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Ch. 6 The Vampire Nation

The odd group followed the suddenly hyper vampire into a nearby alley. Sirius and James watched Leander suspiciously and drew their wands just in case. Leander noticed but didn't say anything. Instead, he motioned for everyone to gather around him to form a tight circle. When they did (albeit hesitantly) he closed his eyes and concentrated. Everyone except Harry and Leander gasped as they felt the shadows pressing against them from all sides. Seconds later, the alley was left empty once more, with no sign of it ever being occupied.

"Bloody Hell! What the fuck was that!?" James exclaimed, and for once Lily didn't reprimand him for his language seeing as she was to busy trying to not panic. Leander simply raised an eyebrow and gave them an expression that clearly stated Why should I bother telling you? Harry noticed this and rolled his eyes in annoyance towards his friend's attitude.

"It's the form of transportation that vampires use. Instead of apparation, they use shadow teleportation," he quickly explained. The others only nodded, still too dazed to give a proper answer. Leander, on the other hand, pouted slightly.

"Aww, Harry, you ruined all my fun," he exclaimed petulantly. Harry's response was to roll his eyes and then give Leander a pointed look that clearly said, are we going or what. Leander, in turn, shrugged and gestured for the group to follow him and they did so, still too dazed to do much of anything that required actual thinking. Harry, on the other hand, walked next to Leander and conversed with him in low tones.

After almost ten minutes of walking, the group stopped at a large, sinister looking castle. It wasn't quite as big as Hogwarts, but that didn't make it any less foreboding. Leander and Harry entered with out any hesitation while the rest followed with trepidation.

The odd group navigated through various twisting corridors before finally stopping in front of a pair of large double doors, similar to those that led to the Great Hall in Hogwarts. Leander entered while Harry somehow managed to move to the back of the group without any one noticing.

"I see you have brought them, my son," said a quiet, eerie voice that easily resonated throughout the large room. A man could be seen sitting in a throne-like chair. Although he was sitting, one could tell that he was a tall man. As for his looks, he seemed to be a slightly older and if possible, more intimidating version of his son. Albus, Severus, Lily, James, Sirius, and Remus, all bowed hastily. Harry, on the other hand, had yet to be noticed.

"Yes father," Leander replied respectfully.

"I see. So I am to assume that the interview went well and they have proven themselves worthy of our alliance?" his father asked. At this, Leander blanched as realized that no such interview had occurred. It seemed that he had forgotten the entire purpose of the visit in his surprise and later, excitement. He looked up and saw his father raise an eyebrow, clearly waiting for an explanation. Leander cleared his throat nervously as he thought about how to break the news to his father. The others behind him had remained silent so far and continued to do so as the watched the proceedings before them with interest.

"Well, you see father…I had…forgotten…about the interview and…well…I just brought them here," Leander answered. The King of the vampires narrowed his eyes at his son and just barely contained his anger at his son's foolishness.

"Well then, for your sake, I do hope you have a good reason for bringing these wizards here without good reason."

"Of course father. And that reason is right…here?" Leander finished confusedly as he looked around for his wayward friend. The vampire prince made a slight whimpering noise, although he would later deny it, as he turned to look into his father's quickly darkening face. Leander's mouth moved yet no sound emerged as he struggled to form an answer that would calm his father. However, he found that he could not find an appropriate answer and instead he looked around the room in hopes of seeing his wayward friend. When that also failed. He turned to face his father who had now risen from his seat, which was not a good sign, while ignoring the cowering wizards behind him.

Just as the king began to open his mouth to either yell at or curse his son and the other wizards, Harry decided that his friend had gone through enough torture. He cleared his throat and stepped forward, smiling slightly as the kings facial expression turned from outrage to surprise just as his son's had at the order's headquarters.

"Sorry sir, but I just couldn't resist messing with Leander a bit," Harry said as he sent a smirk at Leander, who currently looked like he was going to attack and possibly kill Harry in the most painful way imaginable. Luckily for Harry, he didn't get the chance to do so since his father managed to get over his shock and fully comprehend what had just occurred. He stood up and quickly strode over to Harry and spun him around so that they were facing each other. Time seemed to slow as everyone practically held their breathe as the two stared, one with suspicion and the other with amusement. The spell was finally broken as the king broke out into a grin and hugged Harry the way a parent would hug a child who was visiting after many years.

"It is wonderful to see you my childe. When did you arrive and how exactly did you manage to?" the king exclaimed as he led Harry and the others into the dining room.

"Actually, I've only been here for a few days and as for how, well you can thank Albus for that," Harry replied. An odd expression came over the older vampire's face and Harry nearly laughed remembering the disdain the old vampire and Dumbledore felt for each other, although Albus usually hid it better. They were about to continue with catching up but were interrupted before they could begin by Dumbledore, who cleared his throat in order to remind them that there was a reason behind the visit. (I've just realized that I have yet to give the king a name so from here on we shall call him Ambrosios). Ambrosios shot a glare at Dumbledore, which was answered with a confused look. Ambrosios simply sighed, conceding to the fact that this was a business visit and not a social visit. He gestured for everyone to be seated and looked at Sirius to begin seeing as he had initially requested the meeting.

"Ummm, right. Well, we wanted to see in hopes that you would join the Order in the war against Voldemort, sir," Sirius stated nervously. Ambrosios frowned contemplatively as he considered the request. Finally, he spoke.

"I was under the impression that he had been dealt with many years ago?" Ambrosios stated. This time it was Snape who answered.

"You are correct to an extent sir. However, the Dark Lord had never truly died but had instead, simply lost his body. Recently he managed to acquire his body again and he has managed to increase in power and in influence." The others nodded in agreement, and Dumbledore decided that it was his turn to speak.

"As you know King Ambrosios, I am the leader of the Order of the Phoenix and I must admit that Voldemort is gaining many allies very quickly. We already know that he has managed to gain support from some of the werewolves and we know that he will request the alliance of the vampires very soon."

Ambrosios linked his hands together and looked as if he was considering the request. Of course, Harry's presence alone basically guaranteed that he would agree to the alliance, but it was fun playing with the mortals. Harry seemed to realize the same thing and he gave Ambrosios a pointed look.

"Alright, I shall agree to the alliance however, my soldiers shall train here. Any information that needs to be passed on will be done so through Leander. Also, I should warn you that several vampires have been rebelling lately. Based on what I've heard today, I am assuming that these rebel vampires are aligning themselves with Lord Voldemort, but I shall look into it more before coming to a conclusion."

Dumbledore nodded, his expression an odd mixture off relief and uneasiness. However, instead of contemplating the information he had just received, Dumbledore waved his hand and produced a rolled up piece of parchment, which he handed to Ambrosios. The vampire king looked it over, recognizing it as a contract of sorts. He looked it over carefully before nodding his approval and signing it. He then returned it to Dumbledore, who also signed it, which caused to the parchment to glow softly before it disappeared. Ambrosios smirked at Dumbledore almost viciously before sticking his hand out. Dumbledore reached out and took it without hesitation and they shook, while the others looked on relieved.

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