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Her blue eyes met golden ones. Without moving her neck she searched from side to side to see if she could find any way out of the little tree house. The only passage way out of the tree house, however, was blocked by the figure standing a few feet away from the bed she was in.

The figure wore some sort of armor on which was the shade of red and black. He wore a helmet on that had a white mask on the front. He was tall but his uniform hid all features from her. She couldn't tell what he looked like. The only thing she saw was two fiery golden eyes.

He didn't have to look far to see if someone was in the tree house. There, sitting on the bed, was a girl. She didn't look that old, sixteen or maybe even seventeen. She was quiet beautiful but his orders were to bring anyone that was in the tree house down to his leader. They had been sent out on a special mission to look for anyone on this island. They were always sent to do such tasks. They were trained to do things like this. Every time there was something that the army constantly failed at achieving at, this whole team of about twenty men would be able to do it. They were well known in the Fire Nation. "Union" is what they were called.

She could see he was thinking about something and she allowed a questioning glance to appear on her face. He seemed to be in some far, out-of-space world. Out of no where he appeared to come off of what ever cloud he was on.

He saw her stare. She couldn't tell why he was here. He could tell she was curious. 'She hasn't seen a fire nation soldier before has she?' She seemed very curious. He couldn't tell what she was thinking but her two eyes gave off the slightest ray of curiosity.

He came forward to wear she was sitting. She pulled slightly away not knowing what was going to happen but he was very fast. Quickly he grabbed her arm and yanked her toward the opening in the tree house. He wrapped his arm tightly around her waist and grabbed onto a peace of rope which brought him gently to the ground.

Unlike the time when Jet had taken her up and she was afraid of falling, this mans hold was much firmer and she felt like she would never to be able to fall out of his hands even if she tried too.

Soon she felt her feet come in contact with the ground. The sun was starting to gently peek through the canvas of trees and she could see the beautiful and gentle yellow rays of sun slip through the trees and onto the ground. The man removed his hands from her waist only to replace them back on her wrists. He made her place her hands behind her back and then they were tied. He then moved beside of her while holding her arm to guide her through the forest.

He was defiantly surprised. She hadn't said anything to him the whole time. She hadn't pulled away, tried to run off, or try to hurt him. She was silent, her face neutral. Usually the people he went after fought him till the end to stay were ever they were at. Usually they were afraid of what might happen to them if they went to the Fire Nation. She didn't. She was different, very different.

She didn't know what to do. If she screamed she would look pitiful. The man would probably expect her to do it too. She wasn't going to do that. She wanted to pull back and run, she knew that would be useless though. She would have to wait. She was always good at being patient. It wasn't really something she ever had to work on. It came to her easily. Just like her ability to teach herself water bending moves after her dad passed away. It was so natural, part of her.

They wove in and out of the trees as if they were going through some huge maze that the jungle made itself. Soon they were back out on the gorgeous beach. It was not much of a pretty day though. The seen was magnificent but the day was more humid than normal. She knew that this soldier probably was going to take her to his ship or campsite. All she could do was wait, wait until they made a flaw and get out. She wouldn't die because of this war, not like the rest of her family.

Today made her remember many things with fake feelings. She felt as if she had been raised on false dreams and hopes, told lies she couldn't help but believe in, and was given a hope that she would one day not have to hide from the Fire Nation but that soon died as soon as her whole family did. She felt everything but rarely ever showed the existence of her feelings. She had learned during her short life that they were a weakness, a huge one. It was a weakness that could end up being the cause of death for someone. Feelings fooled you; they were nothing to rely on or something to base opinions on. She knew that, learned it the hard way. Not from her experiences but from others.

The man again glanced at his prisoner. She had been unbelievably cooperative. Doing as he asked walking were he told her to, she never once tried to pull away. She seemed so distant though. She looked so distant that he thought if he let go of her arm that she would fall to the side. She was in another place but he couldn't tell what she was thinking of. She was just of somewhere. She was somewhere very far away.


"Yes Katara"

"Why are you going to go fight into the war?"

"For mom and gran-gran. For you and dad."

"What happened to mom Sokka? How did she die?"

A weak smile slid on his face. "Nothing." As he said this he shook his head gently from side to side. "Nothing" he repeated as his eyes started to glaze.

"Please tell me Sokka! Every time I ask dad he won't tell me. Please Sokka!"

"Maybe later" he said as he messed up her hair.


Later. It was a five letter word that was always said to her from anyone when she asked about her mother. It annoyed her to no end but no one would tell her. What were they hiding from her? She didn't know if she truly wanted to know or if it was just hard for them to talk about. She didn't like when her family or friends tried to hide something from her for her "own protection". She needed to know the truth. She would rather learn the truth from them then hear it from someone she really didn't know.

