Band info:

Hermione singing

Dedicated to Draco Malfoy

Pansy and Ginny back up singers

Ron drums

Harry singing the boy part

Song: I can't help falling in love with you by the ATeens

It was the night before the big day; Harry Potter was going to tell his crush how he felt about him in front of the whole school. The plan was to get Dumbledore to let Harry's band play at the dance tomorrow night. After a lot of talking Harry got his way, he will be performing tomorrow night. After a lot of practice, Harry was still nervous.

The day of the dance

"Harry stop walking around like that your making me nervous!" Hermione said sitting on the couch next to her girlfriend Ginny who is also in the band.

"Making you nervous! Making you nervous! I'm about to tell the whole school plus Draco that I'm in love with Draco Malfoy! And I'm making you nervous!" Harry yelled walking around faster and biting his nails.

"Cool down Harry I understand you're very nervous but I was talking about singing. I have to singing in front of everyone! And I know you do too but I have a bigger part!" Hermione yelled back.

"You guys calm down we still have 3 hrs before the dance! Thank god Dumbledore said we had classes off today or you two would of died by now" Ginny said placing a kiss on her girlfriend.

Ron walked in. "Hey what is with all the yelling?"

"Your two best friends are very nervous, you can probably guess why Harry is nervous." Ginny started to laugh before being pegged in the face with a pillow.

"Hey what was that for!" Ginny yelled

"For making fun of me!"


"Hey guys I have to meet up with Pansy. I promised her I would take her to three broomsticks before the dance. See you later. And Ginny try to calm Harry down before the dance I've seen him when he is too nervous and it isn't pretty."

( A/n you might be asking why Ron I meeting Pansy. Well Pansy is his girlfriend. And Harry very nervous on stage is all he can do is stand there staring at the spotlight and cry. It is very embarrassing. Well on with the story.)

"I have a good idea."

"What Ginny?" Harry and Hermione said in unison.

"How about you two go rest for a while and I'll come wake you up in an hour to get ready. Remember we have practice an hr before the dance."

"That's a good idea! Maybe it will clear my mind a little."

Harry and Hermione went up to their beds and fell in a deep sleep.

An hour later Ginny finally got Harry and Hermione up. They got all their clothes together for the dance and brought them to the great hall where practice is.

"Wait, Ginny. Isn't it the finish of lunch time right now!"

"Yes, so ?"

"SO that means that Draco will be in there! I can't go in there!"

"Harry relax, we are not practicing until they all leave. We are just setting up right now. All the teachers are moved and the stage is set we just have to move all the equipment on stage."

"But I'll be in front of Draco!"

"Harry you will go in there and set up and that's that! Got it?"

"Yes Ginny." Harry put his head down and out his hand on the door. "How do I look?"


"Ok ok I'm going in." Once Harry opened the door all eyes landed on them. Ron got up from eating and went on stage to help set up.

"Attention everyone! Harry's band the Snakes and Lions will be setting up for tonight's dance. So please pay them no mind." Dumbledore said.

Draco started to look around when his eyes were set by none other than Harry Potter. Damn why does he have to look so damn sexy!. Wait was I just thinking of Potter that way! AHH!


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