Episode: Teo
Author: Kelcita
Word Count: 300 (EXACT!)
Warnings: none

Challenge by: none

Random Review: Iroh would like go on a killing spree if they ran out of tea. Hey, that rhymes! (McMuffinDragon made a funny!)

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"If you want to see what's in that room, I'd be happy to open the door for you." Aang offered to the crippled boy in the wheel chair. "Great," Teo replied happily. "Wait!" Both boys looked up into the sky, seeing Katara fly around on the glide Teo provided for her. "How do I land this thing!? What if I land in- Blah! Bug! That was a bug! Bleh!"

After they had the young master water bender onto solid ground, the trio walked through the halls and ended at the massive door with air flutes attached.

"I can't believe I'm finally going to see what's inside!" exclaimed Teo. Katara looked over to him and smiled. 'So much like Aang…' This is how Aang probably felt when they were back at the Southern Air Temple…

The young avatar looked up. The door was exactly like the Southern Air Temple. Taking a stance, Aang left out a stream of air into the openings of the tubes. Whilst feeding in more air, he watched as the three circles turn, ever slowly getting the door open.

When the last wooden-swirl turned, the giant door parted in the middle and opened wide. Aang walked through first, looking around, and felt his jaw drop. Katara and Teo mirrored his movements.

"This is a night mare…" the air bender said softly.

Footsteps could be heard making its way to the group. "You don't understand!" the mechanist pleaded. The Avatar turned around and pointed at him.

"You're making HATS in a sacred temple!"


"Uncle, what's the hell is on your head?"

"Now, my dear nephew, it's a hat! Look, I even got you one!"


-Sounds of cloth burning-

-Sigh- "It was such a lovely hat…"


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