Banjo-Kazooie meets Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Side Story

Disclaimer: Sega owns the Sonic characters and Rareware owns the B-K charaters.

Make sure to read both sides of any encounters, so you can understand the reasoning behind each character's actions. I'll try to make them pretty different

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Chapter 2

Knuckles the Echidna awoke from his slumber. "Huh hwhat? No! I dosed off again!" He looked backwards. "The Master Emerald is gone! DAMMIT! NOT AGAIN!" He looked off in the distance and sensed that the big green glowy thing ( XD ) was in that direction. Knuckles ran to Tails' workshop and tried to open the door. "Damn." It's locked! Knuckles proceeded to do what he called 'picking the lock,' which translated to him knocking the door down and putting it back in its frame once he was inside. Knuckles got inside Sonic's biplane, the Tornado. He'd never flown it before, but how hard could it be?

The plane burst out of the workshop, knocking down yet another door and Knuckles flew shakily in the direction of the Master Emerald. Eventually, he saw the outline of a bat holding the Emerald. "Rouge! I should have known!"

Rouge back looked at him. "Why if it isn't Knuckles! I hope you don't mind me taking this lovely thing."

"Oh I mind!" Knuckles shouted, jumping out of the Tornado, gliding at Rouge. He punched at her, but she rotated, attempting to dodge and the rad red accidentally punched the Master Emerald, shattering it into pieces. "NO!" He shouted as the pieces fell onto the island below.

"I'm not collecting those pieces again!" Rouge said, flying into the Tornado. "I'll just take Sonic's plane. Tell me when you've fixed the Master Emerald!" She flew off.

"Dammit… Knuckles muttered, gliding down to the island.


Tails tumbled out of a giant treasure chest, to see Sonic and Amy looking around in a large room made to look slightly like to island they were on before.

"Where are we?" He asked. He looked at a sign on the treasure chest. "Treasure Trove Cove? Was that where we were before?"

"I guess so…." Sonic said. "But guess what? The Chaos Emeralds are gone!"

"What?" Tails said.

A crab large walked up to Sonic and pinched him on the foot. "Ow! Stupid crab!" Sonic shouted, spindashing it.

"Hey guys! Over here!" Amy said. She was standing by a tunnel. "How about we explore this place?"

And so they did. They walked through the strange place, seeing pictures of an ugly old witch everywhere. They destroyed rocks that where blocking their way, and eventually made their way to the entrance hall to the strange lair. There, they saw an odd spell book floating in the air.

"What business do you have with Cheato?" It said.

"Nothing really, Sonic said. "Unless you've found any strange little emeralds…"

"Sorry, but Cheato not seeing any of those." The Cheato said.

"Well, if you see any…" Sonic said, walking towards the exit to the lair. Suddenly, he ran into an odd bear. "Watch where you're going!"

"You watch it, chilidog breath!" A red bird said, poking her head out of the backpack the bear was wearing.

"We don't have time for this!" The bear said. "Cheato, have you seen any Chaos Emeralds?"

"What?" Sonic asked, as he spied the purple emerald in the bear's hand. "Give that to me!"

"No!" The bear shouted, punching him. "The likes of you will never get these Emeralds!

"Huh?" Sonic shouted, rubbing his cheek, where he had been punched. "It's ON fool!" Sonic ran up to the bear and homing attacked him.

The bear was sent flying, but he stood back up. "Grrrr…." He jumped at Sonic, who was caught off guard was pinned to the wall of the lair. The bear glared at Sonic. "You won't get the Chaos Emeralds!"

"SONIC!" Tails and Amy shouted, jumping into the fray. However, a man who appeared to have an orange skull for a head stopped them.

"Mumbo not let you through!"

"Listen to me… Mumbo was it?" Tails began.

"Me not want to hear it!" The man said, shooting a spell out of the wand he heald.

Tails dodged the spell, and punched the odd man. Meanwhile, Amy snuck up on the bear and was about to hit him with her Piko Piko hammer, but the bird in the bear's backpack shot an egg at her out of her beak, hitting Amy. "Ewww…" She said, wiping the contents of the egg off her face.

"Like that girly?" The bird laughed. "That's why I'm a tomboy!" She fired more eggs at Amy, but Amy ducked and grabbed the bird's neck.

Meanwhile, Tails and Mumbo where rolling on the ground, punching each other. Mumbo managed to break free, and pointed his staff at Sonic, Amy, the bear and the bird. "Me save bear and bird!" He shouted, charging up a spell, Tails tackled him from behind, just as Mumbo fired, and the bird shot what appeared to be a grenade from her beak.

The explosion resulting knocked Sonic, Amy and Tails out….


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