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(Authoress' POV)

Ron was jolted from his peaceful dreams to find a bushy brunette standing at the end of his bed yelling at him.

"What in Merlin's name is wrong with you? Your screaming like a banshee!" Ron had no idea why he had to get up at, wait, look at clock, "what? It's only half-six! What the devil are you doing Hermione? I've heard of early but half-bloody-six, it's still the middle of the fucking night!"

Hermione, growing tired of Ron's complaints, cut of the endless speech by giving the, in her opinion, lunatic redhead a big smooch.

"Will you shut up Ronald, and stop ranting. The reason I've got you up, as you so quaintly put it, in the middle of the fucking night is because I haven't seen Harry anywhere since yesterday afternoon. He wasn't at dinner and Oliver's locked himself in the prefect's study and won't come out. We both know that means they've had a fight. We have to find Harry before he does something stupid and there isn't any Harry left to find!"

Ron cocked his head to one side and looked up at his flustered girlfriend with raised eyebrows "he'll be fine Hermione. Don't panic. Now come here sweetie."

"Don't you 'sweetie' me Ronald, you know Harry's got possessive issues. You would to if you'd been through the same as him. We have to find him" she punctuated the last two words with two sharp jabs to her boyfriend's shoulder.

She stood up, "right, I'll take the grounds and the classrooms on the north side. You can search the dorms and the south side classrooms. I'll do the head's common room as well. We'll meet back in the common room in an hour, ok?"

After a stunned silence Ron vaguely nodded his head and watched Hermione's retreating back.

"Blimey, she's to bloody organised."

"I heard that Ronald."

Ron stood up shaking his head, straightened his sheets and pillow, and then set off to find his best friend.

(Draco's POV – again I expect you to tell what is thought and what is action)
Oww, my head, it's pounding so badly.

Flicking my head to the side I looked around, what I saw confused me.

What the hell am I doing lying on the floor… and why is POTTER in my bed?

The memories of the previous night started to fill my brain.

"Oh shit!"

I have to get that guy out of here before he wakes up or someone finds him.


"Where the hell am I? This ain't my room. Why am I not dead?"

I looked around, Harry had now woken up and I was going to have to explain everything to the boy lying in my bed.


Harry spun around to face me

"FUCK! What the hell? This is your room?"

"No Potter, we're both figments of your fucked up mind." The trademark Malfoy sarcasm came naturally to me. "Yes of course it's my room, and no, you are not dead because I saved your life you un-grateful pig."

"Yeah right, as if you, a Malfoy and death-eater to be, would save my life. Wouldn't your master be disappointed if he knew. You'd be doing him a favour by letting me die." The sarcasm dripped from his words

Of course, he has every reason to doubt me. I haven't exactly been Mr Nice Guy these past six years.

"Look, why is it so hard for you trust me Harry? I care about you more than anything else in the word, why can't you trust me?" I pleaded, tears streaming down my face, I swallowed, "I love you Harry and I have ever since I set eyes on you back in Madam Malkin's all those years ago"

I sunk to my knees and started to sob into my hands.

'Malfoy's don't cry Draco.' I hear my fathers voice in my head and realise he's wrong. I love Harry and the fact that he's rejecting me is making me cry. My father doesn't know fuck all. Malfoy's do so cry.

"Hey Draco, Draco, shush, don't cry, shush, it's ok, it's ok Draco, I'm here, shush, don't cry."

I here his soothing voice and feel his strong arms wrap around me. I sink into his arms. My tears stop running and he wipes my damp face with a gentle hand. I feel so good; I could stay like this forever.

(Harry's POV – continuing using different POV)
My god, Draco is so light, he can't be healthy. He's far too thin. As I soothe him I pull his body closer to mine and think about what I'm gonna do from now on.

Shit, I can't be here, Oliver will kill me. Oh god, I'm so dead. Wait if he just tried to kill me, if Draco's telling me the truth, he won't give a damm whether I go back or not. He thinks I'm dead. If it wasn't for Draco I'd be dead, and Oliver would be a murderer. I don't need a boyfriend who's going to kill me. But, I can't leave this room now, Oliver's gonna kill me the minute he lays eyes on me. Oh god what am I going to do?

Shit, my life is going to fall apart…

(Draco's POV – again continuing using different POV)
Mmm, he's so warm, so comfortable.

- Drip –

His tears land on my head.


I look up. His face is streaming with tears. Shit, what's going on?

"What's wrong Harry? You're fine here."

Merlin, is he still dying? Did my spell work? Shit what's wrong?"

"I – it's, it's o – o - oli – Oliver," he says through choked sobs, well at least he isn't dying.

"What, that big-headed Wood kid?" I know that Quidditch captain is am insufferable bastard at the best of times, but if he's laid a finger on Harry, I swear, he's dead.

He nods his head in reply.

"What's he done now?"

"I – it was h – him who al – almost k – ki – killed me."

"WHAT? He's so dead, just you wait till I get my hands on him!"

"No Draco, no, don't do anything, he'll only hurt me more!" The fear in his eyes is so vivid. All I want is to hold him and tell him he's safe. I can't stand seeing him like this, that guy must have scared him real bad.

"Harry, I have to do something, or he'll keep hurting you. You can stay here for a while so he can't get back at you."

"But, Dr – Draco…" he's gone back to sobbing again, it hurts me to see him so broken.

"No buts this time Harry, I don't want to see you getting hurt again. Once is hard enough for me."

I slipped my arms under his and pulled him close, "it's ok Harry, you're safe now, he can't get you here." I plant the first of many kisses upon his soft, raven hair. I hear him sigh; I tilt back his head and place my lips to his.

He has lips like velvet. I pull back and stare into his emerald eyes, eyes that I have and always will find entrancing.

He blinks; I tilt my head to his lips. I lick his lower lip, asking for entrance. He willingly opens his mouth and I slip my tongue into the warm, dark space, to find his tongue. I fight him for dominance and he backs down, leaving me free to explore his mouth, my hands around his waist and in his hair, pushing him deeper in to the kiss.

I pull back and start a trail of kisses down his neck. He tips back his head and arches into me. I stop at his collarbone and bite him, just hard enough to leave a mark, not hard enough to draw blood, just marking him as mine.

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