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Chapter 5

A dark figure sat in the middle of a summoning circle. His long black hair covered his nude form. Ruby eyes could be seen from the inside. They were glaring at the person who had brought him back from the dead. His lips were turned into a frown; for he was shackled down to prevent him from moving or escaping. He yanked his right arm towards his body to try and break the bonds. He was not a hanyou to be held down and he refuse to be so. Still glaring at the ryu, who was pulling out clothes from the closet, he scanned his aura. The ryu looked weak and didn't look at all worthy of a challenge. The ryu threw the clothes at his feet, and then unshackled him. Bad move on his part. The ryu stood back and watched him.

Kiroru hated his master just as much as he hated his assignment. He had to revive this vile creature who now sat in his room stinking it up with his scent. He couldn't figure out why his master just didn't hire a witch to do this. It would have saved him the trouble and a lot of time that was wasted. Now he had to give this abomination his clothes. Kiroru took a mental note to burn them later when this foolish plan of Remedy's fails. Once he got the clothes he threw them at the hanyou's feet.

"Get dressed." He ordered after he unshackled him.

A sneer encompassed the demon's face. "No one orders me around." Said the demon coldly.

"No one but me and Remedy-sama. Now get dressed half-breed." Kiroru said crossing his arms.

The hanyou obeyed. He chided in his head that this will be the only time the he would obey any orders thrown at him. He pulled on the hakamas first feeling the breeze not suiting him. Next the kimono, which he stuffed into his hakamas, and then his put on haori. He stood up afterward.

"Come on my master wants you in his presents." Kiroru turned in opened the door. He waited until the abomination left the room to close the door.

With Remedy and the Inu group

Sango looked around the room. Everything felt peaceful so why was she feeling so disturb about the place. Something wasn't right about it. She looked at their host. He seemed to have a dark aura around him. She wondered did everyone else feel it too. Of course they had to feel it. It like struck them in the face once they stepped into the castle's threshold. The castle itself reminded them of Naraku's when they went to finish him off. The only difference is that that there was no miasma to choke them. Sighing she was broken out of her ravine when Kagome began to speak.

"Do you not know what goes on around your own castle?"

"What do you mean miko?" Remedy asked.

"Kagome please. I mean that if Sesshomaru or Inuyasha passed through here you would have surly known."

"No I would not have known. It is relatively quiet around here."

"But we know that those two were fighting when they would have passed through here."

Remedy's eye narrowed. The miko was very observant. Something most females, be them priestess or farm worker, weren't. She would have notice that those two were fighting and would have still been when passing here. "I must have ignored it for my guards as training."

"Something you have lack of. Guards I mean." There was a reason that she is taking psychology in school, something she was desperately trying to forget for its mountain of homework.

"Very nosy little wench aren't you?"

"No but I feel more comfort knowing my surroundings." Kagome smiled at the sneer on the lord's face.

Remedy was about to speak when Kanna came in. She informed him that Kiroru will be there once he has taken care of their guest. The lord smiled and nodded to the void demon. So Kiroru was able to bring Naraku back from the grave. This should prove most interesting when those two mutts find their friends dead.

Kanna took her seat next to her master just as the whole castle shook. It sounded as if they were under an attack. Everyone stood ready for a battle.

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