Banjo-Kazooie meets Sonic the Hedgehog: Banjo-Kazooie Side Story

Disclaimer: Sega owns the Sonic characters and Rareware owns the B-K charaters.

Chapter 3

Banjo struggled to his feet. "Ouch…" He saw Cheato, burnt to a crisp. "What happened here?"

"Hag's spell book…" Mumbo said sadly.

"How could this have happened?" Kazooie asked. "Those other animals are still unconscious."

"We don't have the time." Banjo said. "That Eggman fellow is after the Chaos Emeralds, and we have no leads."

"Maybe we should examine Chaos Emerald more." Mumbo suggested.

"Good idea." Banjo said. "Kazooie, give me the Chaos Emerald."

"I thought Mumbo had it!" Kazooie said.

"Me thought bear had it!" Mumbo said.

"I thought Kazooie had it!" Banjo said.

As they argued over who had the emerald, Dr. Eggman floated by in his floating machine. He seemed to be in such a hurry that he didn't notice the animals.

"Look! It's Eggman!" Kazooie said. "Maybe he took the Chaos Emerald!

"Good idea." Banjo said. "Let's follow him!" They followed the doctor through the lair. They eventually caught up with him by the giant Grunty statue near the entrance to Bubble Goop Swamp.

"Hello there." Eggman said, his back still turned. "I knew you'd follow me."

"Hold it right there, Eggman!" Banjo shouted. "Give us back the Chaos Emerald!"

They think I have the Emerald, and I thought they had it. Where did it go? I'd better make sure they think I have the upper hand. Eggman thought, "I'll never give it back!"

"Why you…" Kazooie said.

"Now, face my creations!" Eggman shouted, as 3 red robots appeared. They bared an uncanny likeness to Eggman.

"What a way to be self absorbed." Kazooie said, rolling her eyes. Banjo rolled at a robot, and Kazooie wrapped her wings around Banjo, adding extra force to the blow. The robot shattered, and a small animal fell out.

"He's-he's using small animals to power his robots!" Banjo shouted, flabbergasted.

Mumbo fired two green orbs of magic, destroying the other two robots. "I free small animals!"

"Drat!" Eggman shouted. "Metal Sonic! Finish these three off!"

What looked like a robotic version of the blue hedgehog called Sonic appeared. His red irises flashed from his black eyes.

"What? Is your minion Sonic not good enough for you!" Banjo taunted.

"What are you talking about? I-" Eggman began. "I mean... uh, why not? Two Sonics are better then one."

"Prepare to die!" Metal Sonic shouted. He zoomed over to Mumbo at speeds faster than even Sonic, and backhanded him, sending the Shaman flying.

"MUMBO!" Banjo and Kazooie shouted.

Metal Sonic jumped after Mumbo, but was hit by a grenade egg. Metal Sonic spiraled backwards, and Banjo jumped ran after him he punched at Metal Sonic, but the robotic hedgehog caught the bear's fist. He began to squeeze.

"A-agh!" Banjo shouted in pain. Metal Sonic kept squeezing, but right before Banjo's wrist was snapped, Kazooie popped out of the backpack, firing an ice egg at Metal Sonic. The robotic hedgehog sparked from the liquid in the ice. Banjo took advantage of this and threw the robotic hedgehog into the water around the Grunty statue. Metal Sonic shorted out.

"NO!" Eggman shouted. "This is only the beginning!" His floating orb thing vanished, leaving the bear, bird and shaman in Grunty's lair.


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