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Ch.4 The Order: Part 1

The next morning, Harry woke up groggily. He began to panic as he realized that he was in a room that he did not recognize. After a moment however, he remembered the previous day's events and smiled slightly. He had been worried that it might have all been just a dream. He gave a wave of his hand to see what time it was. 5:30 A.M.

Harry sighed. He knew that no matter what, he would never be able to break his habit of getting up early. He decided not to waste the time since he was already up and wide-awake. He opened the window that was next to his bed. He jumped out and changed into a black phoenix with brilliant emerald green eyes. After flying for a few minutes, he landed next to the lake.

He quickly set up several spells that ensured no one would see him and then he began his daily exercises. He started with some stretches and then moved to running laps around the lake. After 30 minutes of running, he began practicing some martial arts and he also practiced with his sword. It wasn't just any sword either. It was the sword of Godric Gryffindor, which Dumbledore gave him during his sixth year. He learned how to use it with help from Severus.

Harry began thought about his own world while continuing with his exercises. An hour later, he stopped and headed back to his room through the open window. He checked the time and saw that it was only 6:30. With a shrug, he quickly took a shower and headed back to his room since his parents weren't awake yet. He sat on the bed and thought about the Order meeting that was going to take place that night. He wondered how everyone would react and he also wondered how the other Harry would react.

He was soon brought out of his musings by a knock on his door. He absent-mindedly waved his hand and the door opened to reveal Lily standing in the doorway. She smiled at him and he returned it.

"Come Harry. It's time for breakfast. We'll eat here instead of in the Great Hall for today", she stated. Harry nodded and followed her into the kitchen where James was waiting at the kitchen table. He smiled when they entered and returned it with a greeting. Once they were all seated, food appeared on the table and they all happily dug in.

"Harry, Dumbledore decided that instead of today, you'll start school tomorrow", James said.

"I understand. I'm guessing it's because he wants me to see the Order first?" Harry asked. James nodded as he was to busy shoveling food into his mouth, much to Lily's disgust and Harry's amusement.

"You'll have to excuse James. He apparently never learned any proper table manners", Lily said in disgust while James simply blushed. Harry on the other hand chuckled slightly.

"Don't worry about it. I got used to it after spending meal times with Ron", he stated.

"You were friends with Ron Weasley", James asked in surprise now that he managed to swallow.

"Yeah. Why?" Harry asked.

"Just wondering. Actually, our Harry is friends with him too. By the way, that reminds me, what should we call you when the other Harry is around. We can't just call both of you Harry. It would be too confusing", Lily said.

"Well, I suppose you can call me Emerys", he said. Noticing Lily and James' curious looks, he decided to elaborate.

"In my world, we needed code names so mine was Emerys", he said. The other two nodded to show their understanding. They wondered why Harry would need a code name but they knew that if they asked, they probably wouldn't get an answer. The rest of breakfast was spent in silence. When they were done, the remains were taken away and Lily and James reluctantly left to teach their classes. James taught DADA and Lily taught Charms. Sirius and Remus both taught COMC. Harry found this very amusing, as he couldn't really imagine Sirius teaching.

He sighed as he surveyed the empty room. He wasn't sure about what to do so he just walked around a bit and surveyed each room. There wasn't anything major about the place so Harry sat on one of the couches in the living room. He noticed a bookcase there that had about fifty different books in it. He looked through them but he had already read them at some point.

He stared at the fireplace for a while until he remembered the book that Dobby gave him. He summoned it wandlessly and then opened the thick tome. He finished it within twenty minutes. The tome would have taken a regular person weeks to finish, but then again, Harry wasn't exactly normal, even by wizarding standards. The thing was that Harry was a Shadow Mage. He had acquired his powers on his sixteenth birthday. He didn't tell Dumbledore or the others because he wasn't ready to yet.

It wasn't completely a matter of trust. He was simply afraid that people would accuse him of being dark. It had happened in his world. There had been an attack on Hogsmead and he had been forced to reveal his powers. Most of the wizarding world and most of Hogwarts had turned against him. All of them were convinced that he would become the next dark lord.

Only the staff, Ron, Hermione, Neville, and the rest of the Weasleys stood by him. Eventually, the rest of the wizarding world saw the error in their thoughts and there had been a public apology made to Harry in the Daily Prophet. Too bad Harry didn't forgive that easily. The other members of his house had practically begged for forgiveness. Harry had ignored them and refused. He had at that moment realized who his true friends were and he did not want a repeat of the whole incident in a world that he only just arrived in.

Harry was soon brought out of his musings when the fireplace erupted in green flames. He tensed but almost immediately relaxed when he saw that it was only Dumbledore.

"Hello headmaster", Harry greeted pleasantly.

"If you're not busy, I was hoping that you would join me in my office for a talk. I believe we need to discuss some things about tonight's Order meeting", Dumbledore said.

"Of course. I'll be right there", Harry answered.

Dumbledore nodded and stepped aside. Seconds later Harry walked out of the fireplace and took a seat in front of Dumbledore's desk. He accepted the cup of tea that the headmaster offered him. After a few seconds of silence in which both occupants of the room gathered their thoughts, Dumbledore cleared his throat and Harry gave him his full attention.

