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Summary: Kagome want to bring Inuyasha back to her time to spent New Years with her but runs into some trouble when she returns to the past. Will she get back in time for the festival or will she spent her New Years in the past?

New Year Resolution

Chapter 1

-Kagome P.O.V.-

I just walked from the well heading towards Keade's village. I was about to look for Inuyasha when I seen Miroku and Sango walking. I figured Miroku was trying to hit on Sango again and I was right. Just when I was about to call them out Miroku groped her and there was a loud respond after ward. Miroku was knotted unconscious with a red handprint upon his face. I just shook my head; he just didn't learn his lesson from the slaps she had given him for the past three years. It seemed like after we defeated Naraku, Miroku has been constantly trying to flirt with Sango. The conversation would start smoothly and then go completely wrong. Sango loved it when they would just go for walks and talk but hated it when he would touch her. I just wish me and Inuyasha could get along that well. Most of the time we are either fighting or just ignoring each other. Wait, what am I thinking, me and Inuyasha could never get along and when we do it just go terribly wrong. I signed and continued to walk to Keade's hut. Maybe, just maybe, I could convince Inuyasha to come with me back to my time to spend New Years with me. Of course I would have to explain what New Years is to him first but hey it might be fun to have him around.

As I walk to the hut the wind blew swiftly causing my hair to fly everywhere. I looked up to find Kagura with Rin in the air. They to have became very close ever since Sesshomaru made Kagura his mate. I don't know what made us help him save her but we did. Kagura after ward became a very close allied as well as Sesshomaru but he also kept his distance since him and his brother still didn't get along that well. Rin, Kagura, and I made a vowel that one day we will make them get along or else. I called out to them and they descended upon me. Rin ran over to me screaming aunty Kagome, I still don't know where she got the aunty part from but I really didn't mind. Kagura snickered and came towards me smiling. I knew by the way she smiled something was wrong. It was a fake smiled and her eyes told the rest. Someone or something was in trouble and they or it needed help. I looked at her for a while before asking what was wrong. She averted her eyes in the opposite direction. So I asked Rin, she decided to look at the ground. They looked really worried about something and I needed to find out about it. I placed a hand onto Rin's shoulder and asked her again reassuring her that it, what ever it is, would be ok.

"Oh, Kagome don't pressure to tell you what the matter."

"Then you tell me Kagura."

"Ok." She inhaled then exhaled. I knew this was going to be long. "You see, Rin and I finally managed to get Sessy and Inu together. Well they seem to be getting along find up until a demon attacked them. Inu blamed Sessy for not smelling the demon out before they were attacked. Next Sessy started to attack Inu and Inu attacked back. Sessy dodged the attack and began to run deeper into the forest. Inuyasha being mad at him chased him into the forest. Next I heard a loud scream and look towards where the scream came from. It came from where Inu and Sessy were, so I went to investigate. What I saw was…." She broke down after that. This was the first time I ever seen her like this. I knew it was bad but not this bad.

Rin pick up where she left off "...Kagura. signs I followed her into the forest, what we saw is that Sesshomaru-sama was badly injured. His bone bellow his left knee was sticking out. Kagura tried to find Master Inuyasha but he was nowhere to be scene. Rin tried to see if Sesshomaru-sama would wake up but he wouldn't." She started to cry now.

"Rin, was Inuyasha badly hurt when Sesshomaru attacked him?" I ask scared that Inuyasha had transformed into his demon form again.

"No." she raised her eyebrow at me "why?"

"Because he might have transformed into his demon form and attacked Sesshomaru."

"What…. are you….. say….ing? Inuyasha attacked Sesshomaru because…. he lost control …..of himself." Kagura said in between sobs.

"No, what I'm saying if Inuyasha is badly hurt than it is a possibility that he did could have, but Rin you said that he was not injured badly when you last seen him, correct?

"Yes." answered Rin with a little hope in her eyes.

"Did you smell Inuyasha on Sesshomaru when you approach him, Kagura?"

"No, why?"

"Just curious that's all."

"Aunty Kagome, why did Master Inuyasha run after Sesshomaru-sama?"

