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2. Authors Note: Melinda has divorced from her husband when she realizes she was in love with Olivia. She gets to see her daughter on weekends. Olivia and Melinda live in Olivia's apartment together. This chapter will be two months after the divorce.

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Olivia walks into the apartment at 7:30 PM on Friday January 19 2006. She sees Melinda in the kitchen making dinner.

"Mel that smells great what are you cooking" Olivia says when she walks into the kitchen

"Lemon Chicken" Melinda replies.

"I wish I could cook like you" Olivia says.

Melinda laughs "Well your scrambled eggs are great"

"Thanks" Olivia walks into the bedroom to change. She comes out in a red shirt and jeans.

"Want me to set the table?" she asks.

"Yes thank you" Melinda replies

When they are seated and in the middle of dinner Olivia blurts out "I want a family"

Melinda smiles "So do I"

"Really" Olivia smiles too

"Yeah I have a friend from medical school that can perform IVF"

Olivia goes and hugs Melinda.

The next day which is a day off for both Melinda and Olivia they go to the IVF clinic where they meet Melinda's friend Dr. Rachel Dalliere. The night before they decided that Olivia was going to carry the child. Olivia had the procedure and a few weeks later was vomiting in the toilet. Melinda was holding her hair back.

When Olivia is done she says "Let's get a pregnancy test tonight"
"Sure" Melinda replies.

On Olivia's way home she goes to the drug store and gets a home pregnancy test.

She goes home and takes it. 5 minutes later the timer dings Olivia looks at it.

"I'm pregnant"

Olivia and Melinda hug each other. They stay up all night talking about the future baby.

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