until Harry Potter joined Hogwarts), wake up crying, or something very erotic. In this case it was the later, and that was the first thing she told them. Unluckily, it was their favorite type to hear about, in great detail.

The 'nearby' for Katie's dreams during the school year was anybody in the Gryffindor House. It was very rarely that a dream from another house or even a teacher was caught in her, what Alicia called, dream web.

The males of Gryffindor usually had the erotic types of dreams, although a few cases of girls having those types of dreams have popped up. One of the more traumatizing ones was dreamt by none other than Hermione Granger. It featured some wicked things she wanted to do with one Ronald Weasley. Some of those things didn't even seem humanly possible.

"Katie, "Both Alicia and Angelina whined, "Tell us the dream!"

Katie's blush deepened and as she covered her face with a pillow so that only a muffled, "It was with me." Was heard.

"What?" Angelina squealed, readily waiting for the gossip.

"I don't want to say it!" Katie looked away shyly.

"Angelina, get the ver…"

"Okay, I'll tell!" Katie cut her off; worried about what they would've found out if she had taken the potion. "Who ever was dreaming it seemed nervous at first. It was just that other person and me alone on this couch, mainly talking. Then a blur of things happened. Not really things, but more like conversation."

"Katie, get to the good stuff!" Alicia warned.

"Anyway," The youngest continued, "Next thing I know I'm under whoever it is and we're making out and stuff."

"Details Katie!" Angelina growled.

"I don't want to. It's too embarrassing!" Katie flushed.

"Fine. I'll let you off the hook, this time." Angelina retorted and the other chaser joined her in an evil grin.

"Now to figure out who did it." Alicia smirked, raising her eyebrow and slightly hinting at something.

"How do you propose we do that?" Katie questioned, doubtful she would get an answer that she liked.

"Check the beds." Alicia responded without hesitating.

"I'll get the flashlight." Angelina called and ran upstairs.

"Flashlight?" Katie asked confused.

"It has a black light in it." Angelina replied as she rushed back downstairs.

The blank look hadn't left Katie's face, so Alicia decided to explain it to her. "Boys with those type of dirty dreams tend to dirty their sheets in the process. This black light here helps to spot out, no pun intended, who did it. We're going to check the sheets for newly formed stains."

The blonde wasn't exactly thrilled to find out who would be dreaming such things involving her, but the moment the older chasers started walking up the boy's staircase all resistance was gone. "Where to first?" She asked, following quickly behind them.

"Seventh year boys." Angelina grinned and Katie's heart stood still for a moment.

"Eww, what if it's one of the twins?" Katie's face scrunched up, hoping to God they didn't notice the pause.

"Better not be Fred!" Angelina warned.

"Or George!" Alicia agreed.

"Maybe it's Lee!" Angelina giggled at the though, unaware of the blush reforming on Katie's cheeks.

"Yeah, that would be great!" Alicia added, also unaware of Katie's face continuing to grow hotter.

Quietly they opened the door to the seventh year boys and shined the light on the first bed.

"Oh my," Angelina laughed, "We have our culprit."

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