"I don't know." I could feel the worry building up in me for the two brothers. I began to turn towards the forest when Kagura offered a ride to where her mate was. I took the offer and we were there in a matter of minuets. I walked over to Sesshomaru and examined his leg wound. It was extremely bad and he had lost a lot of blood. That could explain why he had fainted. His skin tone was growing pale. I didn't understand something though, how could he have an injury on his leg but didn't look like he was in a battle. He had no scratches or bruises. I know he is a yokai but his bruises wouldn't have heal that fast if he was in a serious battle. Next I notice that he had neither of his swords with him. He would never travel without his swords, so that was really strange. I than looked at his face and it looked like he was dead, that's impossible for that he wouldn't had died because of that wound. I then called Kagura over to me so she could see the face of her mate. She walked over and fell on her knees and just looked at Sesshomaru. She went as pale as him and started to tremble. I than told her it wasn't him and that it was an imposter. As if on cue the fake Sesshomaru jumped up and rammed his injured knee into Kagura's side. She yelped in pain. I ducked as he tried to hit me across the head. I pulled out an arrow I had been caring on my back and aimed at the imposter who was now running towards Rin.

-Rin's P.O.V.-

I watched in horror as Sesshomaru-sama charged at me. When he jumped into the air I could see aunty Kagome aiming an arrow at him. I was shock when she actually let it go; it just barely missed Sesshomaru-sama. She screamed something but I was in too much shock to hear exactly what she said. Next thing I knew was that someone had come to my rescue. Miroku had just mad it in the nick of time to move me out of the way of the raging yokai. Finally Sango appeared out of nowhere and threw her boomerang at him. It hit him in the middle splitting him in two. I watch in horror as milord was cut in half. I wiggled myself free thinking all the time through that this Rin was going to loose her lord. When I managed to get free from Miroku's grasp I ran over to milord but was stopped by Kagura. I tried to move her out of my way but she wouldn't budge. I looked up at her with tears in my I eyes for I thought she cared for Sesshomaru-sama. No she couldn't have cared if she just sat there and watched as aunty Kagome killed him. Next I looked at where Sango, Miroku, and Aunty stood and glared at them.

-Kagura's P.O.V.-

Turning to see Rin running over to the now spliced in half imposter on the ground I walked over to stop her from crying her heart out to him. Then she turned and glared at our three companions apparently she didn't know that man was only pretending to Sesshomaru. I bent down to try and comfort her but she only backed up and started to scream about how I am only pretending to care for her lord and that she wishing that I just had died with Naraku three years ago. Kagome came over to try and comfort her this time and only go screamed at to about trying to kill him. Next it was Sango turn and she had gotten the big one about slicing her lord in half. I couldn't help but giggle at Rin's behavior. I could tell right there she would never let anything happen to Sesshomaru even if she had to risk her life for him and that made me proud of her. Miroku was the one who left and he was the only one who wouldn't have been yelled at since he saved her. He walked over to her and told her that it was an imposter, but what I was surprised is that is hand had actually landed on her butt. Ok I know he could be a pervert sometimes, well all the time but he is touching on this girl I consider my daughter. I was fuming, but I didn't have to attack him because Kagome and Sango already took care of that.

-Normal P.O.V.-

They began to walk north when Kagura started to feel dizzy. They stopped for a while. Then Kagome notice that Kagura was bleeding at her side. She was thinking that she might have gotten it when that imposter kneed her in her side. She examined the wound and was infected with some kind of poison. She looked through her bag to see if she had any omits to put on the wound. She found what she was looking for and applied it to Kagura's skin. Kagura let out a his and looked a the wound, it was not bad but it was starting to swell and it looked as if poison was coming out of it. Helping Kagura stand Kagome suggested that they fly seeing the wound would get worst if she was to walk.

Else Where

Someone moan as they stirred. Their hands were tied up to a post and they were in a dark room. When he moved he also felt someone else by him. He looked down to see his brother also tied up to the post. He tried to wake him but he didn't even stir a little. Then he tried to see his surrounding but he felled at that. He started to scream out for anyone who could possible is by them. All he got was silence. Next he tried to claw his way out of the rope that bonded him to the post but he only managed to scratch his hand until it started to bleed. He tried screaming out for someone again and this time he got and answer from a person he didn't know who it came from.

"Stop yelling you baka hanyou. No one will be able to find you and your brother. You stuck here with me." Said the voice with an evil laugh.

"Who are you?" screamed Inuyasha.


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