Banjo-Kazooie meets Sonic the Hedgehog: Banjo-Kazooie Side Story

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Make sure to read both sides of any encounters, so you can understand the reasoning behind each character's actions. I'll try to make them pretty different.

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Chapter 2

Bottles examined the Chaos Emerald through a magnifying glass. "This Emerald seems to glow even when there is no light! It is definitely very powerful. No wonder that Eggman wants them!"

"How are we supposed to find them, goggle boy?" Kazooie shouted.

"How should I know?" Bottles retorted.

"That's it!" Kazooie shouted, leaping out of Banjo's backpack.

As Kazooie and Bottles grappled, Mumbo said, " Why not try asking Hag's old spell book?"

"That's right!" Banjo shouted. "He seems to know a lot about magical items. C'mon Kazooie!"

"But I was just having fun…" Kazooie said as Banjo put her back in his backpack, as he and Mumbo climbed Spiral Mountain up to the repaired bridge to Grunty's old lair. They entered the lair, and bumped into a three animals. There were a male blue and female pink hedgehogs, and a boy who appeared to be a mutant fox with two tails.

"Watch where you're going!" The blue hedgehog shouted.

"You watch it, chilidog breath!" A Kazooie said.

"We don't have time for this!" Banjo said. "Cheato," He asked the floating spell book. "have you seen any Chaos Emeralds?"

"What?" The blue hedgehog asked, as he spied the purple emerald in the Banjo's hand. "Give that to me!"

Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo exchanged glances, remembering what Eggman said.

I will collect the seven Chaos Emeralds no matter what! Don't get comfortable! I'll send my minions to get that Emerald from you soon enough!

"No!" Banjo shouted, punching the hedgehog in the face. "The likes of you will never get these Emeralds!

"Huh?" The hedgehog shouted, rubbing his cheek. "It's ON fool!" The hedgehog jumped in the air and rocketed at high speed toward Banjo.

Banjo was sent flying, but he stood back up. "Grrrr…." He jumped at the hedgehog, pinning to the wall of the lair. The Banjo glared at the blue hedgehog. "You won't get the Chaos Emeralds!"

"SONIC!" The mutant fox and pink hedgehog shouted, jumping towards Banjo. However, Mumbo stopped them.

"Mumbo not let you through!"

"Listen to me… Mumbo was it?" The fox began.

"Me not want to hear it!" The Mumbo shouted, firing a spell out of his staff.

The fox dodged the spell, and punched the Mumbo. Meanwhile, Kazooie heard a noise behind her and turned around, seeing the pink hedgehog holding an odd hammer. Kazooie shot a blue egg at the girl. "Ewww…" She said, wiping the contents of the egg off her face.

"Like that girly?" The Kazooie laughed at the sissy hedgehog. "That's why I'm a tomboy!"Kazooie fired more eggs at the pink 'hog, but she ducked and grabbed Kazooie's neck.

Meanwhile, the fox and Mumbo where rolling on the ground, punching each other. Mumbo managed to break free, and pointed his staff at who the other animals had called Sonic, the pink hedgehog, the Banjo, and Kazooie. "Me save bear and bird!" Mumbo shouted, charging up a spell, the fox tackled him from behind, just as Mumbo fired, and Kazooie shot a grenade egg at Sonic from her beak.

The explosion resulting knocked Banjo, Kazooie, and Mumbo out….


"Well well well…" Grunty the Witch said, stepping out of the shadows, looking at the unconscious animals, with the purple Chaos Emerald on the ground. "They cleaned out my lair and gave me the Chaos Emerald!" As she touched the Emerald, her body glowed with energy. "Some of my power is returning…" She pocketed the purple Emerald with the green one, and looked over at the traitorous spell book, Cheato.

"Please… don't hurt Cheato…" He said. "I've learned! Cheato won't disobey you anymore…"

"Of course you'll help me, Cheato. If you can tell me where the Chaos Emeralds are that is…"

"Uh… I don't know where they are…" Cheato said, and was torched by a fireball.

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Grunty laughed.


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