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Chapter 6: ok, ok so I am.

"Darien, I wanna know why I never knew I was her, why I'm not supposed to know or why I never got told!" Serena cried as the kiss broke, it had left her stunned for a few seconds before reality hit her again, "why do I feel things that I feel have been long hidden, what is Trista hiding from me!"

He pulled Serena to him and held her close before answering, "I can not answer for I know the answer to none of your questions, but I do know I think I'm in love with you."

"You think… I… I don't know what to do Endy; I don't know what to feel any more!" Serena stuttered before pulling back, slipping a lone key into Endymion's hand before running of muttering another sorry, as she headed out to her hidden place.

Darien in the meanwhile turned back towards Serena's place and walked in to laze around, when he saw Setsuna on the couch.

"How did you get in here?" Darien asked a little shocked though he should have known, and she gave a look that said that she did not need to answer that question.

"I'm here my prince to tell you what I could not tell serenity, but you must promise not to tell a soul." He nodded his confirmation and she continued, "She finds out how to permanently free you, but it shall cost her dearly, this maybe how she finds out, and something else happens which I can not tell you."

"We end up doing the 'dirty' don't we, I'm not stupid Trista I'm not prince for nothing. But I don't know what to do."

"She faced something bad a couple of months my prince you may be the only one to bring her out of her shell, he didn't treat her the way he was supposed to. If it wasn't for her lets just say Amara would have taken careful care in ripping him from limb from limb and making sure he was still alive." Trista began to explain he stopped her with a shake of his head, he didn't want to know her hardships from Trista, no matter how much he wanted to know them. He just wanted to let her tell him in her own time. Trista vanished without another word as the door handle turned revealing Serena with a resolved face about her.

"I'm back, and I accept how I am, I accept you love me but I cant love you back not yet, he was too much of a stress on my heart. Seiya cheated on me with my best friend molly. All along I had believed him when all along he had lied to me. I should have let Amara at him but I couldn't deal with it a the time, though I expect now it would have eased to pain"

"you know you couldn't take that on your heart, he was an asshole, sure but I bet there's one lesson you leant from it, he wasn't the right one, I know you know its true you need to let go of the pain and start anew it's the only way."

If you read carefully you will be bale to guess what I'm going to have happen but then again this isn't exactly my best chapter, but it needed to be done nothing interesting, but next chapter heats up again promise, In more ways then one!