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Ch. 2 A New World

Harry did not feel the discomfort of a portkey while being sent to the new world. It felt oddly calm and he felt safe. After what seemed like years, he felt his feet touch the ground below him. He opened his eyes, which he had not realized he closed in the first place. Next to him was his trunk along with his pet snake, Trinity. Harry wrapped Trinity around his wrist. Then he waved his hand over his trunk and shrunk it so that it would easily fit in his robe's pocket.

Harry wondered where Hedwig was but his question was soon answered by a burst of fire in front of him. Hedwig was no longer an owl, but instead a beautiful midnight blue and silver pheonix. A midnight pheonix was very rare. They were also the most powerful breed of pheonix that only connected with powerful wizards.

Harry, now reassured that all his belongings and his pets were with him, looked up to observe his surroundings. He realized that he was somewhere in the Forbidden Forest. Not to deep of course. That in itself however, brought about an overwhelming feeling of sadness to Harry as he remembered how the forest had been utterly and completely destroyed in the final battle in his old world.

Harry forced himself to not think about his old world. That was the past now. He was here to start over in a place where he wasn't famous. A place where no one knew him and where he could forge his own identity. The thought of not being known as The-Boy-Who-Lived brought a sense of comfort to Harry. It also gave him reassurance.

Harry then began to think about what it would be like to see his parents and everyone else from his old world as he made his way towards Hogwarts. He soon found himself pulled out of his thoughts as he realized that he had reached the doors of Hogwarts. He was nervous about going in but allowed himself a small smile as Hogwarts greeted him. He was always thankful for his connection with Hogwarts. It made sure that he never felt alone.

After standing in front of the large doors of Hogwarts for a few more minutes, Harry took a deep breath and readied himself to enter his one and only home. He pushed open the doors and walked down the familiar corridors of Hogwarts. He paused in front of the doors to the Great Hall and listened to the chatter of the students. This is ridiculous! I feel like a first year again! he thought irritably. Despite his nervousness, Harry knew he had to go in. He took a deep breath and pushed open the doors with a loud BANG and strode in confidently.

The hall immediately fell silent upon his arrival. The younger years looked terrified and the entire staff along with some of the older students stood up and had their wands trained on him. Harry ignored the students and turned towards the staff table. He did a mental double take as he saw his parents along with Sirius, Remus, and Severus. After inwardly calming himself, Harry turned towards Dumbledore at calmly walked up to him.

"Hello professor. I believe we need to talk immediately. I shall meet you in your office and be sure to bring Lily and James Potter along with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin", Harry whispered to Dumbledore. He made sure that only Dumbledore heard and after delivering the message, he made his way to Dumbledore's office leaving behind a room full of flabbergasted people.

Dumbledore's POV

I watched as the students ate and talked to each other. All of them laughing and making jokes. It is good to see the children be able to act carefree during these dark times. Who knows how long it will last. With Voldemort back, there is no such thing as a safe place. Hogwarts may be one of the safest places in the world but that will not mean that Voldemort can not attack here.

As I continued to ponder over the current situation of the wizarding world, I heard a loud bang which interrupted me from my musings. I quickly stood up and took my wand out, as did the other teachers. I gazed at the intruder and noticed that he looked remarkably like James and when he looked at me, I noticed that he had her emerald green eyes. The only difference between their eyes was that Lily's usually held a sparkle of life and joy. This stranger's eyes however were completely blank and devoid of any and all emotion.

I knew right away that the young man did not pose any threat towards the school or its inhabitants. I he had any ill intentions, then the school's alarms would have gone off. In fact, it seemed as if Hogwarts herself was welcoming the new arrival. Despite this fact, I was still weary of him. After all, in these dark times one could never know who was and wasn't trustworthy. I was once again brought out of my musings when the stranger walked up to me.

"Hello professor. I believe we need to talk immediately. I shall meet you in your office and be sure to bring Lily and James Potter along with Sirius Black and Remus Lupin".

That was all he said before he strode out of the Great Hall towards the direction of my office. This only increased my suspicions of him as I wondered how he could know where my office was when I am sure that I have never seen him before. I sigh and turn towards the staff members who are all looking at me expectantly. I tell them what just happened and Lily, James, Sirius, and Remus all look shocked but they agree to come.

The five of us leave the Great Hall and we all make our way to my office. After giving the password (lemon drops), we make our way up the spiral staircase and when I open the door to my office, I am shocked to see the stranger sitting calmly on a chair facing my desk. That however is not the most shocking thing however. What's more shocking is that Fawkes is perched on his lap and they are actually having a conversation judging by the trills coming from both of them. We all stand there for a couple of seconds simply staring at the man before us. It seems that he has yet to notice that we are here. I clear my throat and he turns his head to look in our direction.

Normal POV

Harry turned his head when he heard Dumbledore clear his throat. He watched as Dumbledore and the others made themselves comfortable. There was an awkward silence for a few moments until Dumbledore finally decide to break it.

"Perhaps we should all start by introducing ourselves?" he said. Harry simply nodded so Dumbledore decided to start.

"Albus Dumbledore"

"Lily Potter"

"James Potter"

"Sirius Black"

"Remus Lupin"

They all turned to look at Harry expectantly. Harry mentally sighed. Well, I might as well get this over with.

"Harry Potter"


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