"Now then, I have talked to the other members of the Order and have managed to convince them that your story is true. Tonight there will be a meeting there. Neville and his friends will be there as well. He shall show you his memories of his adventures and if it is ok, we'd all like to see how yours are different", Dumbledore explained.

Harry thought about it. He too wondered how the boy-who-lived handled all the encounters with Voldemort.

"Very well headmaster. I can accept that. Is the meeting being held in Grimmauld Place?" he asked. Dumbledore nodded.

"We will be going after dinner", Dumbledore stated. Harry nodded and soon excused himself. He made his way back to his parents' room and sat on the couch, which was situated in front of the fireplace.

I have parents. I can't believe it. All of this seems so surreal, like a dream almost, Harry thought. He continued to think about everything he had experienced in the last few hours and didn't notice Lily and James entering the room.

The two in question exchanged amused glances and quietly walked up behind him. James lightly tapped him on the shoulder and Harry immediately spun around. He had a dagger out and quickly put it away, thankful that the other two had not noticed its presence. He also mentally berated himself for not being more aware of his surroundings.

He forced a smile onto his face and Lily led him into the kitchen for dinner. They finished quickly, apparently eager to go to the Order meeting. They quickly made their way to the headmaster's office. He stood there, smiling at their eager and (in Harry's case) nervous expressions.

Without saying a word, he held out a neon green and pink polka-dotted sock, which was obviously a portkey. They all placed a hand on it a waited for the familiar yet uncomfortable sensation that always accompanied travel by portkey. They soon landed in the living room situated in Grimmauld Place and Harry surveyed the room. It was different than how he remembered. Instead of the foreboding feeling he often experienced, he felt safe and welcomed. The place was obviously well lived in.

Dumbledore once more brought Harry out of his musings. The four walked towards the door that led to the kitchen. Lily urged Harry to go in first and taking a deep breath, he complied. As soon as he stepped through, a spell was thrown his way but he was ready and had a shield up instantly which successfully absorbed the spell. He put his wand away, silently thankful for remembering to not use wandless magic.

Harry looked towards the castor of the spell and came face to face with Mad-Eye Moody. He smiled slightly. Same old Moody. Some things never change, even when in a different dimension. Moody gave him an approving nod and he faced the other members who were looking at him in awe.

"Yes well, perhaps we should begin?" Dumbledore stated and Harry could hear the amusement in his voice. Immediately, everyone's attention turned to Dumbledore, which was something that Harry was immensely thankful for.

"Now then, as I have told you, Harry here has come from another dimension where he was the boy-who-lived", Dumbledore started but was interrupted.

"Really! That is so cool. I got to be the boy-who-lived instead of you Nev". Everyone turned to the source of the voice and identified it as Harry (alternate dimension Harry).

"Yes well, that reminds me that we also need another name for Harry so as not to get confused", Dumbledore said with a chuckle.

"I suppose you may call me Emerys", Harry stated.

Everyone nodded in agreement and Dumbledore continued with what he was saying earlier.

"Now then, I thought it would be a good idea to compare the events of this world to Emerys' so that we can see the similarities and differences so who would like to go first?" Dumbledore questioned.

Before anyone could say anything, Neville stood up and volunteered. He was eager to show the tasks that he had to face at Hogwarts since he never gave up a chance to show off. Everyone else had already seen the memories and were always impressed, well except for Snape of course.

Dumbledore didn't say anything and simply gestured for Neville to place his memories in the pensieve that was resting on the table. He did so and gestured for Emerys to go first.

"Actually headmaster, there's a spell I know that can make the memories play like a projector so that we all may watch from here", Emerys said. Dumbledore quickly hid his surprise and asked the dark haired youth to perform the spell. He did so and the memories immediately started playing like a movie.

By the end of it people were murmuring to each other and looking at Neville in awe. They all looked towards Emerys to see his reaction and were surprised to see him with a pensive expression instead of awe and admiration.

Thinks were definitely a lot more different here. It seems that "I" was always with Neville in the end like with the sorcerer's stone and the basilisk. The situations also seemed to be handled differently and with more spell work compared to my adventures.

"Right well, I have to say that I am surprised with how different things are here but I suppose that now it's my turn to show you my memories", he said. He ignored Neville's dejected look for his lack of reaction and instead placed his memories in the pensieve. Within seconds, the memories began to play and by the end everyone was talking in excited whispers. Dumbledore was impressed and even Snape was although he wouldn't admit it.

Harry looked around and inwardly snorted at everyone's ill-hidden awe. That was only up to fifth year and they're impressed. I wonder what would happen if the were to see my abilities after I received my shadow mage powers. He was broken out of his thoughts when a group of teenagers walked up to him.

"Hey Ha-Emerys. That was really amazing. I'm Neville by the way". Harry smiled and waited till everyone introduced themselves.

"Harry Potter"

"Ron Weasley"

"Hermione Granger"

"Rose Potter"

"Gloria Potter"

"Well it's nice to meet all of you and as you know my name is Harry Potter but you may call me Emerys", he said and then gave them a charming smile that caused all the girls to giggle. The boys all gave Harry jealous looks but were interrupted by Dumbledore clearing his throat.

"Why don't we eat and then we will continue with this meeting", he said and everyone agreed. They all settled down to eat and conversed lightly with each other. Harry looked around and smiled, content with how things were turning out so far.


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