Episode: Siege of North Pole (part 1)
Word Count:
Warnings: Stupidity

Slowly, the sun's rays shown onto the fire prince's face, informing him it's daybreak. Zuko looked up in complete disgust towards the water bender and snorted steam out of his nostrils.

Katara thought she had defeated Zuko (finally) and started walking back towards Aang.

Zuko melted the ice that was covering his chest and ran forward, sending a blaze of fire in her direction. Katara had not suspected this and only had little time to react (by bringing up a water shield). But the shield broke, and the fire made contact with her, pushing the girl to a pole and knocking her unconscious.

Zuko grabbed the young avatar around the collar and stood there looked down towards Katara. As the steam cleared, he spoke. "You rise with the moon. I rise, with the sun."

Then, proudly, he turned around to go find his uncle and tell him he finally found the avatar and could go home, see his father, get his honor back and his birthright-


The fire prince had accendently fell into the pond and killed the dark looking fish. "Uh-oh," he muttered as he saw angry-looking water benders coming his way.