Chapter 2

His Flashbacks continue…

"Sasuke-kun! Why don't you even say goodbye?! I know that you will leave but even if I know all about it I wish that you said goodbye…" His pink-haired teammate said this with her tears falling down to her delicate face. Naruto hugged her to calm her and said to himself, "Sasuke, are you stupid?! Why did you hurt her? Only the thing she wanted is to see you saying goodbye…" He was standing outside watching Sakura cry but he was hurt. He knew that was the consequence of his silliness but he knew that if he showed and said goodbye he will not go because she didn't want to hurt her terribly. He said to himself, "I'm sorry Sakura…" as he ran away so they cannot see him there.

End of Flashbacks

"Naruto, what did she tell you?" Sasuke was worried. Naruto replied, "She missed you Sasuke and wanted to see you again…" Sasuke smiled but said, "Dobe, I'm still worrying about her so can we make a plan to get out of here!". "Ok so here's what were going to do." Naruto explained to Sasuke of how he escaped to the ninjas of Orochimaru. Sasuke left a bunshin so Orochimaru will not know that he leave. They arrived immediately at the Konoha Village. They saw Sakura was resting in the shades of the cherry blossoms tree. When Sasuke saw her calmness, he didn't want her to interrupt so he said to Naruto, "Naruto…I can't show to her…because I know she will get hurt if she sees me…and I didn't know of what I'm going to say." "Oh...Sasuke! Are you so stupid?! I know that you see her like she didn't fell any sadness but that doesn't mean that she is happy!" Naruto said with irritated voice, Sakura heard him so she said, "Naruto? Are you there?" Naruto appeared to her and said, "Oh…Hi, Sakura chan! I just want you to say that your lover is here!". Sakura was thinking that Naruto was joking so she said, "Naruto! Don't fool me!" Sasuke showed to her then her tears fell down from her emerald eyes and still she was shocked. Naruto left them but still the silence wasn't broken. Sasuke broke the silence and said, "Sakura? Are you mad at me?" He can't looked to her eyes because of the tears falling to her face full of astonishment. "Sasuke...Sasuke…!" Her words couldn't hear clearly because she mumbles. She rushed to him and embraced him she cried on his shoulder and said, "Sasuke…why? Why did you go without even saying goodbye…?" She moaned to him then he replied, "Sakura, I'm so sorry because I hurt you too much. The reason why I didn't show to you that time was because if I will show to you I know that I will not be able to go because I don't want to leave you…" Sasuke said as he hugged her tightly. "Sakura don't be sad…even if I'm not at your side…I will be always in your heart…and you will be in my heart also…I love you…no one can break my promise that…I will protect you to anyone that could hurt you…and I promise to that I will love you…" Sasuke said embracing tightly his Sakura. Naruto was watching this entire episode he was the witness of the two couples.


Author's notes:

At last! I have completed it! Thanks for the plot that I have thought and especially today is our academic week!