Summary: After taking a summer road trip across the country, Sam and Austin finally arrive at Princeton.

I'm not sure if I'm going to persue this story, so I need feedback if you guys want me to.

I LOVE this movie, A LOT, and I saw that there's only a few Fan Fics on it, so I decided to add to that.




Sam gasped.

She and Austin had just arrived at their dream school.

"Princeton" She whispered.

"Wow" said Austin out loud.

They didn't need to say much. They'd been talking about Princeton non-stop for months. Everything had already been said.

They drove into campus with their stuff, found a parking space and made their way to the table with a sign that said, "Welcome New Students!" and checked in.

They found out that they were in the same dorm, but on different floors. When they made their way there, they found their dorms, which were both not far from each other, and began to set up their rooms and meet their roommates.

Sam's roommate was a nice enough girl from New Jersey, named Shelly, but by the way she dressed, in kakis and a pink sweater set, and the music she had playing, Britney Spears Greatest Hits Album, Sam could tell that things weren't going to be easy between then this year.

Austin's roommate was from Texas, his name was Blake, and he was a football player. That's really all there was to him, from what Austin saw. He had on a Dallas Cowboys jersey, he had a TV on which he was watching football, he had football posters and even football sheets for his bed, but surprisingly, he wasn't playing football for Princeton.

"My dad wants me to be an accountant, like him." He said when Austin asked him about why he wasn't playing.

Austin was silent. For some reason, he had the ridiculous thought in his head that he was the only one with that problem. He was in deep thought when he heard Sam's voice from the doorway.

"Hey," she said, then came in and kissed him, "they want everybody downstairs for an orientation."

"yeah, you go ahead, I'll be there in a second." He said, and finished up plugging in his new laptop.

"Girlfriend?" Blake asked.

"yeah," said Austin, "Her name's Sam."

"She's cute," Said Blake, "but she looks too young to be in college."

"She graduated a year early." Said Austin.

"Whoa! Braniac?"

"Kind of," Said Austin, wondering if he should explain. He decided he'd have to eventually, "She's smart, but mostly she just worked her butt of to get away from her step-mom faster."

"Oh," said Blake, "Well, we'd better get down to that orientation."

"Yeah," said Austin, "We'd better."