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I don't own sailor moon ion either deeds or DVDs but that should all change…DVD wise any who, I thank Melissa in Sydney Australia for sending me this inspiration for this story, you truly do rule!

Chapter 1: the tarots say itll change!

Serena sat next to her friend in the large fire room in a near by temple owned by her friend's grandfather. Raye, 25, with her long black hair and dark brown eyes was reading her friend's future in her tarot cards. Usually this would be Raye's older sister Trista's job or her younger sister, Sabirah (this is the English dubbed name I chose for Hotoru, I no it's strange, it means she's patient, which I believe she will be in this story). Raye's whole family were strange, Trista liked to things to do with time mostly predicting the future, Sabirah liked things that involved life and death and to Serena she did amazing things, with her bare hands. Serena didn't even want to know. Raye herself was a psychic what ever that meant, to Serena anyway, Raye herself seemed to be a mix of her two sisters. Raye had one other sister, Michelle didn't like to use her powers, what ever they were, she herself unlike her sisters had deep blue hair, where her sisters had black and she had blue eyes where her sisters had dark eyes. Serena liked Michelle best because she was down to earth and normal. Serena herself didn't like the abnormality though to keep her from being a complete bore she liked being friends.

Serena, better known as Serenity by people she doesn't know, was the same age as Raye with long blonde hair reaching her mid back, she has deep blue eyes. Despite the fact that her friends had odd powers she couldn't say much she too had odd powers, the four sisters and four others besides her were special, they were the sailor senshi and as Raye and Serena waited for the other seven to show Raye took up showing Serena her past. Not that she could stop Raye anyway.

"Ask a question, Sere." Raye said softly as she focused on the undelt pack before her. Serena nodded and replied. She didn't want him to leave her but in the end he had left her heartbroken and afraid. Afraid that every man would do this to her after they found out who she really was they always changed, she hated it but she often had to use her memory erasing power to save her and her friends from public suffering in anyway.

As Raye set down three cards face up she saw her friends future set straight, "well the answer to both your questions is your going to find love and end your sex deprived life quite soon."

Serena leaped for joy as the other seven senshi enterred the room. Teepathically Trista asked Raye, 'what is she so happy about?'

'oh the cards say she is gonna end her life of miserble no sex and fear of not trusting enough to live. In one reading.' Raye replied in the same way Serena eyed her fiecely as if she had heard them but both sister knew it was impossible but then they both knew serenity had many untepped powers, 'do you think she heard us?'

"I heard you loud and clear Raye." Serena said aloud. The others said nothing because they knew what the sisters were like. Smilling slightly at the shock on Trista's and Raye's face Serena continued, "and we'll talk later about what may happen in the future when you come over tonight."

"fine ok, I know I cant get out of it, but I tell you something is going to happen and as much as you don't want to believe it its about time you accepted who you are who we all are." She supposed it was true. Looking around the others she saw mina, a blonde with blue eyes and her hair slightly shorter then Serena's. Lita was tall with dark brown hair in soft waves down to her mid back, she had recently started to wear it down thinking it looked nicer and she was right it did look nicer. Then their was Amy, short blue hair to her shoulders and aquamarine eyes that held the intelligence that set her three years ahead of them in degrees and the like. Sabriah was the youngest of us all at 20 and her hair was the same length as mine her eyes a deep dark colour that sometimes shone violet in her strange moods or healing sessions. Trista had a green tinge to her black hair and her eyes always shone forest green when she herself used her psychic abilities her heritage allowed. then there was Amara, short blonde hair to her shoulders and deep green eyes gave her the hard look Lita held when she had her hair up, they were both the back bone of the group in their human form but they all knew their leader, Serena, was the back bone of the senshi being the stringest and all.

The meeting went slowly and Serena couldn't wait to get away, she wanted to go home hook out the icecream and some movie she could cry over and mope. With the reading from Raye Serena had left the real world to think of Seiya and her pain that had long been buried inside her heart where she knew if she wasn't careful it would claim her, she wished she she could forget but she couldn't and it tormeted her.

But that was all supposed to change according to the tarot reading.

So guys wadda'ya think I know its abit slow at the moment but it will get hot heavy and very tempting, next chapter will be the biginning of a wonderful fun, but its only the biginning anyting can happen. Tell me what you think.