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The Attack of the Fluffy Pink Nightmare


The Escada lotion that suddenly appeared in the bathroom tipped him off first.

The light blue, flip-flop slippers.

The Pink bathrobe.

Then, it appeared.

Until it came into the bathroom, Roger had been more or less ignoring the certain feminine touch that had recently made it's self known in the loft. He had just chalked it up, along with the late night giggling, to two women's cohabitation with he and Mark.


It was all Mark's fault.

Mark had a girlfriend now.

And she'd just moved in.

Her name was Alexia Hemmingway. Brunette, beautiful, with brown eyes behind her thin, very stylish glasses that some people didn't even really notice, she was a little on the short side, only about 5'4". Intelligent, she was an actress/authoress by choice. Her dad was a senator, and her mom was some high powered, big wig Realtor.

Roger had like Alexia when they were introduced. Not liked in that way, but she was cool. Much cooler than Maureen when she and Mark had first started dating. Alexia's family was well to do, it was obvious, (as he later found out from Joanne, well to do to the tune of twenty or more million, and a few European vacation homes), but Alexia was embarrassed by it. She was a true Bohemian.

Alexia understood music, and Roger was fairly certain why he thought so highly of her. A couple of weeks ago, they were all in the loft, Mimi was still asleep, Alexia was in the makeshift kitchen making tea and he and Mark were sitting on the plaid duct taped couch. Mark was fiddling with his camera (which Alexia also understood. Roger often wondered how she did it), and he was, as usual, strumming his guitar, trying to tune it.

As soon as it was tuned, Roger began to pluck out Musetta's waltz. To Roger's surprise (not so much Mark's. She was his girlfriend after all), Alexia began singing Musetta's aria, Quando me'n vo, from La Boheme. She sang quietly at first, but as Roger adjusted to her key and tempo, she gradually crescendoed until Mimi emerged from her room, listening intently.

Mark then began filming as Roger noticed how clear her voice was.

"My girlfriend, the opera star." Mark narrated.

Alexia stopped for a moment, but Roger kept playing softly. "I wish." she said to the camera.

"Keep singing chica!" Mimi called. "Brava!"

Alexia obeyed, and sauntered over to the couch carrying the mugs of hot tea. She slopped a little on the floor. "Oops," she giggled and retreated back to the kitchen to get a towel to clean up the tea before someone, most probably Mark fell in it. Smart girl, Roger thought, she's realized how klutzy Mark is.

He laughed at sat his guitar down, turning to the blonde filmmaker. "She should move in. She'd fit right in." He said semi-sarcastically, "Maybe she'd even be a different ear for Meems to talk off." Roger was almost serious, but not quite. He wasn't ready for another female in the loft. One pair of X chromosomes was enough. Mimi was enough.

Mark, however, had been watching Alexia, and heard what he had said, but not the sarcasm. "Good idea." he said to Roger, and then stood up, talking to Alexia as Mimi sat down next to Roger.

"Hey, Alexia, sweetie," Mark began with rising confidence, "why don't you move in?"

Alexia paused, Roger and Mimi's jaws dropped simultaneously. Alexia then smiled broadly, squealed, and ran to throw her arms around Mark, kissing him. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she shrieked, "That'd be great!"

Mimi sighed wistfully, and Roger knew she was remembering when he had asked her the same question. "Aren't they adorable?" she asked.

Roger just looked at Mark and Alexia kissing and a strange feeling came over him. A feeling like he knew he may learn to spell trouble A-L-E-X-I-A.

But, standing in the bathroom a few weeks later, he never expected this.

The little blue box.

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