Seeing Jude come down the stairs, Spiederman's face lit up. His heart was beating fast as he waited for her to reach the bottom floor. As soon as she did, Speed blurted out, "I'm so sorry."

Jude smiled as she could see he was both sincere and nervous. Her talk with Sadie and pointed her into so many different directions, but for the most part, things with Spiederman just seemed simple. "So am I!" she replied jubilantly.

Speed had a giant grin on his face. He saw Sadie stepping down the stairs behind Jude, and felt a little bit confused. Sadie had never really been that nice to him, and it was weird that she would volunteer to help. It almost felt like something was up with her, and her intentions weren't exactly clear. "Really?" Spiederman asked skeptically, wondering what the two had talked about upstairs.

Nodding with a apologetic look in her eyes, Jude replied, "Yeah." She didn't know what Speed wasn't taking her answer so easily, so she offered, "Let's go outside and talk." Jude also felt it was neceassay to head outside since she could see her friends watching her carefully from the couch area.

"Benedict Sadie…" Jamie muttered as Jude and Spiederman left, and Sadie approached them.

Sadie watch the two head outside, and was caught off guard by Jamie's words. She simply shook her head, a little hurt that he would say something like that when her intentions were good. "Don't, okay."

Kat sighed and slouched down into the couch. "So we're back to step one," she muttered.

Shaking her head, Sadie stated, "Not exactly…" She knew that her conversation with Jude left her sister confused. She might have apologized to Spiederman and was still lingering in his arms, but her heart and head were still elsewhere.

"She's right," Tommy stated with ease. "We're not on any step at all." He looked at all the confused faces that surrounded him, but didn't really care. All he knew was that it killed him to see Jude go off with Spiederman. It wasn't the way he wanted their story to end, but it seemed like he just couldn't win. Standing up, Tommy simply muttered, "I'm out."

Sadie took a step closer to the group, watching Tommy come closer to her, only to exit the party. "Tommy, no," she pleaded, knowing that she didn't even get her chance to give him some good news.

Tommy shook his head, finding it hard to look Sadie in the eye anymore. He continued past the couch, and started to brush past Sadie. And during that short moment that his body was next to hers, he quietly whispered, "You're the one that quit on me."

Feeling like such a traitor, Sadie glumly looked down at the ground. She was being put between her sister and her best friend. She was honestly trying to do the right thing and help both of them, but without any tricks or plans. "It's not like that," Sadie cooed as she followed Tommy out of the house.

They continued down the sidewalk, Tommy at a face pace. It was almost as if he was letting out a little bit of anger and sadness with each step he took. The faster he walked, and the harder he stomped, it was as if it made him feel better. And Sadie tried her best to keep up with him. She was nearly jogging after him until they were halfway down the block.

Stopping in his tracks, Tommy flashed around to face her. "You fixed things between them, Sadie!" he exclaimed. He shook his head at her and furrowed his brow. He could see that he had startled her with his sudden stopping and quick words, but he didn't really care at that moment. "How can you say you still have my back?" he inquired.

"I do!" Sadie yelled back, still trying to catch her breath.

"That's bull and we both know it!" Tommy shouted to her. He shook his head in disappointment and let his anger drop. He was hurting so much inside that he was taking it all out on Sadie. Yes, he was sad that she wasn't on his side anymore, but he was also reeling from Jude not being their either. "You can't play both sides, Sadie," he elaborated in a whisper.

Sadie shook her head at her friend. She knew that he had his point, but it didn't change that fact that she was trying to do something to help him. "Tommy!" she hollered, trying to get him to pay attention to her and not go off into one of his own rants. "For once, why don't you stop being a self-absorbed ass and listen to me."

Tommy gave Sadie a dirty glare. Sometimes he hated that she knew him that well to be able to say something like that. So he started, "I don't—"

"Need this?" Sadie finished for Tommy. She really did know him well enough to call him out on his ego, and finish his sentences. She also knew that winning Jude this way wasn't going to be the same as just plain winning her heart all over again.

Taking a deep breath, Tommy shook his head at the ground once more. He threw his hands up into the air in frustration, not really sure what else to say. It seemed like anything he'd throw at her, Sadie would have something else to say in return, and he just couldn't win against her. It was the most defeated feeling he's had in a long while. "Not from you," he finally admitted, realizing where his anger in their relationship came from. He just wanted his friend to support him instead of what it seemed like Sadie was doing.

Letting out a sigh, Sadie nodded. "Yeah, I know. You wanna know how I know?" Sadie let out a faint smile, staring into Tommy's eyes. She waited to see that faint, nervous nod that Tommy would give when he wanted to know facts, but was too brave to say it out loud. "I know because I know you," she stated. "I know that you want my sister, but you're not going at it the right way. Tommy, I thought your plan was genius and that everything was going to work…" Sadie shrugged and bit her bottom lip. She wanted to find the right words on how to explain why her decision to help shifted. She needed him to understand, "We can't play with people's feelings."

The words hit Tommy like a ton of bricks. He didn't even realize what he was doing until Sadie put it that way. In both a guilty and defensive manner, Tommy started, "I wasn't—"

"Yes you were! You are!" Sadie exclaimed as openly as possible. He needed to be called out on this one, and she was going to do it. She knew that he could see what he was doing, he just needed that extra push. "Almost the entire plan is messing with their heads until Jude comes running back to you."

Tommy huffed and threw his hands in the air once more. "What are you getting at, Sadie? What do you want?" He was so tired of all of it by this point, and he just wanted to be free of all of the emotions that were overpowering him. "Because I already quit—"

Sadie could see that he was getting frustrated, especially now that he could see the truth. "I don't want you to quit," she remarked quietly. "I want you to play fair and win."

Shaking his head, Tommy questioned, "And how am I going to do that?"

Giving Tommy a sweet smile, Sadie bobbed her head slightly. "Simple," she responded.

Seeing her sincerity and faith in her eyes, Tommy was taken. If there was one thing he learned about Sadie since all their time together, it was that she always meant well. Some things would get screwed up, and they'd call Sadie the scapegoat, but she just wanted everyone to be happy. The only thing Tommy doubted in the scenario was himself. Being somewhat of a non-believer, Tommy inquired, "What makes you so sure it'll work?"

With a shrug, Sadie raised her hand and pointed with one finger delicately to Tommy's chest. Her finger on his heart, she replied, "Because you love her."