Banjo-Kazooie meets Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Side Story

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Chapter 10

Sonic ran forwards toward the blue Chaos Emerald, when he ran into the bear and bird he had met earlier. "You again?" Sonic growled.

"Sonic?" Said a deep voice. Standing with the skull head called Mumbo was none other than Shadow the Hedgehog. Unbeknownst to Sonic and company, Shadow had been traveling with the bear and bird.

"No way!" Tails said in disbelief.

"Shadow? I thought you died!" Knuckles said.

"You know them?" The bird in the bear's backpack asked.

"I'm not dead. I've just been traveling with this bear, bird and skull."

Once the shock of seeing Shadow alive wore off, the group remembered how Grunty said that the bear and bird teamed up with Eggman.

"So Shadow." Sonic said. "You joined the wrong side again."

"I could say the same thing about you." Shadow responded. "Why don't you just give us the Chaos Emeralds you have?"

"Why don't you try to take 'em?" taunted Sonic. "We never did finish our fight at ARK."

Shadow smirked. "Very true. How about we remedy that?"

"Sounds good." Sonic shouted, running at Shadow. He kicked at the dark 'hog, who caught it in his hand. Shadow swung his other fist around at Sonic, but he caught it in his hand.

The two hedgehogs glared at each other for a few seconds, and then they both jumped back.

"I see you haven't been lazy in the time I was gone." Shadow smirked.

"Well I had to get stronger than you in case we met again." Sonic smiled.

"Trust me, you've got a long way to go before you're as strong as me," Shadow said.

"We'll see!" Sonic said, running forward as he punched and kicked rapidly at Shadow. The dark hedgehog blocked and dodged them for a few seconds, but then Sonic's fist connected with Shadow's face. The force of the high-speed punch sent Shadow sliding across the ground twenty feet into the cave wall.

Shadow rubbed his cheek where Sonic hit him. "You've gotten better." He said, rushing at Sonic. Sonic ran forwards to meet him halfway and the two hedgehogs fought. They moved around the cave so fast that their bodies were a blur, but their arms and legs were all but invisible. Occasionally, one of them would be knocked out of the fray, only for them to rush back in moments later.

Amy watched with thunderstruck face while Knuckles and Tails had melancholy ones.

"Look at them." Amy said. "Knuckles, can't you help Sonic?"

"No." The echidna growled.

"Why not!" Amy shouted hysterically. "I thought you were supposed to be a great fighter!"

"Would you shut up?" Knuckles snapped at her. Amy shrank back, fighting back tears. Knuckles' expression softened. "Listen, I can fight better than Sonic or Shadow, but their speed greatly surpasses mine! By the time I'd reach their fight, Sonic and Shadow would be on the other side of the cave."

"So the only thing we can do…" Amy began.

"…is hope Sonic wins." Tails finished, answering her question.

Sonic was knocked out of the fray into the cave wall. "Hehehe. You're the only one that I have to use this move against. SONIC WIND!"

Blue blades of energy appeared around Shadow and moved towards him like a tornado. They began to cut him so Shadow curled up into a ball and he floated in the air. A golden orb of Chaos Energy surrounded him. Shadow uncurled his body and a golden shockwave knocked the blades away. They flew in different directions for a few moments and then vanished.

Sonic and Shadow stared each other down from the other sides of the large cave, and then Sonic shouted. "Tails! Give me the Chaos Emeralds."

"Huh? Uh, okay." Tails said, throwing the red and yellow emeralds towards Sonic.

"No…" Shadow said, rushing forward. He tackled Sonic and they both fell to the ground attacking each other. Sonic managed to grab the yellow emerald and Shadow grasped the red one.

"Chaos Control!" Shadow yelled. He vanished and appeared behind Sonic, karate chopping him in the back of the head.

Sonic fell forward and grimaced. "Two can play at that game! Chaos Control!" The blue hedgehog vanished and appeared behind Shadow. He kicked at him, but the instant before his foot hit the black and red 'hog, Shadow vanished.

And so, the duel was taken to a whole new level as the hedgehogs warped around the cave, never staying in one place after hitting, or attempting to hit each other.

"Wow." Tails said, summing up everything him, Amy and Knuckles were thinking with one word.

The two hedgehogs appeared and punched each other, causing them both to drop their Chaos Emeralds, which bounced across the cave floor.

Sonic punched at Shadow with his right hand, but Shadow caught it in his left. At the same time, Shadow punched at Sonic with his left hand, but Sonic caught it in his right. At a stalemate, the two fighters glared at each other.

"I should have known you'd join Eggman again!" Sonic shouted accusingly.

"Join him? I want to beat that ungrateful man to a pulp!" Shadow responded.

"That's not what the witch said!" Sonic shouted. An instant later, he realized his mistake and released his hold on Shadow's fist to slap his forehead. "I can't believe she fooled me like Eggman fools Knuckles!"

"…and Eggman said you joined up with the witch." Shadow grimaced. "How did I fall for that?"

"So that means the bear and bird aren't the enemies."

"Banjo and Kazooie? Of course they're not! They rescued me."

"B-Banjo and Kazooie?" Sonic almost fell over. "The bear and bird are THE Banjo and Kazooie who beat the witch three times?"

Sonic and Shadow ran down to Tails, Amy and Knuckles. "It seems we've been tricked." Sonic said, and then he explained the situation.

"Aw man!" Tails shouted. "That witch played us like we were Knuckles!"

"What's that supposed to mean?" The echidna asked angrily.

"Oh nothing," Tails said. "Did you know 'gullible' is written on the ceiling?"

"Really?" Knuckles asked, looking up. "How can you tell? This cave is really tall."

Sonic, Tails, and Amy burst out laughing, and even Shadow managed a chuckle. "Well, we better go tell Banjo, Kazooie and Mumbo about this big misunderstanding." Tails said. The animals, including the still confused Knuckles spotted Banjo and his crew, who were standing over a beaten up Grunty the Witch.

"What's going on?" Shadow asked.

"She tried to take the light blue Chaos Emerald." Banjo explained.

"Hey Shadow, why are you hanging out with them?" Kazooie asked.

"Eggman and Grunty tricked all of us." Sonic said.

"Are you kidding?" Mumbo asked.

"Nope." Tails said. "We're all on the same side here."

"Well then." Banjo said. "We have no reason to fight anymore. Truce?" He held out his hand.

"Truce." Sonic shook it.


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