The day was awfully quite. Nothing made a sound. Nothing could be heard. Everything seemed to just stand still, afraid to move or else they would be caught from there quite game of hide and seek. A little girl trudged through her house looking for something, someone before she lost it forever. Soon she opened a door and entered a bedroom. In the room was a middle-aged man packing a bag that was lying on the bed. She watched the man silently as sadness and fright filled her heart and stomach. Water started to blur her vision as she saw the man zip his bag up.

"Why didn't you tell me?" A tear slid down her rosy cheeks as she asked.

He grabbed his bag and pulled the strap onto his shoulder.

"You didn't need to know."

"Because you knew I was going to try and stop you? Because you didn't want me to make your life a lot harder by asking you not to leave?"

"I didn't want to make your life harder Katara."

He slowly turned facing the girl.

"Then why are you?"

"You weren't supposed to know or find out."

"You're the only family I have left dad! I never had a mother, gran- gran died when I was young, Sokka was killed in battle. What is going to happen to you? I don't- no I can't loose you dad!"

By now she was shaking and floods of water fell from her eyes. He looked at his daughter, she was so scared. He walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek.

"I love you" he whispered into her ear. "I will come back, I promise you" he said before he laid a gentle kiss on her forehead.

"You're going to stay with Suki and her parents. Have fun with her Katara." She stared at his bag as she watched him start to head out of the room.

"Dad!" She yelled weakly. He stopped but didn't move.

He couldn't turn around. He couldn't stand the look on her face. He didn't know if he would be able to see those tears streaking down her face, having to look into those beautiful blue eyes, or looking at her lovely brown hair that she had reluctantly worn down instead of in a braid because he had asked.

"For me he said."


"For me."

He truly did not want to turn around. He didn't want to have to face her. She looked like her mother. She acted so much like her too. He slowly started to turn around. There blue eyes locked simultaneously.

'Her eyes, just like her mother. She is her mother.'

She saw turmoil in his eyes. She ran up to him and jumped into his arms hugging him. He was caught her when she did. She sobbed into his shoulder and he didn't know what he should do.

"I love you" she whispered, "so much!" She continued to cry in his shoulder.

This would be the last time she would see him. She knew it, she could sense it. Something deep inside her heart told her that. She didn't want to let him go. After a while he reluctantly placed her on the ground. He knew that if he didn't leave soon then he would never be able to leave. As he turned around and started to walk out the door she cried his name. It killed him so much to leave her like this but he had to do this. He had to do it for his family, the one that was alive and those who were gone. This was his last resort. He had to make himself feel like he was doing something for the death of his family members. He had too but he didn't want to leave her either. He was torn in two.

She watched her father through the window. She watched as he walked down the street with his bag swaying. She watched him go over a hill where she could see him no more. She didn't move though. She couldn't her legs wouldn't let her. She couldn't move at all.

He marched up the ship without looking back. He couldn't. As the boat began to move out to sea a tear ran down his rough face. He knew that his daughter was somewhere along the beach watching the boats leave. As the tear ran down his face he whispered to her "be safe Katara".

After a while she was able to move again. She ran out the door and through a maze of trees and bushes. She had to see her dad sail away. Until he was out of sight he was still alive. She new when she lost sight of him, she would never get him back. She waited till the ships were at the horizon. She let another tear come down her face and she whispered to him "I love you dad."

The fire nation soldier looked down at his prisoner after he saw his ship in sight. He then just realized.

'She has blue eyes! This island was thought to be populated with Earth Nation people. There are so few Water Nation people left. The Emperor will definitely be pleased with this.'

A smirk settled onto the soldier face. He tightened his grip on the prisoner. He wasn't going to let her go. This was going to be a big break in Fire Nation history. Soon this island would be the Fire Nations along with most of the world.

She slowly came out of her thoughts and saw a ship up ahead. She knew it couldn't be from Kyoshi because the ship was made from metal. She knew that escaping would be close to impossible if there were more soldiers on the ship just like this one. She did know, however, the minute they messed up, she would take that opportunity to run and tell the village about them. They needed to be warned before they were found out.

The soldier carefully watched his prisoner as they headed up the ship. He watched her face to try and find out what she was thinking. Her face was a neutral barrier that was impenetrable. For the whole walk he had searched her face for anything, she never showed anything though.

As they entered the ship she felt the chills run up and down her arm. She saw many soldiers as they walked through a maze of hallways until she was lead to one door. The soldier knocked on the door. They had to wait a minute and then the door started to creek, slowly open.

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