Banjo-Kazooie meets Sonic the Hedgehog: Banjo-Kazooie Side Story

Disclaimer: SEGA owns the Sonic characters and Rareware owns the B-K characters.

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Chapter 10

Banjo, with Kazooie in tow, rushed towards the light blue Chaos Emerald. Suddenly, they heard a voice.

"You again?" Banjo and company looked at the source of the voice and saw Sonic, as well as the pink hedgehog, mutant fox and a red echidna.

"Sonic?" Shadow asked.

"No way!" The fox said in disbelief.

"Shadow? I thought you died!" The echidna said.

"You know them?" Kazooie asked.

"I'm not dead. I've just been traveling with this bear, bird and skull."

"So Shadow." Sonic said. "You joined the wrong side again."

"I could say the same thing about you." Shadow responded. "Why don't you just give us the Chaos Emeralds you have?"

Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo exchanged glances, all thinking They have Chaos Emeralds?

"Why don't you try to take 'em?" taunted Sonic. "We never did finish our fight at ARK."

The group didn't know what this 'ARK' everyone kept talking about was, but it sounded important. Sonic and Shadow exchanged a few more comments and then Sonic rushed at Shadow. They struck at each other, but blocked the attacks and reached a stalemate. They jumped back, mocked each other, and began to fight again. Sonic punched Shadow and sent him sliding across the ground twenty feet into the cave wall, but Shadow stood up and continued to fight.

As two fought, the fox, echidna and pink hedgehog stood transfixed, the light blue Chaos Emerald lay forgotten on the cave floor. Banjo jerked his head to it and they began to inch towards the emerald. When they reached for it, a voice said, "Don't move."

Grunty was behind them, a spell charged in her hand. "Now give me the Chaos Emeralds."

Banjo nervously picked up the emerald and began to hand it back when Kazooie popped out of his backpack and shot the witch with a blue egg.

"Arghhh!" Grunty stumbled backward, dropping the spell and wiping the contents of the egg off her face when Mumbo hit her with an orb of magic. It felt as though she was being electrocuted! The hag skeleton stumbled to the ground and didn't move. Our heroes walked slowly towards her, when Grunty suddenly stood up and shot magic at them!

Banjo was knocked backwards, and Kazooie, still in his backpack, went with him. The Chaos Emerald fell to the floor. Grunty leapt after it, but Mumbo was on her in a flash. He tackled the hag and shouted, "You no get emerald.!"

"Get off me!" Grunty grimaced, throwing Mumbo off of her. She stood, looking to the emerald, but saw Banjo holding the emerald. The bear growled and wiped some blood from his lip.

"Uh oh…" Grunty said as Banjo ran at her. He rolled across the ground, Kazooie's wings wrapped around him. They hit Grunty, causing the to clutch her ribs in pain. She stumbled backwards, but then shot a green orb of magic at them. Mumbo jumped in the way and erected a violet shield of energy. It absorbed the witch's spell and Mumbo held out his bag with a Glowbo in it. He began to chant, and gather magic.

Grunty began to run at Mumbo, casting spells as she went. "Oh no you don't!"

"Look out!" Banjo jumped in the way, deflecting spells with his backpack.

"Watch it!" Kazooie shouted at her friend.

"Sorry." Banjo said. "We have to protect Mumbo while he casts his spell."

"Do we have to?" The breegull pouted.

Banjo rolled his eyes and tackled Grunty. She managed to beat him off (with magic) but not before sustaining injuries herself. The hag turned to Mumbo, just as he finished his chant. Multiple large stones lifted from the cave floor and hurled at Grunty.

"No fair!" She shouted, dodging a rock. Seconds later, another rock struck her and sent Grunty into the cave wall. She slid to the floor, unconscious and Banjo picked up the emerald.

Shadow ran up, flanked by Sonic and the other animals he was with. There didn't seem to be any hostility between them. "What's going on?" Shadow asked.

"She tried to take the light blue Chaos Emerald." Banjo explained.

"Hey Shadow, why are you hanging out with them?" Kazooie asked, gesturing to Sonic and company."

"Eggman and Grunty tricked all of us." Sonic said.

"Are you kidding?" Mumbo asked.

"Nope." The fox said. "We're all on the same side here."

"Well then." Banjo said. "We have no reason to fight anymore. Truce?" He held out his hand.

"Truce." Sonic shook it.


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