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Chapter 3: The Final Round

Now Moe just got out so it was Calvin's turn. Calvin asked Susie, "Truth or dare?"

"Truth. I just want to do it." Susie said.

"What are you going to be when you grow up?" Calvin said evilly.

"Maybe a karate player because I'm doing it right now. I'm a black belt so you better be careful." Susie said.

"Like you can beat me." Calvin mumbled. Then Susie punched Calvin so he ran to his school and back to Susie's house screaming. When he got in, a bucket full of water splashed on him.

"Thanks for the plan Hobbes! It was great!" Susie slapped Hobbes high-five.

"You are going to pay a lot." Calvin muttered. When he got back in, Susie asked him, "Had fun?"

Calvin didn't reply because he was too mad at Susie.

"Anyway, truth or dare?" said Susie.

"Truth," grumbled Calvin.

"When you sleep, do you sleep with dolls?" Susie asked. Calvin turned pink because he sleeps with Hobbes.

"Err…well….I DO I DO!" screamed Calvin. Then he sighed because it was so hard. It was finally over.


"RAGLA!" That was the sound of Susie throwing up. She ran into the nearest bathroom. "RAGLA! RAGLA! Ah, I'm finally finished." She then came back.

"BOO!" Calvin yelled.

"Hello?" Rosalyn's face popped up.

"Ahhhhhh!" Calvin and Susie screamed.

"I'm sorry kids. I thought you guys were finished. Have fun!" Then she went to Moe, who was looking for stuff to punch.

"Truth or dare?" Calvin asked. "Dare. I just want to do it," said Susie.

"I'm going to make you do something really evil," said Evil Calvin. "KILL ALL THE BUNNIES IN THE WORLD!"

"NEVER!" Susie screamed.

"Then I win!" Calvin cried.

Then Rosalyn popped her head in. "I couldn't help hearing that you were going to make Susie kill all the bunnies in the world."

"Yup! And she didn't do it, so I win!" Calvin said happily.

"But I just went to the library with Moe. He ate up some books, but I got to check one out. It says, no killing can be used in the game."

"Why should I care what a stupid book says about a random game?" Calvin asked.

"It's the Ultimate Truth or Dare Book." Rosalyn said.

"So, ha!" Susie said.

"Books don't exist. I heard that from Mrs. Wormwood. So ha yourself!" Calvin said.

"Oh yeah, when did she say that?" Susie challenged.

"She said so last week. She said, 'Calvin, books don't exist.' So too bad!" Calvin said.

"She said, 'those books don't exist,' not 'books don't exist.' So there!" Susie shouted. "You don't win after all!"

Calvin pouted. "Hobbes, did you hear that? Is it true?"

"That was the day you brought me for Show and Tell. It's true." Hobbes answered.

"It also says in the Ultimate Truth or Dare Book that if you break a rule, then you're out," said Rosalyn.


"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!" Susie shouted triumphantly. "You lose! I win!"

"It also says in the Ultimate Truth or Dare Book that the winner gets to make a loser do a free dare," said Susie smugly. She had stolen Rosalyn's book.

"Hey! Give that back!" Rosalyn yelled.

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